Full Sail University Free Laptop

As a university student, you need a laptop to digitalize modern study requirements. You cannot just participate in traditional school activities without learning to optimize academics with your personal computer. Full Sail University students, on the other hand, will receive a Full Sail University free laptop. Laptops are generally expensive, and Full Sail understands this challenge, which is why you get a free PC to help out.

Full Sail University is able to meet this program demand through the Project LaunchBox. Project LaunchBox is a special program that helps you, as a student, build your portfolios by giving you the tools you need, including a free laptop. Each LaunchBox is tailored to the student’s specific degree program, ensuring they get the right equipment and software that meets the latest industry standards. Inside each LaunchBox, you will find a laptop, various accessories, and software that you can keep even after graduating from Full Sail University.

Full Sail University Free Laptop

The cost of the free computer and software, which are part of the Project LaunchBox technology package, is already included in the tuition fees. This means that you will receive a laptop and media creation software that is relevant to your degree program without any additional cost.

However, the pricing and package specifications can change over time. Also, some components of the Project LaunchBox are given out during your second year, while others are available as downloadable items. Not only do you receive a Full Sail University free laptop, but you also have other academic tools to help you in your academic adventure.

Sports Marketing and Media

If you are studying Sports Marketing and Media at Full Sail University, you will get all the gear you need to capture exciting sports moments and make your own content for sports media and journalism. This includes a laptop, of course.

Other items in the box are a DSLR camera that comes with a microphone and a tripod to keep your shots steady. You also get a small rig cage and an HDMI on-camera monitor to help you see what you’re filming. Full Sail University also gives you full access to Adobe Creative Cloud for editing and creating content.

Digital Cinematography

The Digital Cinematography LaunchBox provides you with a comprehensive set of equipment to support your video creation process. You also get a mobile editing suite to facilitate on-the-go editing. As part of this program, you will receive a high-quality camera, a sturdy tripod, a lens to capture the perfect shot, and a laptop. You will also receive microphones to capture audio, a lighting kit to enhance video quality, and headphones for precise audio monitoring.

For your post-production process, you are given access to Adobe Creative Cloud, which includes a range of professional video editing tools. Furthermore, you also receive software programs specifically designed for budgeting and scripting.

3D Arts Degree program

Are you enrolled in 3D arts degree programs, such as Game Art and Computer Animation at Full Sail University? You will receive a comprehensive set of tools to support your 3D media creation process. This includes a Full Sail University free laptop that can handle complex 3D rendering tasks, a drawing tablet, and access to industry-standard 3D design and animation software, including Zbrush, Maya, and Unreal Engine.

Game Design

The Game Design LaunchBox comes with an Unreal Engine for creating games. You also get a VR headset to step into the world of virtual reality and a Rumii, which is a virtual space where you can chat and share stuff with others.

Music Production

In the Music Production program, you will be given an audio interface for connecting musical instruments and microphones to a computer, a high-quality microphone for capturing clear audio, and a MIDI keyboard for creating digital music. You will also have access to professional music production software, such as Pro Tools and Logic. These are industry-standard tools that musicians and producers use worldwide.

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