MBBS in Russia for Pakistani Students

As a Pakistani student, if you have identified Russia as your preferred study destination, congrats, you just made a beautiful decision. Indeed, Russia is the perfect place for MBBS, and also a cheap place to study. So, you won’t have to pay so much to learn. In this article, we will talk about MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students. We will also look at the benefits of doing an MBBS in Russia, the eligibility criteria for it, the top universities that offer different medical fields and MBBS, and the fee structure of all these universities. How time-consuming will this whole process be, from the admission process to the embassy process, and visa? In addition, what are the visa ratios, and how much will be the living expenses in Russia for a medical student? Let’s get right into it.

MBBS in Russia for Pakistani Students

Now if we discuss many universities with which 12th Consultants are associated, but still, I will still mention some universities here. I am only telling you the fees for MBBS at this time. In the future, whatever else there is, dentistry, pharmacy, pediatrics, or nursing, their fees are less than MBBS.

1. Moscow State University

First, you have Moscow State University, where you have to pay $4800 per semester for MBBS.

2. Kazan Federal University

Then there is Kazan Federal University MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students, where your fee will be approximately $3800 per semester. So this is a very good option that offers MBBS for Pakistani students.

3. Saint Petersburg State University

We also have Saint Petersburg State University, which offers MBBS for Pakistani students. Here, the semester fee is $4600.

4. Kazan State Medical University

On the fourth, we have the Kazan State Medical University, which is $3500, just per semester.

5. Tver State Medical University

The Tver State Medical University MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students charges you only 200-500% per semester. They offer MBBS for Pakistani students.

6. Tula State Pedagogical University

On the sixth, we have the cheapest university, where you can do MBBS for just $1750  per semester. Tula State Pedagogical University has the lowest MBBS fee.

So see, from the highest to the lowest, you have fee structures available, which will cost you almost equal to or less than in Pakistan. And you are getting other benefits anyway. When you complete your degree, you will have to take a test wherever you go to practice. So that’s an obvious thing. And for the test, the universities’ representatives, will help you out in preparing for those tests. In addition, they are also recognized by PMC.

Now if we talk about intakes, we have two intakes in Russia, one is the September intake, and one is the January intake. When the September intake happens, its application deadline is 30th August. The January intake, its deadline is the 30th of November. So before these deadlines, you have to make sure that you secure your admission. And then the visa process and everything.

MBBS Scholarships in Russia for Pakistani students

About scholarships, what scholarships are offered? Yes, scholarships are offered for MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students, but mostly they are for master’s or Ph.D. students. It’s also merit-based. So once you are there, you can have that scholarship also.

Russian Government Scholarships

So, every year, the Russian government offers scholarships to 15 foreign students, which can include up to 100% scholarship. However, this scholarship is available only if you pursue any program like MBBS, Dentistry, Aviation, or Engineering in the Russian language.

So, in Russia, there are quite a few things where the medium of teaching is the first one, the native language which is the Russian language, and many that are taught in the English language. The Russian government scholarship I am talking about is mainly available if you pursue any program in the Russian language. But after the MC guidelines, your MBBS program will have to be done in English language. If you pursue a Russian language program, your degree will not be valid in India after the new MC guidelines. So, you cannot do MBBS if you wish to travel.

English Medium Program

Now let’s talk about the English medium program in the setting which is People Friendship in your city of Russia. Right in the beginning, you don’t get a scholarship for MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students. Initially, your original fees are paid for admission. But after going to the university, the university conducts a test in which all foreign students can participate, and those students who score high get a lot of concession in tuition fees, up to 40% is also given, and some children get it for the first time. So, this is one rule in the city.

Apart from this, there is a very limited system where some scholarships are available like you only get up to 5 to 10%. What happens in Russia is that there is a rating system for your exams, but the overall rate comes out of 5. So, 5 is excellent, 4 is very good, 3 is good, 2 is fail. So, this overall rating comes out for each subject.

So, what happens is if you maintain a score of 5 in all subjects throughout the year, you get a scholarship. But this scholarship is only 5 to 10%, and it is not given in the English medium. The English medium school will not be available. It is only available for the program which is totally regarding or if you want to pursue any other course apart from MBBS in Russia.

Cost of Living

Now let’s talk about hostels in Russia. If you live in a hostel, you have to pay about $50 per month for the hostel. But if you want to live separately in an apartment, you have to pay about $250 per month. This is because that’s a separate apartment, and it has a different kind of protocol. So that’s why. This is just the hostel fee.

If we talk about living expenses, in living expenses, your food, drink, transportation, SIM card expenses, and different things, so living expenses will cost you approximately 150 per month. And again, it also depends on your lifestyle, and how you live. So minimum and maximum, I am just giving you an average cost.

MBBS Admission Process in Russia

The admission process takes 2 to 3 working days so that you get your admission letter, and your fee voucher, and everything is completed in 2 to 3 days. Then comes the invitation letter.

The invitation letter is a very big supporting document in securing your visa, that you are an authentic student. So the university sends you that invitation letter, courier it to Pakistan at your address. And it takes about one month for you to receive that letter, it doesn’t take more than that. Then if we talk about the visa, our consultants will definitely help you out, and your case will be presented in such a way, meaning its documentation, its files will be done in such a way that you look authentic. Because if you are authentic, you should also look authentic.

Benefits of Studying in Russia

If you come here and do an MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students, what benefits can it have? As you know, every third student nowadays wants to study medicine, wants to do MBBS, and wants to excel in some field of medicine.

However since the merit has become so high, those students are not able to secure their seats. Still, they want to do it on self-finance, but it becomes so expensive that it’s better if you do it in Pakistan. So today, we have talked about such an option for you, which will not only save you cost, it will cost you equal to or even less than in Pakistan. So, yes, I am talking about Russia. If you pursue your MBBS or any medical field in Russia, it will be very good as you’ll get a lot of benefits.

  1. The first advantage is that its degree is widely accepted. You can go anywhere in the world after doing an MBBS from Russia, and you will get a job anywhere.
  2. All the top 10 or top universities in Russia are recognized everywhere, like UNESCO, WHO, and the Council of Medicine. In addition, MCA is also there.
  3. What happens is that it’s not like if you are studying medicine, you can’t work. If you manage your study, you can also work. So, you see how many benefits it has if you study in Russia.
  4. You will get international exposure.
  5. Also, there is no admission test for you, there is no IELTS requirement there. Because children often get scared while applying abroad that they will have to do IELTS. There is no such requirement.
  6. Hostels are also easily provided, there is never an issue of living. You can easily live in hostels, it’s a safe environment. In addition, you get world-class infrastructure.

Eligibility criteria

  • IELTS is not required, so if you have 60% or above marks, you are easily eligible.
  • Also, there is no admission test, so you can easily secure your admission. Just clear your payment and visa process and dates IT.

Degree Programs

Then let’s talk about different programs inside the university, what programs are there, and how many years will the program be.

Medical field

  • MBBS: 6 years
  • Pediatrics: 6 years
  • Dentistry: 5 years
  • Pharmacy: 5 years
  • Nursing: 4 years

So see, it depends on what kind of course you are doing, whether it’s an undergraduate course or a graduate course, or you want to come for a Ph.D. And then similarly, your fields also vary, plus their tuition fees.


So, that’s really all about MBBS in Russia for Pakistani students. Let’s conclude by going over the visa application process. Sometimes, due to minor mistakes, your visa gets rejected. So your filing will be done in such a professional way that your visa ratio is up to 96% from Pakistan. So your visa, the visa fee is between 11000 to 14000 Pakistani rupees. I am telling you this because it’s not fixed, because there is an exact embassy fee, plus then there are some documentation forms, pictures, etc., courier charges included, so it comes between 11000 to 14000. Your visa processing time is also approximately 7 working days.

Then, in addition, your entrance fee, or all these things, there is nothing like that. Just whatever other charges you have, the university will send you an invoice, and everything will be mentioned in it, medical insurance, etc. Some universities provide it, some don’t, so the university will verify it. If you have any questions, you can write to me in the comment section.

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