Cheapest Culinary Schools in Canada for International Students

For international students seeking affordable and high-quality culinary education, Canada is an appealing choice. Canada has a great number of cheapest culinary schools for international students. The culinary schools offer a wide range of experiences and opportunities. In the capital, where the rich culinary history blends with modern trends, international students can learn from renowned chefs and explore the evolving food scene. In Nova Scotia and other institutions, the scent of salt and sea permeates the air, inspiring creativity and passion for culinary arts.

Cheapest Culinary Schools in Canada for International Students

Let’s take a look at the cheapest culinary schools in Canada for international students.

1. Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute

Located in Ottawa, this institute stands as the only Le Cordon Bleu campus in North America. Every year, it welcomes students from over 100 nationalities, all united by their passion for pastry and cuisine. The institute offers a variety of programs, including Pastry, Cuisine, Boulangerie, and a Diploma in Culinary Management.  The institute provides invaluable learning experiences and opportunities to the students of the institute.

Le Cordon Bleu

2. The Culinary Institute of Canada

Situated in Charlottetown, PE, the Culinary Institute of Canada is the cheapest culinary school in Canada for international students. You will gain top-notch training in culinary arts, pastry arts, and hotel and restaurant operations management too. As a guest, you get a front-row seat to observe the industry’s upcoming chefs as they craft unique culinary experiences.

The institute emphasizes an applied model of learning, where students get hands-on experience serving real guests. Their dining room provides a scenic view of the harbor and features an open kitchen where the culinary team prepares contemporary dishes for both lunch and dinner.

The Culinary Institute of Canada

3. George Brown Chef School

One of Canada’s premier culinary institutions is the George Brown Chef School., easily the cheapest culinary school in Canada for international students. The school offers a blend of theoretical and hands-on education, ensuring students gain the skills and knowledge required for a successful career in the culinary and food industry. Their learning environments and training locations are top-notch, and they provide numerous externship and recruitment opportunities.

Notably, they introduced a four-year Honours Bachelor of Food Studies Degree and a four-year Culinary Management Honours Bachelor Degree, both firsts in Canada.

The school boasts impressive alumni, including renowned chefs like Mark McEwan, Jamie Kennedy, Bonnie Stern, and Roger Mooking. They offer a variety of programs, from certificate to degree levels, catering to different culinary aspirations.

George Brown Chef School

4. Manitoba Institute of Trade and Technology (MITT)

International students passionate about food and eager to learn new cooking techniques should consider MITT’s Culinary Arts and Design program. The program combines classroom theory with practical experience, allowing students to prepare food for MITT’s campus cafeterias under the guidance of seasoned chef instructors.

This hands-on training is further enhanced with an end-of-year work practicum. The program is suitable for individuals who thrive under pressure, are team players, and are detail-oriented. The course duration is one year full-time, leading to a certificate.

International students can expect a tuition fee of $17,300 for the 2024/25 academic year. Successful graduates also have the opportunity to receive credit for Apprenticeship Manitoba Level 1 in-school technical training and 1,350 hours in the Cook Apprenticeship program.


5. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology – SAIT

Are you passionate about the culinary arts and are looking for a top-notch program in Canada? The Culinary Arts program at SAIT might be just what you’re searching for. Recognized as one of the best in the country, this two-year diploma program is delivered by world-renowned chefs. They provide expert, hands-on training, ensuring that students get a comprehensive understanding of the culinary trade.

From foundational cooking techniques to global cuisines and even culinary management, this program covers it all. Students get the chance to train and interact with 20 leading culinary professionals. The program also offers real-world experience in live classroom environments such as the renowned Highwood restaurant and the downtown Culinary Campus.

There’s a professional paid internship in the third semester, allowing students to apply their skills in the industry. International study tours are also available, with previous locations including countries like Australia, France, Spain, and Thailand. For the 2024/25 academic year, the estimated tuition cost for international students is $28,820.13 for the first year and $27,442.12 for the second year.

Southern Alberta Institute

6. Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

The Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver caters to different learners. Professional Culinary Program emphasizes techniques, ingredients, global cuisines, creativity, and modern thinking. For those who have a sweet tooth, the Professional Pastry Program focuses on precision, science, artistry, classic preparations, and modern interpretations.

For a comprehensive education, the One Year Culinary & Pastry/Bread Diploma might be the right fit. It combines both the culinary and pastry programs and includes a 480-hour industry Co-op. This ensures students get a broader set of skills and real industry experience.

The academy also offers one-night classes for those looking for a fun night out while learning specific techniques. Some of the popular one-night classes include paella, Korean fried chicken, sushi, and pad thai. The academy has received positive reviews from students, highlighting its engaging courses and knowledgeable instructors.

Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

7. The Culinary Arts School of Ontario

The Culinary Arts School of Ontario offers a range of culinary diploma programs tailored to help students embark on their culinary journey. What sets this school apart is its emphasis on small class sizes, ensuring personalized attention. Students get the opportunity to work with seasoned industry professionals and gain hands-on experience in real restaurant kitchens. The school’s fast-tracked programs are designed to help students graduate sooner, and they pride themselves on making culinary education accessible to everyone. If you’re an international student, they have resources specifically for you.

Culinary Art School of Ontario

8. Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Since 1997, the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts has been a leading culinary institution and one of the cheapest culinary schools in Canada for international students. With over 25 years of experience, they have trained many who have gone on to become professional chefs, bakery owners, food stylists, and more.

They offer a variety of programs, including the Grand Diploma Culinary and Baking & Pastry Arts Program, which provides intensive training in both culinary and baking arts. For those looking to combine their education with work experience, there’s the Grand Diploma + Industry CO-OP Program.

This program integrates a paid one-year working co-op position, available for both local and international students. The faculty at the institute is internationally trained, ensuring students receive top-notch education.


9. Vancouver Community College

VCC is known for its strength in learning and its commitment to the community. They pride themselves on producing job-ready graduates who are in high demand. With small, inclusive classes and a range of supportive services, students find a nurturing environment to grow. An impressive 97% of students are satisfied with VCC’s programs.

They also offer competitive tuition rates and various financial aid options. One of the highlighted programs at VCC is the Jewellery Art and Design program, where students get hands-on experience in designing and fabricating jewelry. If you’re an international student, VCC has two-year diploma programs tailored for you.


10. Liaison College Culinary Arts

Students who are passionate about the culinary arts and are looking for a program that can help them follow that passion should consider Liaison College. The college is a cheap culinary school in Canada for international students. The students gain hands-on experience through vocational training programs designed to equip them with essential industry skills. In as little as four months, you could be ready for the job market.

One of their standout offerings is the Culinary & Hospitality Operations Management program. This program provides insights into working in various departments of a hospitality establishment. Whether you’re thinking of starting your own business or managing an existing one, this program can guide you. Graduates may find opportunities in roles like assistant restaurant manager, restaurant banquet manager, bar manager, and many more.

Liaison College Culinary Arts

11. The Culinary Institute of Canada (Holland College)

Located in the picturesque Prince Edward Island, the Culinary Institute of Canada at Holland College is renowned for its exceptional culinary training. The institute offers a range of programs, including Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, and International Hospitality Management. With state-of-the-art facilities, students have access to the Lucy Maud Dining Room and Montgomery’s, where they can hone their skills in real-world settings.

The institute boasts a team of experienced chef instructors who are dedicated to ensuring students receive top-notch education. The Culinary Institute of Canada is a proud member of La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international gastronomic society.

Holland College

12. Saskatchewan Polytechnic Culinary Arts

One of the excellent and cheapest culinary schools in Canada for international students is the Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Culinary Arts diploma program. This hands-on, fast-paced program stands out as the only four-semester advanced culinary training in Saskatchewan. Offered in Prince Albert, Regina, and Saskatoon, the program covers a broad spectrum of culinary subjects.

From baking and pastry to contemporary cuisine and modern food trends, students get a comprehensive culinary education. The program also delves into kitchen management and industry trends, preparing students for a successful career in the culinary world. Graduates are well-equipped for roles such as first cook, sous chef, pastry chef, and more, with a remarkable 90% success rate in job placements within six months of graduation.

The tuition for the 2024-25 academic year is set at $15,300. Graduates also have the opportunity to pursue the Bachelor of Applied Management degree at Saskatchewan Polytechnic with just two more years of study.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Culinary Arts

13. Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC)

Dive into the dynamic environment of the commercial kitchen and acquire the essential skills to kickstart your culinary journey. The Nova Scotia Community College program is designed for those who are passionate about cooking and wish to immerse themselves in the culinary world. It is also the cheapest culinary school in Canada for international students. Under the guidance of experienced chefs like Chef Gilles Godin, students get hands-on experience in a real kitchen setting.

  • Start Date: September
  • Duration: Typically 1 year
  • Credential: Certificate

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and techniques required in a professional kitchen. From understanding the basics of cooking to mastering advanced culinary techniques, students are prepared to face the challenges of the culinary industry.

Nova Scotia Community College 

Conclusion – Cheapest culinary schools in Canada for international students

Many affordable culinary schools in Canada are open to international students. Le Cordon Bleu, in Ottawa, is known for its high-quality education and training. Nova Scotia Community College is another option, with its hands-on approach to learning. The school’s programs are designed to give students the skills they need to succeed in the culinary industry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your career, Canada’s culinary schools offer excellent value for your money.

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