Brazil Scholarship for International Students

You are an aspiring student seeking admission into undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Well, we are delighted to announce the availability of Brazil scholarship for international students this current year. These scholarships are now open for online applications. If you have that desire to pursue your studies free of charge at prestigious Brazilian universities, this is a remarkable opportunity for you to seize by applying for admissions.

Are you interested in obtaining a higher education in Brazil, accompanied by an exceptional experience and top-notch quality education? Then, consider applying for a scholarship in Brazil. The Brazilian government collaborates with universities and colleges in the country to offer scholarships to both Brazilian and international students.

If you have concerns regarding the quality of education, Brazil can be an ideal choice. Obtaining a degree in Brazil can be financially burdensome for self-financing students. Winning a scholarship can alleviate the financial strain and make it easier for you to pursue your studies. While the cost of living in Brazil may not be moderate, securing a dormitory room within the university premises can be a prudent choice.

Brazil scholarship for international students

Based on my recent research, I have found that Brazilian universities offer a multitude of scholarship opportunities for international students pursuing higher education. In this discussion, I will highlight some of these promising opportunities.

1. PAEC OAS-GCUB scholarships in Brazil

The Partnerships Program for Education and Training (PAEC OAS-GCUB) initiated by the Organization of American States (OAS) offers valuable scholarships to students from OAS member states. This Brazil scholarship for international students is aimed at Master’s and Doctorate students who wish to pursue their studies in Brazil. Successful applicants are granted numerous benefits, including exemption from tuition fees, monthly stipends, financial support for settling expenses, access to Portuguese language lessons, and utilization of various university facilities.

You are not required to demonstrate proficiency in Portuguese during the application stage. The scholarships are available for specific programs at designated universities.

2. Brazilian Government Exchange Program

The Higher Education Scholarship Program in Brazil caters to undergraduate and postgraduate students hailing from specific developing countries. It enables you to pursue advanced studies in Brazil. Eligibility for the scholarship is open to students who completed their high school education in a country other than Brazil. The scholarship covers the tuition fees of the Brazilian university where the student is enrolled. All other expenses, including international travel, accommodation, and living costs, must be borne by the student. Therefore, the ability to afford living expenses in Brazil is a key criterion for eligibility.

Applicants are required to take the Certificate of Proficiency in Portuguese for Foreigners as part of the scholarship application process. Numerous courses offered by universities in Brazil are included in this program. To obtain detailed information and submit an application, individuals should reach out to the Educational Themes Division of the Government of Brazil.

3. FAPESP Scholarships

FAPESP, the São Paulo Research Foundation, offers two distinct categories of scholarships: educational scholarships and research scholarships. The educational scholarships are designed to support students enrolled in Master’s or Doctoral Programs. Conversely, research scholarships aim to financially assist post-doctoral researchers, promoting education and research endeavors within Brazil. These scholarships are awarded for a limited duration, although they may be renewed based on specific criteria.

Both types of scholarships are available at renowned higher educational institutions throughout Brazil. For instance, the University of São Paulo in Brazil hosts a FAPESP postdoctoral program. To gather further information regarding these scholarships, interested individuals can directly contact the Brazilian university they intend to enroll in or visit the FAPESP website. The FAPESP website frequently updates information on new programs and research projects for which scholarships are available.

4. CNPQ Scholarship

CNPq, the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, offers diverse scholarships to foster the advancement of human resources in the fields of science, technology, and research. CNPq provides scholarships both within Brazil and for international studies. Within Brazil, scholarships are available for students pursuing Master’s and Doctorate programs. Master’s scholarships extend for a duration of 24 months, with monthly stipend payments, while doctoral scholarships can be awarded for up to 48 months, also with monthly stipends.

CNPq offers the Scientific Initiation program, specifically aimed at university graduates, to encourage their involvement in scientific research projects. This program grants monthly stipend payments for a maximum of 12 months. Notably, unlike the graduate scholarships, the Scientific Initiation scholarships are renewable.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the rules and regulations pertaining to different CNPq scholarships, individuals can refer to the CNPq website, which provides detailed information about each program.

5. Centro Universitário Fei, Brazil Scholarships

Founded in 1941, this esteemed university offers a wide range of scholarships to commendable students. International students have the opportunity to avail themselves of scholarships provided for postgraduate programs, including Master’s and Doctorate programs. The university itself awards scholarships to students enrolled in these programs based on their commitment and strong academic performance.

Postgraduate students from specific developing countries can explore additional scholarship options offered through CAPES, CNPq, and the Ministry of External Relations. To obtain detailed information regarding these scholarships, individuals are encouraged to visit the university’s website, where comprehensive details and application procedures can be found.


So, that’s the best Brazil scholarship for international students looking to study in this South American country. The scholarships are a way to foster even stronger international bonding and help you get to learn about Brazilian culture, as well as introduce Brazilians to yours.

Make sure to apply for the scholarship early and meet the eligibility requirements to increase your chance of getting an approval.

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