Masters Scholarships in Germany for International Students 2024

Germany is renowned as an excellent choice for international students, with exceptional conditions to pursue higher education and immerse oneself in German culture. The country offers numerous compelling reasons why it stands out as a preferred destination, particularly due to its affordability.

Compared to other non-European study locations, Germany offers a relatively lower cost of living for international students. Residing in a foreign country far from home necessitates adept financial management skills. On average, the estimated monthly living expenses in Germany amount to approximately €934. While this might pose a challenge for international students, there are scholarship programs available that can provide financial assistance. To assist you in your pursuit, we have compiled a list of Masters scholarships in Germany for international students, which you may find valuable.

Masters Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Listed below are some noteworthy Masters scholarships in Germany for international students:

1. DAAD Scholarship Programs 2024

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a collaborative organization among Germany’s higher education institutions that fostering international academic relations. DAAD offers a range of scholarships, including Masters degrees, and funding opportunities for foreign students, graduate students, and researchers interested in studying or conducting research in Germany.

DAAD scholarships are intended for students seeking to pursue a full-time course of study and obtain a qualification. It is available for students worldwide, including African countries such as Nigeria.

Eligible applicants should have completed their Bachelor’s degree within the past six years and possess a minimum of two years of documented work experience. The monthly stipend amount provided through the DAAD scholarship is €850 for postgraduate students and €1,200 for doctoral students.

2. Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships in Germany 2024

You can also apply for the Heinrich Böll Foundation, which offers approximately 1,200 masters scholarships in Germany for international students annually to ambitious students from all fields of study and nationalities.

You must be enrolled in degree programs at state or state-recognized universities in Germany. Scholarship recipients are expected to have exceptional academic records and demonstrate political and social engagement, as well as an interest in values such as ecology, sustainability, democracy, human rights, self-determination, and justice.

For non-EU students pursuing a master’s degree, the monthly scholarship amount is 850€, along with additional allowances (tuition fees may also be covered). EU students at the same level of study will receive 649€ per month, along with 300€ for books.

The scholarship is awarded for the standard duration of the degree program, with the possibility of a one-semester extension.

Meanwhile, PhD students from countries outside the EU will receive 1,200€ per month, in addition to a 100€ monthly mobility allowance and other individual allowances (excluding tuition fees). PhD students from EU countries will receive 1,350€ per month, along with a 100€ research costs allowance (excluding tuition fees). The scholarship is awarded for 2 years, with the option to extend it twice for half a year each time.

3. Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany

For international students seeking to pursue full-time study programs in Germany, the Erasmus scholarship program presents an excellent opportunity. You may even be able to get a scholarship in Germany without IELTS. This scholarship is supported by the member states of the European Union and offers financial assistance for one-year exchange periods at German universities.

To be eligible for Erasmus scholarship, enroll at a higher education institution that has signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education, along with the German university you plan to attend.

Numerous German universities participate in various study programs funded by Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ scholarships, making Erasmus a widely available option. The grants provided cover enrollment fees, travel expenses, and basic living costs. The Erasmus catalogue contains a comprehensive list of Erasmus Mundus master courses, including those conducted in Germany, allowing you to search for suitable programs.

4. DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme

Perhaps, the Deutschlandstipendium is the financial aid program you are looking for. It is designed to support highly motivated and academically outstanding students from around the world. Moreover, it provides assistance to students enrolled at participating universities in Germany, irrespective of their nationality or personal/parental income.

This scholarship is made possible through a partnership between the public and private sectors, where businesses, foundations, or individuals sponsor students with a monthly amount of 150€, and the Federal Government contributes an additional 150€. The selection and awarding of this scholarship are carried out by the universities, so applicants must meet the specific requirements of each institution.

The scholarship is granted for a duration of 2 semesters, but it can also cover the standard period of study. After two semesters, the university reviews the student’s eligibility to continue receiving private funding based on the scholarship criteria. Mentoring programs, networking events, and internship opportunities are available to recipients of this scholarship.

5. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships

How about the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships? This scholarship opportunity is available for study at various German universities. There are multiple scholarships offered here, and are open to students pursuing Masters degrees in any field, with the exception of Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine.

6. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany for International Students 2024-2025

If you are a student with above-average academic achievements and a keen interest in politics, consider applying for the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship.
It is a type of scholarship program that supports international students in Germany and Masters as well as doctoral candidates who have successfully completed their undergraduate studies in their home country. It is open to those seeking to pursue postgraduate, doctoral, or research programs. Priority will be given to students or PhD candidates from developing countries or countries undergoing political transformation.

Master’s and postgraduate students will receive a monthly stipend of 850€ for a duration of two years. Doctoral candidates and researchers coming to Germany will receive a monthly stipend of 1,100€ for 3 years. Tuition fees related to the study or doctoral project can be reimbursed up to 500€ per semester.

7. Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

If you are determined to leave your home country for Germany Masters studies through a scholarship, sign up for the Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung scholarship. Past applicants consider it an alternative for individuals seeking to support social democracy through financial aid for academic pursuits.

This scholarship is open to international students studying or pursuing their doctorate at a state or state-recognized university of applied sciences in Germany. Applicants are expected to demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, particularly in the fields of social sciences, politics, or humanities.

you can qualify for this scholarship by being proficient in the German language, even if the course of study is conducted in English. As the program has limited availability, only 40 individuals per year from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe will be selected to receive funding. Undergraduate scholarship recipients will receive a monthly stipend of 830€, while those pursuing master’s degree programs will be granted 850€ per month, in addition to coverage for health insurance expenses.

8. DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship 2024-25 in Germany

The DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship is a fully funded opportunity sponsored by the DAAD. It is available for citizens of developing countries who are seeking to pursue a Master’s degree program.

9. DAAD EPOS Scholarship

The DAAD EPOS Scholarship is an annual program that offers opportunities for individuals to apply for Master’s, MPhil, MBA, LLM, and Ph.D. degree programs. The EPOS Scholarship is fully funded, covering travel, accommodation, stipend, and tuition fees.

Degree Level: Masters, MPhil, MBA, LLM, and PhD
Financial Coverage: Fully funded
Deadline: Each course has its own separate deadline.

10.  KAAD Scholarship 2024-25 in Germany

The KAAD German Scholarship is available to Masters and PhD students from developing countries. It covers tuition fees, living expenses, and language courses.

Degree Level: Master, and PhD

11. IU University of Applied Sciences Scholarships

If traveling to Germany is not feasible for you, IU University offers reputable online degree programs and scholarships. You can apply for Bachelor, Master, and MBA programs.

Ultimately, applying for any of the Masters scholarships in Germany for international students is never a bad decision. Thanks to the welcoming nature of the German culture. Just be prepared to mix with various other people from countries around the world. And make sure to represent your country well.

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