Study in Bulgaria for Pakistani Students in 2024 [How to]

Today, in this post, I will talk to you about studying in Bulgaria, the living costs in Bulgaria, the tuition fees for different fields per semester, whether part-time jobs are available here, and how affordable it is. What opportunities will come your way moving forward? If you also want to gain admission in Bulgaria, what are the minimum eligibility criteria, and from Pakistan, what are the visa ratios plus how many working days will it take for your work to be done? So, I’ll basically be covering the topic ‘study in Bulgaria for Pakistani students’, which I’m sure to cover as much information as possible.

First of all, as I told you, today’s topic of this post is studying in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a European country, and is partially included in the Schengen Zone, and is in the European Union. So, if a country is in the European zone, then entry into other countries is not so difficult. You can easily go there if you want to study or find any opportunity. Once you are there, it is also a very good point.

Study in Bulgaria for Pakistani Students

1. Make Sure You Are Eligible

Let’s start by discussing what it takes to study at a medical university in Pakistan, similar to the competitive nature of admissions in Bulgaria. Admission into medical universities here is also competitive. So, you have to really stand out.

Firstly, your academic grades must be exceptional. High grades in your advanced level subjects are a must for applying to medical universities in Bulgaria, with tuition fees ranging generally from 7,000 to 8,000 euros for international programs. For example, universities in Bulgaria offer different programs in English for bachelor’s degrees, including medicine, which typically lasts 5 to 6 years. Other programs include dental medicine and pharmacy.

Information is usually detailed on the university’s website for Pakistani students. If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below. Again, good grades in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and certainly English are important, especially for science courses. If your English proficiency is poor, you may need to take the IELTS exam. Without an IELTS score, an online English test may be required. That’s about it. If your English grades are low or you lack proficiency in English, having an ‘A’ grade in other subjects can help. However, even with top high school grades, you’ll likely need to sit for an entrance exam. Bulgarian universities set dates for these exams, with the first opportunity usually in April, followed by additional dates in May, and June, and extending through to August. Pay close attention to these dates on the university’s website.

So, your grades in chemistry and biology need to be particularly strong. You should be working hard for at least 65%, which could be a ‘B’ grade. The medical field is specialized, and sometimes ‘B’ or ‘C’ grades could be enough, but admission remains competitive. Results are announced after the online test, with admissions open until September, though the application process isn’t entirely online from the start.

2. Complete Your Application Online

So, the next step you’ll take to study in Bulgaria for Pakistani students is the online application. Submit your documents later. You can start this process right after reading this guide. You can even reach out to a professor listed on the university’s website or use the admissions portal for contact. Often, you won’t need to send an email, as the university website provides all the necessary information.

European students have different application dates. Some may need to take an entrance exam depending on their chosen program, while others may not. Courses such as dentistry, medicine, and pharmacy are offered in both English and Bulgarian, and you can choose your preferred language of study.

3. Get Your Documents Translated

All your documents should be translated before submission. The specific submission date will be mentioned on the university’s website, so check it carefully. As for tuition fees, expect to budget from 7,000 to 8,000 euros. If you don’t meet the requirements, you may need to take a preparatory course, with associated fees.

4. Take the Entrance Examination

After submitting your documents, prepare for the entrance exam. This exam covers chemistry and biology for medicine, pharmacy, and dental medicine studies. It includes multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank, matching items, true/false questions, and sections requiring definitions and explanations, all focused on chemistry and biology. Remember to schedule your exam after document submission, with dates typically in April, May, June, July, and August, and another date in September.

5. Pay the Admission Fee

Registration begins with paying an admission fee, often in the local currency. For Pakistan, this could be in Pakistani Rupees (PKR). Required documents include your secondary school certificates, with grades in chemistry and biology needing to be at least a ‘B’ or ‘C’. However, the final decision is made by the university authorities, who review your documents and forward them to the Ministry of Education for consideration.

6. Apply to Study at the University

You’ll have to pay an administrative fee as part of the process to study in Bulgaria for Pakistani students. You’ll pay an entrance exam fee and a registration fee. These fees are usually paid into the university’s bank account, with details found on the university’s website. An online application form is required, especially for a Bachelor of Science in medicine, including all necessary secondary school documents.

7. Gather the Necessary Documents for Your Application

For your application, especially for master’s studies, start with your documents, including transcripts and any orders.

  1. You’ll need an official transcript from your school, listing all grades in relevant subjects. This transcript must have all necessary stamps.
  2. You also need proof of eligibility to study in Pakistan, including your secondary school certificates. These need to be sent to the Ministry of Higher Education or the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  3. A health certificate is also required. For legalization, authentication, and translation, take your health certificate to the Ministry of Health for legalization.

So, what you have to gather includes your health certificate, confirmation, transcript, and secondary school documents (excluding the application form) for legalization, translation, and certification in Bulgarian.

8. Apply for a Pakistani Study Visa

After all these steps and securing admission to your preferred Bulgarian university, you’ll receive the documents necessary for applying for a study visa in Pakistan. Bulgaria has embassies in various countries, and you can find embassy information on the university’s website. The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria is in Islamabad.

Remember to translate your documents are translated as required, with translation services available in major cities. Verify this information and proceed with the translation process.

Is Bulgaria a Good Country to Study?

I will explain to you today why you should come to Bulgaria for your bachelors or masters.

1. Bulgaria is Affordable

Bulgaria is a very good country, it lies in the European Union and is a student-friendly study destination. Yes, it is in the European zone, which is not in change. Besides, the cost of living in Bulgaria is very cheap compared to other European countries. You can easily maintain a good life here. Besides, the tuition fee here is also very affordable in comparison to other European countries. I even talked about Bulgaria as one of the countries with free tuition for international students.

2. High Study Visa Approval Rate

Besides, the visa ratio here is also very high in Pakistan. Besides, if we talk about IT, science, and medical fields, Bulgaria has a very high contribution to these fields in this country. So, if there are any discoveries or inventions in the field of medicine in any country, and in IT and technology, it proves that the country’s education system is so good and strong that it can make such inventions and discoveries.

3. Bulgaria is an Innovative Country

Let’s quickly discuss a few inventions with you so that you can get an idea of what level of country Bulgaria is. First of all, digital wristwatches, which we can say were first invented by Bulgaria. Besides, space food, which astronauts consume in space, they don’t consume simple food, they have a specific kind of food, they invented it, basically, such food should have so many nutrients. So, you can see that biology also comes into it.

So, on the side of the medical field, the technical use comes from there. Besides, if I talk about biology, they have made such medicines that we use in today’s modern era. Besides, Bulgarian yogurt is very famous, so you know that yogurt is produced due to the activity of bacteria. So, you can see how much people are ahead in the field of biology, and Bulgarian yogurt is very famous all over the world, and its production was also first done by them. That’s why it is known by the name of Bulgarian yogurt.

Moreover, if we talk, the world’s first digital computer was also made in Bulgaria. Besides, if we talk, about solar batteries, those batteries that run on solar, were also first the inventions of Bulgaria. Besides, airbags, which are used in our defense system for safety purposes, were also invented by Bulgaria. So, you can see that there is no field where these people do not have any invention. So, from this, you would have guessed their education level, and what Bulgarians can do.

4. It is Welcoming for International Students

Bulgaria is also a very safe, clean country, you get an international environment, people are very nice, and obviously, the Bulgarian language is spoken here, so that can be a bit of a barrier, but many people here speak English, so it’s not so much of an issue. So, it’s 50-50 here regarding the language scene. Besides, the place you are coming to study, you always have this thing in your heart that brother, that place should be very lovely, beautiful because when you have some vacations, when you have winter vacations, then you feel good to roam around, you sit in a good environment.

5. Home to Beautiful Scenery

So, the scenery, its mountains, etc., are very beautiful, and its sceneries, you can say, are counted among the world’s best sceneries. The side of Bulgaria touches the Black Sea, so definitely there are beaches there too. So, all these points will remain for Bulgaria. So, now obviously your deal will be done that yes, we must avail this opportunity and thinking to come towards your side.

Cost of Living in Bulgarianm for Pakistani Students

So, let’s talk first about the living cost because whenever a student wants to be admitted to study in Bulgaria for Pakistani students, it’s not only about the semester fee, it’s about the living cost. What will be the minimum living cost there for a student? So, if we talk about the average, I tell you in line, if you live in a hostel privately, you want a separate room for yourself, then it will cost you up to 150, and if you live in a shared, then it will go up to 100, and even if it’s the university’s own hostel, then also you will almost have to spend 100 there.

Then there is your living cost, which you say, like eating, drinking, all these things will go into your sim package, your transportation here, there is a monthly pass for it, so all these together will almost make 150 euros for you. These all costs, I am telling you on average, some people if you manage electricity very well, then you can also pass in very less, and if you are very much, I mean users, then obviously you will also exceed this, but this is the on like average one so that you can make up your mind how much your monthly expense will come.

If you do not want to opt for the hostel option to study in Bulgaria for Pakistani students, if you want to have the apartment, the apartment will cost you on average double the price, that is 300. When you come here, then you start searching for different things yourself, such as apartments, these different things, you find good roommates, you know that we will live in share with these people, so it will be good with them, so you can reduce your cost in that way, but this is a matter of later. So, these were all the average costs.

What Degrees Are Offered in Bulgaria?

Now let’s talk about which degrees are being offered in Bulgaria, all your courses are being offered in English, definitely you will not study in the Bulgarian language. So, if I talk about English, then there is no field of study that is not being offered in Bulgaria, engineering, IT, computer science, business, economics, BA, like many fields are here, and in this, both bachelors and masters are possible, and your per semester fees will be 1200 to 1500 euros per semester. Meanwhile, I also made a post about several other cheap English speaking countries to study.

Now, if we talk about medicine, then yes, MBBS and dentistry, both options are available in Bulgaria at this time, and its fees will also be 3000 to 3500 euros per semester, the degree is worldwide accepted, and you can easily get a job, so this is a very good option, and all the degrees are in the English language. If you also do a Bulgarian language course, then you will have to pay 7200 to 500 euros per semester, this language course will cost you.

Now, in both of these, the difference is that if we also talk about eligibility, then there is a bit of a technical point that you will be required a language certificate, IELTS, or any other, it depends on the university, what their requirement is, so you will have to give your English proficiency certificate, whatever the university’s requirement will be, except if you enroll in a language course, then you do not need to give any IELTS or any language proficiency test, etc., top or dealing, etc., okay.

So, this has gone this way. Besides, if I talk about MBBS again, then for that, your minimum marks should be 60%, and there will also be an entry test, and if any university tells you about the entry test, then definitely our representative, who is from Sofia, Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria, so our own representative is in countries, we talk in such a way that someone sitting in Pakistan talked, I mean self, I mean you are, our own representative is there, who will be in Sofia, Bulgaria, and that representative is going to help you to prepare your test, so you can prepare your test very easily there, sitting in Pakistan, and your test will also be cleared.

Part Time Jobs for Pakistani Students in Bulgaria

Now let’s talk about part-time jobs, part-time jobs are in every country, and as a student, you will be allowed here to do a part-time job, so yes, you can do a part-time job, and easily you can earn here, and the same earning, I have always told you the average, you can easily do that much, that you can support yourself there.

The current economic conditions of Pakistan and economic stability are not very good, so because of this also, a lot of reaction is coming nowadays and people want to move abroad. Besides, your visa processing is 32 to 40 working days, and your admission process is 2 to 3 weeks.


So, we have talked so much about information that will really guide us when preparing to study in Bulgaria for Pakistani students. Just follow this guide and you’ll be ready to come to Bulgaria and study. If we talk about the best cities in Bulgaria, then definitely one is Sofia, which is its capital city. We also have Plovdiv here, so these are the cities where you will get a good education, but education is also very popular, and earnings is good here.

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