NYU Stern Scholarships 2024-2025

At NYUAD, Stern provides competitive scholarships based on merit. Every applicant is automatically considered for these merit-based scholarships, and you don’t need to submit any extra materials. The decision about the scholarship is made when you are admitted, and this decision is final. So, I will let you learn all you have to know about the NYU Stern scholarships that are available for application in 2024.

NYU Stern Scholarships

If you get admitted and receive a scholarship, you’ll find all the information about your scholarship in your official admissions letter. For students in the one-year full-time MBA program at Stern at NYUAD, there are several merit-based scholarships available, including the following:

1. Stern at NYUAD MBA Scholarship

This scholarship is for admitted students who have shown exceptional merit.

2. Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for NYU alumni who have shown considerable merit.

3. Dean’s Scholarship

The Dean’s Scholarship is a top-tier scholarship at Stern at NYUAD. It’s given to a select few of the most outstanding admitted students.

4. Community Scholarship

This scholarship is given to admitted students who have shown significant merit.

5. Director’s Scholarship

This scholarship is also for those admitted students who have demonstrated great merit.

Other Ways to Pay for Your Studies

So, what if you do not qualify for any of the NYU Stern scholarships? You can consider other alternatives to studying at NYUAD on a scholarship.

Now, if you are studying for a one-year full-time MBA at Stern at NYUAD, remember that you’ll need to pay for things like housing, travel, and day-to-day living on top of the tuition fees that aren’t covered by Stern at NYUAD’s scholarships. Here are some options you might consider:

  1. Take out student loans
  2. Use your own or your family’s money
  3. Apply for scholarships from other organizations
  4. Check out EducationUSA. This is part of the U.S. Department of State and has over 430 centers in more than 175 countries. They give financial advice to international students going to universities in the U.S.

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