Macquarie University Scholarships for International Students

Macquarie University offers an exceptionally comprehensive international scholarship program within Australia. This program encompasses an extensive array of both long-term and short-term opportunities designed specifically for international students. The availability of Macquarie University scholarships for international students may vary depending on the country of origin, as well as other eligibility criteria such as the chosen field of study and notable academic or athletic accomplishments. Moreover, international students have access to a variety of research scholarships.

Macquarie Scholarships Eligibility

Macquarie University gladly accepts students participating in the Australia Awards program. This program offers citizens from developing countries worldwide the chance to engage in long and short-term study as well as professional development opportunities. Its primary objective is to equip individuals with advanced leadership abilities, expertise, and technical skills. Ultimately, this empowers partner governments, tertiary institutions, and strategic organizations involved in driving sustainable development.

Eligibility for this program depends on meeting the specific criteria outlined for each participating country.

To apply, interested students can follow the application process provided on the official Australia Awards website.

How to Apply for Macquarie University Scholarships for International Students

The application process for scholarships varies depending on the specific scholarship. In some cases, no separate scholarship application is required.

  1. Visit the application page for Macquarie University scholarships.
  2. Scroll down under Country, and select your country of citizenship.
  3. Select your study level. It could be Pathways and English Language Study, Undergraduate, or Postgraduate.
  4. Select your scholarship type from the given list. It could be Art, Social Science, Law, Science, Medicine and Health, etc. You will then be presented with a list of available Macquarie University scholarships for international students to select from.
  5. Open each of the scholarships and begin your application process.

Also, applicants will be automatically considered for scholarships during the assessment process, and eligible students will receive a scholarship offer along with their course offer. So, you may not even have to apply manually like this but it’s worth it.

Certain scholarships do require a separate applications though. These applications are typically evaluated by a scholarship selection committee based on specific scholarship criteria. Students will be notified of the outcome via email once the assessment is complete.

Make sure that you apply for as many scholarships as you can to increase your chance of getting one.

Application Deadline

Applications for Macquarie University scholarships for international students are open throughout the year or until all available scholarships have been awarded for the year.

Since there is a limited number of scholarships, it is recommended to accept your offer as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Note that certain scholarships may have specific acceptance deadlines that must be met to be eligible for the scholarship.

Can I Have More than One Scholarship at Cnce?

Students are eligible to receive only one scholarship at a time, although exceptions may apply. If you are fortunate enough to be offered multiple scholarships, get in touch with Macquarie International at for guidance and advice on how to proceed.

Can I Defer My Scholarship?

Unfortunately, Macquarie University scholarships cannot be deferred to a later date. You may have the opportunity to reapply for the scholarship in a subsequent round though. Review the specific details of the individual scholarship to determine your available options in this regard.

When is the Scholarship Payment?

Macquarie University scholarships for international students typically involve fee reductions, and the payment process occurs near the start date of each Session/Term.

To ensure that your scholarship has been applied, please check the ‘My Finances’ section in eStudent approximately two weeks before your payment due date. This will allow you to confirm that your scholarship has been successfully applied and reflected in your account. The scholarship payment will be automatically credited to your tuition fees.

As a result, the total amount due under the ‘Debts to be paid by Due Date’ section should reflect the reduced fee amount after the scholarship has been applied.

Can You Change Your Enrolment?

The impact of changes to your enrolment on your continued eligibility for the awarded scholarship can vary based on the specific scholarship you have received.

If you are contemplating any changes to your enrolment, such as transferring to another course, reducing your study load, or suspending your studies, inform the scholarships team at before making any changes. This will allow them to provide guidance and assess the potential impact of the changes on your scholarship eligibility.

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