Can I Get a Free Laptop for My Child?

Can I get a free laptop for my child? Having a laptop can make a world of difference for your child’s education, allowing them to complete homework, engage in online learning, and even assist parents in job searching or working from home. But let’s face it, laptops can be costly. And that will leave you wondering about how to get a free or discounted laptop for your child.

Well, you’re in the right place – and it is possible to get your child a free laptop computer. Many programs and organizations are available to help low-income families access the technology they need. From government initiatives like the Affordable Connectivity Program to nonprofits like Comp-U-Dopt, there are numerous ways to find a laptop that fits your budget.

So, whether you qualify through income levels, government benefits, or specific needs, this guide will walk you through the free PC options and how to apply.

Can I Get a Free Laptop for My Child?

Yes, getting a free laptop for your child is possible, and it can be a life-changing opportunity for both education and personal growth. You can get a laptop for your child through:

Government Programs

  • Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP): Run by the FCC, this program helps low-income families pay for internet service and devices like laptops. You may qualify if your household income is below 200% of the federal poverty level or if you receive government benefits like SNAP, Medicaid, or free and reduced-price lunches. You can apply through the Affordable Connectivity website or your current internet company.

Nonprofit Organizations:

  • Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR). This group of nonprofits offers discounted or free computers for low-income families. Visit your nearest provider’s website to apply.
  • Comp-U-Dopt. If you have a child in pre-K-12 and don’t have access to a working computer at home, you may qualify for a free laptop from Comp-U-Dopt.
  • Computers for Kids. This organization is not based on income, and any student in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Utah can apply for a free computer.

Online Shopping Platforms

  • Amazon. While not free, Amazon offers a large selection of discounted laptops, some up to 75-99% off retail price.

Local Nonprofit Organizations

  • Search for “free laptops in [Your City] for low-income families” on Google or dial 211 to connect with your local United Way chapter. They may help you find local resources for free or low-cost laptops.

Schools and Libraries

  • Reach out to your child’s school or community library. They may provide free devices for students or have information about grants and rentals.

How to Get a Free Laptop for Your Child

This section is a broader way of answering the question “Can I get a free laptop for my child?” Having known that you can, below are your options:

1. Computers for Kids

Computers for Kids is a group that takes old computers, fixes them up, and gives them to schools and students. They want to make sure all kids have the same chances to learn, even if they can’t afford a computer.

Can I get a free laptop for my child?

Yes, on these grounds. Any student can ask for a free computer. Right now, they only give computers to people in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Utah.

How to Apply for a Laptop from Computers for Kids?

  • Students and parents can fill out a form on the Computers for Kids website.
  • If they pick you, you get a free computer with Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft Office 2010, and help with the computer for one year.

2. Computers With Causes

Computers with Causes is another group that gives free computers to people who need them. They get computers from people who don’t want them anymore and give them to people who need them.

Who Can Get a Free Laptop from Computers With Causes?

  • Anyone who needs a computer can ask for one.
  • They mostly help students, teachers, parents, older people, foster homes, shelters, disabled veterans, and families in the military.

How to Apply for a Laptop from Computers With Causes?

  • You have to fill out a form on the Computers with Causes website.
  • They will check to make sure you really need a computer, and it might take a few weeks to hear back.

3. Connect All

Connect All is a program that sells cheap computers and internet to people and groups that don’t have much money.

What Does Connect All Offer?

  • They fix up old computers and sell them for a low price on their website.
  • They also have cheaper internet through the Sprint network.

4. Amazon

Amazon is a big online store where you can buy all kinds of things. During the holiday season, they have special deals on laptops.

What Does Amazon Offer?

  • Discounted Laptops: Amazon has laptops that are 75-99% off the regular price. Some of these laptops are older models or have been fixed up, so make sure to read the reviews to find a good one. You can get a discounted Amazon laptop for your child.
  • Free Delivery for Prime Members: If you have Amazon Prime, you can get free delivery on some items. If you have an EBT card or get help from the government, you can get Prime for just $5.99 per month, and enjoy all the Prime features.

5. Comp-U-Dopt

You can use Comp-U-Dopt, a group that wants to make sure everyone can have a computer. They give away free computers and help people learn how to use them. They want to help young people and their families, especially if they don’t have much money.

Can I get a free laptop for my child from Comp-U-Dopt?

  • If your child does not have a working computer at home.
  • If you have a child in pre-K-12 (up to age 20).
  • Even if your kid has a school computer, you can still get a free laptop from Comp-U-Dopt.

How to Apply for a Laptop from Comp-U-Dopt for my child?

  • Comp-U-Dopt has a special way of giving away computers. They have a lottery, and you can register at their nearest location.
  • They will pick names randomly, and if they pick your name, they will tell you by email or text message.
  • You will have to go to a special place to pick up your free computer, so make sure to choose a location that’s easy for you to get to.

6. Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

ACP also gives free laptops to children. This government laptop program helps families who do not have a lot of money. It is run by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and it helps pay for internet service and things like laptops and tablets.

What Does ACP Offer?

  • Internet Service Discount. Up to $30/month (or $75/month for some special areas).
  • One-Time Discount for a Computer. Up to $100 for a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer (you might have to pay a little bit, but not more than $50).

Who Can Get Help from ACP?

  • If your family doesn’t make much money (below $23,030 for a family of 3).
  • If you or someone in your house gets help from the government like SNAP, Medicaid, or free lunches at school.

How to Apply for ACP Laptop for Your Child?

  • You can apply online or by mail.
  • You can also ask your internet company to help you apply.
  • If you already get help from the Lifeline Program, you can apply too.

Where to Find ACP Providers?

  • You can find a list of companies that work with ACP on the FCC website, and they are listed by state.

7. Everyone On

With Everyone On, you can get a free laptop for your child – they typically assist people in places where not many have computers or the internet. They make it easier to get internet service and computers, and they even teach people how to use them.

Who Can Get a Free Laptop from Everyone On?

  • Everyone On has a search function to find cheap internet and computers in the United States.

How to Apply for a Laptop from Everyone On?

  • Just type in your zip code on their website, and pick one of the offers in your area to see what you can get.

8. human-i-t

human-i-t is a group that gives cheap computers, internet, and help with technology to people who don’t have it. They work with businesses to fix up old tech and give it to people who need it.

Who Can Get a Cheap Laptop from human-i-t?

  • People who get help from the government like SNAP, Medicaid, or Section 8.
  • Veterans who need help.
  • People with disabilities.
  • Older people.
  • Families that don’t make much money (250% of the federal poverty level).
  • Schools and groups that help people can also apply.
  • If you don’t qualify for these reasons, you can still buy cheap devices from human-i-t’s eBay store.

How to Apply for a Cheap Laptop from human-i-t?

  • You can apply online, by text, or in person.
  • You’ll need to show proof like a tax return, Social Security statement, or a letter that says you get help from the government.
  • If you qualify, you can buy a laptop online at Prices start around $120.

9. Jump On It! Program

The Jump On It! Program is run by The On It Foundation. This program can give a free computer and teach computer skills to your child. You need to prove that you do not have much money and have kids in grades K-12 in public schools in the United States.

How to Get a Discounted Laptop from Jump On It!

  • If your family makes less than $23,800 a year or gets help like Medicaid or free school lunches, you can buy a good, used computer for $99 or start a payment plan for $15 down.

10. Notebooks for Students (NFS)

NFS sells laptops that big companies used to own but never let regular people use.

How to Get a Discounted Laptop from NFS

  • You have to be a student or a teacher to buy a laptop from NFS.
  • You can see what laptops they have on the NFS website.

11. Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse (AFTRR)

AFTRR is a group of organizations that want to help people get computers. They give free or cheaper computers to families who don’t have much money.

Can I get a free laptop for my child from AFTRR?

  • You can use a map on their website to find a place near you that gives free or cheaper computers.

How to Apply for a Laptop from AFTRR?

  • Each place in AFTRR has different rules for getting a free or cheaper computer.
  • You can visit the website of the place near you to buy or apply for a free laptop.

12. PCs for People

PCs for People help people who don’t have much money get cheap computers and internet.

How to Get a Cheap Laptop from PCs for People

  • You have to show a picture ID and something that proves you do not make much money.
  • You can look at a chart on the PCs for People website to see if you can get help.
  • You can buy a computer on their website and show them proof that you don’t make much money.

13. The On It Foundation

This is a group that gives free computers and teaches computer skills to families with children in grades K-12 who don’t have much money.

How to Get a Free Laptop from The On It Foundation

  • The student must be in grades K-12, get free or cheap school lunches, go to a public school, and live in the United States.
  • A parent or guardian has to write a letter asking for a free computer and send it to:
    • The On It Foundation
    • Attn: Free Computer Application
    • 18520 NW 67th Avenue Suite 186
    • Miami, FL 33015

Or email it to with a written signature. The school must also send a letter saying the student gets free or cheap lunches.


So, that’s it, you can get a free laptop for your child. Just make sure to apply for a laptop opportunity that your child or family is eligible for. You can apply for more than one for a higher chance of getting a free laptop.

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