Universities in Canada That Accept NECO Results

Canada is one of the world’s best study destination, and their universities accept NECO (National Examinations Council). As a Nigerian, you may want to study and even work in Canada at the same time after your admission into a Canadian university. If you are looking to study in Canada, this post contains a list of Universities in Canada that accept NECO results, if NECO is all you have.

That means you don’t really need WAEC only to study abroad in Canada. Besides, Canada is one of the easiest countries to get student Visa as a Nigerian.

Universities in Canada that accept NECO results

Below are some of the best Universities in Canada that accept NECO results:

1. University of Toronto

One of Canada’s best universities, the University of Toronto, has a thorough admissions process that looks at a wide range of academic and non-academic factors.

As for NECO scores, the University of Toronto’s page about admission standards doesn’t say anything about NECO (National Examination Council) scores. But it does accept several international qualifications, such as the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), which is widely used in Nigeria.

If you want to apply to the University of Toronto and have taken the NECO, the best thing to do is call the admissions office and ask what they think about NECO scores. They can tell you more about how your skills will be looked at during the admissions process. You can call (416) 978-2190 or go to adm.utoronto.ca/ to get in touch with the recruiting office.

2. University of British Columbia

Another of the Universities in Canada that accept NECO results as we think is the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada.

It is a public university that does study and is in Vancouver, British Columbia. UBC has many different degrees and faculties, such as Arts, Applied Science, Education, Law, Medicine, and Science.

Concerning whether or not NECO results are accepted, UBC’s website does not show NECO as a secondary school qualification that is accepted. Checking with the university directly is always the best way to find out what their admission standards are since they can change over time. Visit you.ubc.ca/ to get in touch with UBC’s admissions office.

3. McGill University

McGill University, which is in Montreal, Canada, is a well-known and respected college or university. It is one of the oldest universities in Canada, having been founded in 1821. It is known for its tough academic programs and cutting-edge research. But prospective students often ask if McGill University takes NECO scores.

Before you can answer this question, you need to know what NECO findings are. The National Examination Council, or NECO, is an organization owned by the Nigerian government that is in charge of a wide range of academic and career tests. Even though NECO scores are generally accepted in Nigeria and other African countries, it is less clear if universities in other parts of the world will also accept them.

You can visit the official admission requirements page of McGill University at mcgill.ca/applying/.

4. University of Alberta

You can apply for admission to the University of Alberta in Canada as one of the Universities in Canada that accept NECO results.

If you are still not sure if the University of Alberta will accept your NECO scores, you should talk to the admissions office directly. They will be able to give you the most correct and up-to-date information about what you need to do to get into the school. The contact information for the admissions office can be found on the University’s website at ualberta.ca/admissions.

5. McMaster University

McMaster University is one of the country’s leading universities, known for its strong programs in the health sciences, engineering, business, and the humanities.

As for acceptance of NECO results, McMaster University accepts a variety of international qualifications for admission consideration, including the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and the National Examination Council (NECO) results. However, the university reserves the right to make the final decision on whether your qualifications are acceptable for admission. So as one of the universities in Canada that accept NECO results, this could be your best shot.

The admission committee considers a variety of factors, including academic records, extracurricular activities, and personal achievements, in making admission decisions.

More information on the admission requirements and the process can be found on the university’s website at: mcmaster.ca/admissions/.

6. University of Waterloo

The Canada’s University of Waterloo is a well-known place to get a better education. As one of the best colleges in the country, it has a strict admissions process that looks at many things when deciding who to let in. Evaluation of papers and test scores from high school is one of the most important parts of this process.

Prospective students should call the University of Waterloo’s Admissions Office directly to get the most up-to-date information on what they need to do to get in and to make sure that their NECO scores will be accepted. You can call the Admissions Office at (519) 888-4567 or send them an email at admit@uwaterloo.ca.

7. University of Calgary

This university has strict admissions standards to make sure that only the best students get into their programs. People often ask if the University of Calgary takes NECO scores, and the answer is not easy to understand.

The West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), the foreign Baccalaureate (IB), and the General Certificate of Education are some of the foreign qualifications that the University of Calgary accepts. (GCE). But neither the university’s website nor their list of admission standards says that NECO scores are accepted, so it might not be one of the Universities in Canada that accept NECO results. This doesn’t always mean that NECO results aren’t accepted. Instead, it means that each case will be looked at on its own.

If you have NECO scores and want to go to the University of Calgary, you should call the university’s admissions office directly to find out what their policy is. The admissions office will be able to tell you exactly what documents are needed and whether or not your NECO scores will be accepted. The admissions office can be reached at the following URL: ucalgary.ca/future-students/.

8. Queen’s University

As a potential student, you may be wondering if the university accepts NECO scores as part of the admissions process.

The short answer is that it varies on the program you want to apply to and the country where you took the NECO exam.

Most of the time, applicants to Queens University have to send in a transcript of their high school grades and standardized test results. If you took the NECO test, the scores may be taken into account as part of your application as a whole.

You can find this information at queensu.ca/admissions  on the Queens University website. You can also call the Admissions office to find out more about the requirements for your particular school. You can call (613) 533-2060 or send an email to admissions@queensu.ca to get in touch with them.

9. Western University

Western University has many different undergraduate and graduate programs in many different areas. When it comes to accepting NECO scores, Western University does not name NECO scores as one of the qualifications it will accept for admission.

Western University takes a wide range of qualifications, such as high school diplomas, AP exams, IB exams, and other nationally and internationally recognized qualifications. If you aren’t sure if NECO scores will be accepted, you should call the university’s admissions office directly to find out. You can find the admissions office’s contact information on Western University’s website at the URL: westernu.ca/future-students/admissions/.

10. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is a top study university in Canada. It is in the heart of Ottawa, which is the country’s capital. People know the university for its diverse and welcoming community, excellent academics, and dedication to study and new ideas.

The University of Ottawa looks at several things when deciding who to let in. These include academic records, language skills, and useful work experience. The National Examinations Council (NECO) results are one type of high school diploma that the university will accept.

Prospective students should always check the official website of the university to find out the exact admission requirements for the program they want to join, as some programs may have different or extra requirements. For more information about how to get into the University of Ottawa, you can check out their website at: uottawa.ca/future-students/.

11. Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University (SFU), which is in British Columbia, Canada, is a public research university.

But NECO is not a well-known exam board in Canada, and its findings may not be accepted by all universities in the country.

On its official page for entrance requirements, SFU does not list NECO scores as a qualification and may not be one of the universities in Canada that accept NECO results. You can reach the admissions office at: sfu.ca/students/admission/.

12. Dalhousie University

People know this university for its high-quality academic programs and state-of-the-art study facilities. Prospective students might want to know if the university takes NECO scores, which are from a high school test given in Nigeria.

Dalhousie University does accept NECO scores as part of the admissions process for international students. This is written in the university’s admissions standards. In fact, they are one of the Universities in Canada that accept NECO results.

You can apply to Dalhousie University if you are a Nigerian student with NECO only. Just visit their website at dal.ca/admissions.html.

13. York University

York University in Canada is one of the most well-known schools there in Toronto, Canada’s biggest city.

NECO scores are only one part of getting into York University. The university also looks at things like academic records, how well you speak English, and what you do outside of school.

Also, some programs at York University may have extra standards for admission, such as minimum grades or scores on standardized tests. It’s best to check the university’s website at futurestudents.yorku.ca/requirements/.

14. University of Manitoba

Canada’s University of Manitoba has a thorough admissions process and accepts a wide range of high school skills, including NECO scores. But it’s important to remember that even if you meet the minimum standards, that doesn’t mean you’ll get into the university.

Prospective students should look at the admission standards on the University of Manitoba’s website to find out if NECO scores are accepted. On the admissions page of the university’s website, there is a thorough list of the high school requirements that are acceptable, as well as information about minimum grades, English language skills, and other admission requirements.

The admissions team can answer any questions about the process and help potential students with NECO scores figure out what to do next. The office for getting into the University of Manitoba can be found at: umanitoba.ca/student/admissions/.

15. University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan may not accept NECO scores as an acceptable way to show that you finished high school. The university will only accept high school diplomas from recognized schools in Canada or foreign credentials that are equivalent.

If you want to go to the University of Saskatchewan and you finished high school with NECO results, you might need to get a similar Canadian high school diploma or use a credential assessment service to get your NECO results recognized. Checking with the university directly is always the best way to get the most up-to-date information on what you need to do to get in. You can find out more about the university at usask.ca/ which is its main website.

A special mention is the Brandon University. Yes, Branson University accepts Neco too.

Conclusion – Universities in Canada that accept NECO results

There are Canadian universities that would admit students into their first-year studies with NECO results even though they are rare to find as the acceptance of NECO result differs from one school to the other, depending on their program requirements.

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