Cheapest Country to Study MBA for Indian Students

Looking for the cheapest country to study MBA for Indian students? Well, the answer isn’t straightforward. Your choice should align with your personal and career aspirations. While tuition fees and living costs are essential factors, job opportunities post-graduation and educational quality shouldn’t be overlooked.

India stands out as a budget-friendly option with its affordable education and living expenses. Plus, there are numerous esteemed institutions here ensuring top-tier education.

Yet, if you’re aiming to work internationally post-MBA, remember that global job markets can be competitive. Some global employers might lean towards candidates from renowned foreign universities. So, countries like the USA or Canada might be worth considering if working abroad is your endgame.

Reasons to Study MBA Abroad

  • You can earn more after finishing your MBA.
  • You’ll have a better shot at top roles in big companies.
  • Meet new people who can help your career.
  • Learn useful skills and know-how.

Cheapest Country to Study MBA for Indian Students

For this list, we have been careful about making the picks. And to help our decision, we combined popular platforms such as Quora dn Reddit or some top Indian forums to hear what real people have to say. From our findings, we can confidently say that below is the list of the best cheapest country to study MBA for Indian students.

1. Germany

Germany is a top choice for many Indian students. Not only does it offer world-class education, but many universities provide courses in English. The best part? Most public universities in Germany offer education for free. That’s right, no tuition fees. However, some private schools or specialized programs might charge between €8,000 and €20,000.

Living in Germany is also affordable compared to other Western European countries. On average, students might spend around 800 euros per month, according to the CBS International Business School. Cities like Hamburg or Munich might be a bit pricier, but they’re still cheaper than places like Paris or London. Plus, with Germany’s strong economy, there are plenty of job opportunities for graduates, especially if you pick up some German language skills.

Take the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management as an example. Their one-year MBA is budget-friendly, especially when compared to other countries. Plus, with the right lifestyle choices, living in Germany can be cost-effective.

Why Germany for MBA?

  • Europe’s economic powerhouse.
  • Home to car legends like BMW and Audi.
  • No need to learn German unless you want to.

2. Sweden

People also rate Sweden as the cheapest country to study MBA for Indian students. This country is known for its high-quality education system. Studying for an MBA here will cost you between $9,000 to $15,000. The living expenses are around 3,670 kronor per month, according to the Local Sweden in 2024. Sweden offers a blend of modern urban life and beautiful nature, making it a pleasant place to study.

Sweden, known for its high-quality education, offers affordable MBA programs for international students. The country boasts a rich cultural heritage, innovative industries, and a strong focus on sustainability and green technologies.

Studying in Sweden as an Indian provides you with a unique perspective on global business challenges. Moreover, many Swedish universities have strong ties with industries, offering students ample internship and job opportunities post-graduation. The cost of living is relatively high, but the return on investment, considering the quality of education and job prospects, makes it a top choice for many.

3. Latvia

Another top choice by Indian students who have been here is “Latvia”. So, if you are an Indian looking to pursue an MBA without breaking the bank, Latvia it is. Located in Northern Europe, Latvia offers a blend of European culture and education at a fraction of the cost.

The country is known for its high-quality education system, and students can benefit from its strategic location, giving them access to other European countries. The tuition fees in Latvia are relatively lower compared to other Western European countries, making it an affordable option for Indian students. Moreover, Latvia’s vibrant culture, rich history, and welcoming atmosphere make it a perfect destination for international students.

4. Poland

Poland is becoming a popular destination for MBA students. An MBA here costs about $19,000. The good news? Living in Poland is quite affordable, with yearly expenses of around $6,000. Poland combines rich history with modern amenities, providing a unique study experience.

Also, Poland is emerging as a top choice for Indian students wanting to pursue an MBA without spending too much. It is easily the cheapest country to study MBA for Indian students. Poland is situated in Central Europe, Poland offers a mix of rich history, vibrant culture, and quality education. The best part? Studying in Poland won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

If you’re fluent in Polish, you can even study for free by taking the same entrance exams as Polish students. But don’t worry if you don’t speak Polish. There are plenty of English-taught programs available, and they cost around €2,000-3,000 (~US$2,340-3,500) per year. Living in Poland is also affordable. You’d typically need no more than €6,600 (~US$7,700) annually. Plus, the capital city, Warsaw, is recognized for its affordability, making it a student-friendly city.

5. Italy

Often celebrated for its rich history, art, and delicious cuisine, Italy is also a fantastic destination for Indian students seeking an affordable MBA education.

Apart from being a global fashion hub and a top holiday spot, Italy is home to some of the world’s renowned universities, including the ancient University of Bologna. The country offers a blend of quality education and cultural immersion.

According to the QS World University Ranking 2023, top institutions like Politecnico di Milano, University of Bologna, and Sapienza University of Rome are situated here. The best part? Studying in Italy is pocket-friendly. Annual tuition fees range from about € 936.91 to €4,996.84, with specialized courses averaging €9,993.68. Plus, there are numerous scholarships and funding opportunities provided by the Italian government and other organizations, making it easier for Indian students to achieve their dream of studying in this beautiful country.

6. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, located in the heart of Europe, is becoming a popular destination for international students, including those from India. Known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and affordable living costs, the Czech Republic offers high-quality education at a fraction of the price you’d pay in Western Europe.

Many universities in the Czech Republic offer MBA programs in English, ensuring that language isn’t a barrier.

Tuition fees are competitive, often ranging from €1,000 to €5,000 per year. Additionally, the cost of living in cities like Prague is much lower than in other European capitals. The country’s strategic location also provides students with the opportunity to travel and explore other parts of Europe easily.

7. Hungary

Easily the top cheapest country to study MBA for Indian students – Hungary. This friendly country is located in Central Europe and is gaining popularity among Indian students for its affordable and quality education. The country boasts historic cities like Budapest and Debrecen, which are home to renowned universities.

One of the significant advantages of studying in Hungary is the cost factor. For instance, the Budapest Metropolitan University offers courses with a total first-year fee of around Rs 6.25 Lakhs. Moreover, the average first-year cost for technical courses like BE/Btech in Hungary is approximately Rs 5.41 Lakhs. While this information is specific to technical courses, MBA programs in Hungary are also competitively priced.

Hungary also offers a unique European experience with its rich culture, thermal spas, and delectable cuisine. The country’s central location in Europe also allows students to travel and explore neighboring countries with ease.

8. Denmark

You can also get a very cheap MBA in Denmark. Denmark offers top-notch education, but it comes at a price. The MBA course fee is around $30,000. However, the living costs are reasonable, averaging $11,000 per year. Denmark is known for its quality of life, innovative society, and friendly locals.

9. France

France, the country of romance and wine, offers MBAs at approximately $16,000. Living costs can vary, especially between cities. On average, you might spend between $12,500 to $18,000 annually. France provides a rich cultural experience alongside quality education.

France is a great place for students from different cultures. It’s close to other European countries. If you join a public university, you might get a big discount on fees.

Top MBA schools include HEC Paris and INSEAD. Living in France costs between €400-€800 (INR 34,783- 69,567) a month. Tuition fees range from €14,930 to €89,000 (INR 12.9- 77 lakhs) a year.

10. South Africa

And here is an honorable African mention – South Africa. This country offers Indian students a unique blend of African and Western business perspectives. With its diverse economy and rich cultural history, MBA students gain insights into emerging market challenges and opportunities.

South Africa’s business schools, such as the UCT Graduate School of Business, are globally recognized. The tuition fees are competitive, and there’s a differentiation between rates for South African and non-South African students. Studying in South Africa also provides a gateway to understanding the broader African market.

11. Finland

Finland is usually hailed as the “superpower” of education, and offers a unique MBA experience. The country focuses on creativity, innovation, and practical learning rather than rote memorization. Most MBA programs are taught in English, making it easier for international students. Finland is also one of the cheapest English-speaking country to study.

Finland’s education system is not only advanced at the university level but also at basic and secondary levels. The country’s happiness index, quality of life, and the opportunity to intern at multinational companies make it a desirable location for MBA aspirants.

12. Taiwan

You can study MBA in Taiwan at almost zero cost, thanks to Taiwan’s Global MBA programs, like the one at National Taiwan University. These programs shape the next generation of global leaders. The curriculum is comprehensive, covering all facets of business management.

Also, Indian students get to interact with professionals from diverse fields, enhancing their global market understanding. The cost structure includes a general registration fee and a credit fee.

While the tuition is affordable, the return on investment is high, given Taiwan’s position as a hub for technology and innovation in Asia. The living costs are reasonable, and the country offers a blend of Eastern and Western cultures, providing a holistic MBA experience.

13. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the 10th most popular place in the world for an MBA. It’s also the most affordable in Europe. Almost half of the students get jobs at their schools, and the others find jobs after finishing their studies.

Some top universities are the University of Amsterdam, Maastricht University, and Erasmus University Rotterdam. Living here costs about €800-€1,100 (INR 69,542-95,637) a month. Tuition fees are between €8,000 and €1,100 (INR 6.95 lakh -95,631) a year.

14. Singapore

Singapore has one of Asia’s top 5 universities. Studying here is affordable, and MBA graduates earn good salaries. It’s also very safe. Top schools include Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore. Living costs are around SD 1400 (INR 85,186) a month. Tuition fees range from SD 28,000 to SD 72,000 (17- 44 lakhs) a year. Compare the 2023 living costs between India and Singapore.

15. Austria

Austria, nestled in the heart of Europe, is a top pick for affordable MBA programs. Known for its precise business ethics and planning, studying here means diving deep into German business practices. Plus, with a mix of students from all over the world, you’re in for a rich learning experience.

Why Austria for MBA?

  • Central European location gives it a geographical edge.
  • Renowned for its top-notch higher education.
  • It’s one of the world’s least corrupt countries with low crime rates.

16. Spain

Spain is a hotspot for B-schools in Europe. Offering quality education without a hefty price tag, it’s a smart choice for Indian students. For instance, an MBA from Universidad Carlos iii de Madrid is affordable, costing under ₹16 lakhs.

Why Spain for MBA?

  • Houses globally recognized B-schools like IESE and EU.
  • Relaxed eligibility requirements for admissions.
  • Plenty of MBA courses are taught in English.

Affordable MBA Colleges for Indian Students

University/CollegeCountryQS World Ranking 2024
Technical University of MunichGermany37
University of TuebingenGermany213
EU Business School81-90
Memorial University of NewfoundlandCanada601-650
Deusto Business School101-110
EAE Business School in SpainSpain35
University of VictoriaCanada322

Regarding the tuition fees per annum, we have:

University/CollegeTuition Fees Per Annum (in ₹)
Technical University of Munich1.21 Lakhs
University of Tuebingen2.60 Lakhs
EU Business School6.34 Lakhs
Memorial University of Newfoundland22.56 Lakhs
Deusto Business School20.83 Lakhs
EAE Business School in Spain19.2 Lakhs
University of Victoria33.07 Lakhs

How to Apply to Study MBA for Indian Students

  1. Pick your desired course and list down the universities you’re interested in.
  2. Prepare for and take the required entrance exams.
  3. Gather all necessary documents like academic transcripts, entrance exam scores, statement of purpose, etc.
  4. Apply to your chosen university.
  5. Wait for your admission offer letter.
  6. Once accepted, connect with professors and future classmates online.
  7. Secure your visa and set off for your dream university!

Eligibility for MBA Abroad (Indians)

  • A Bachelor’s degree (like BA, BE, B.TECH, B.SC).
  • Some B-schools prefer candidates with work experience, but there are options without this requirement.
  • Language proficiency tests scores (like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE).
  • Management aptitude test scores (like GRE or GMAT).
  • Properly filled application forms and a CV.
  • Recommendation letters and MBA essays.

Tips to Save on MBA Abroad Costs

  • Choose a cost-effective school.
  • Opt for shorter MBA programs.
  • Look for scholarships and financial aid.
  • Consider working part-time during your studies.

Conclusion – Which is the Cheapest Country to Study MBA for Indian Students?

Where you study really depends on your interests and goals. While many countries prefer locals for management roles, there are still opportunities in technical and support roles for foreigners. Studying abroad can be costly unless you get financial help.

So, if you’re thinking about studying overseas, aim for high GMAT scores to possibly get a fee waiver. In India, doing well in the CAT exam can get you into a top university. Good scores in these exams can help with job placements. Campus interviews in India are crucial, so pick a university known for its placements. It’s also a good idea to reach out to universities abroad to get more info. Remember, success often comes down to hard work, networking, and being in the right place at the right time.


Which country has the lowest MBA fees?

Consider Germany. The semester fee is around 111 EUR (8,830 INR).

Where can you study MBA for free as an Indian?

Try Germany or Norway. They usually don’t ask international students for tuition fees.

Which country is top-rated for MBA studies?

The United States is a top pick. Their MBA course lasts 2 years, including a summer internship.

Where can MBA grads earn the most?

In the USA, MBA graduates can make about $133,100 each year on average.

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