Email Millionaires for Money [Email Address and Steps]

It’s unfortunate that wealth isn’t evenly distributed, and some people enjoy wealth while others barely scrape by on minimum wage. However, if you are on the lower rungs of society’s economic ladder, you can be able to email millionaires for money.

Many wealthy people have a sense of philanthropy and often contribute by donating to causes in society. So, if you find yourself in need of financial assistance, there is the possibility of reaching out to these rich millionaires via email.

And yes, this post contains the email of millionaires you can ask for money. But first, understand that these philanthropists who give money receive countless requests similar to yours every day. As such, your email message may not always get an immediate response.

Email Millionaires for Money

MillionaireWebsiteEmail Address
Bill and Melinda GatesGates FoundationGates Foundation email address
Warren BuffettBerkshire HathawayBuffet Email Address
Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla ChanChan Zuckerberg InitiativeChan Zuckerberg email address
George SorosOpen Society FoundationsGeorge Soros Email Address
Michael BloombergBloomberg PhilanthropiesMichael Bloomberg Email Address
Charles KochKoch IndustriesCharles Koch Email Address
Larry EllisonOracleEllison Foundation email address
Pierre OmidyarOmidyar NetworkOmidyar email address
Gordon and Betty MooreMoore email address
Eli BroadThe Broad FoundationsEli Broad
Carlos Slim HeluCarlos Slim FoundationCarlos Slim Helu Email Address
Azim PremjiAzim Premji FoundationAzim Premji Email Address
Richard BransonVirgin GroupRichard Branson Email Address
J. K. RowlingJ. K. Rowlingjkrowling email address
Bernard ArnaultFoundation Louis VuittonBernard Arnault Email Address

Millionaires You Should Not Email

Before you email millionaires for money, below are millionaires you should not email for money and why:

Chuck Feeney

Unfortunately, Chuck Feeney is no longer active as it has completed grantmaking. His foundation website is The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Ted Turner

Don’t bother trying to email Ted Turner as long as your email is about asking for money or grants. They won’t reply! Ted Turner’s website is Turner Foundation.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk gives but not to random people. Currently, Elun’s grants are made in support of the following:

  • Renewable energy research and advocacy
  • Human space exploration research and advocacy
  • Pediatric research
  • Science and engineering education
  • Development of safe artificial intelligence to benefit humanity

So, unless you belong to the categories above, don’t bother asking Elon Musk for money. His foundation website is Musk Foundation.

If you have messaged others and they never got back with funds, let’s know in the comment so we update this list.

How to Write Email to Millionaires Asking for Money

Follow these simple steps to email millionaires for money and get it:

1. Write an Introduction

When writing an email asking a millionaire for money, always begin revealing your identity. Following your introduction, share your current circumstances, and, if relevant, delve into your past, especially instances where opportunities were scarce.

The next step involves seeking help from these affluent individuals, but it’s crucial not to directly ask for money at the outset.

The objective at this stage is to establish a connection in your email message; remember that these wealthy individuals are discerning and understand that financial assistance might be an eventual request.

2. Write the Main Body of the Email

In the core section of your email, explicitly express the kind of assistance you require. You could request an opportunity to improve your life situation via hard work, thereby enabling you to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Try to connect your present circumstances with experiences the affluent individual might relate to, which can help them empathize with your struggles.

3. Write the Conclusion

You have to end your email on the high side. In the concluding part of your email, succinctly recap your circumstances and the assistance you require to overcome your struggles.

Keep the conclusion concise and appealing, without resorting to begging or providing your account details, as this might come off as presumptuous or offensive.

Note that before these wealthy people give you money, they often make thorough checks, so honesty and transparency from the onset are crucial.

Remember the following:

  • Never plead for money when emailing affluent individuals.
  • Refrain from giving your bank account details as it can come off as presumptuous.
  • Establishing a rapport is the primary goal, financial aid is a likely consequence of a successful connection with a millionaire.

Sample Email Asking Bill Gates for Money

Dear Mr. Gates,

I’m deeply grateful for your time in reading this email. My decision to reach out to you is driven by the belief that you may be able to provide some assistance. I’m a 25-year-old father, leading a large family on a minimal income, seeking not a handout but an opportunity to share my situation.

My lifelong dream has been to become a doctor, an ambition fueled by the desire to contribute positively to society. However, due to the poverty-stricken conditions I grew up in, my parents were unable to fund my education. Simultaneously, I couldn’t shoulder the financial burden myself, especially given the sizeable family I have to support, and I’ve been hesitant to incur debt through student loans.

My passion for medicine remains steadfast, and it’s at this point that I believe you could step in. I’m seeking aid to pursue my education, to realize my dream of becoming a doctor. Currently juggling a job and family responsibilities, the pursuit of a medical degree is strenuous. However, I’m confident that with your assistance, I can elevate my family from poverty and offer help to others as a doctor.

My commitment to this dream is steadfast, mirroring, I believe, the determination you’ve exhibited in your illustrious career. I admire your accomplishments immensely, viewing you as my foremost mentor.

I earnestly hope this email resonates with you, and you can contribute in some way, even if it’s just by sharing advice, towards making my dream a reality. Your response would be deeply appreciated, and I eagerly look forward to it.

End Note

This sample email is directed at Mr. Gates asking him for money. It avoids begging or requesting a direct donation to a personal account. Feel free to modify this template to suit your circumstances.

Who Are the Likely Recipients of Aid From Wealthy Individuals?

Millionaires tend to only give money to the following group of people:

  1. Individuals aspiring for education but lacking financial support.
  2. Homeless individuals striving for a more secure and fulfilling life.
  3. People requiring immediate medical intervention.
  4. People who seek assistance to provide for their families.
  5. Persons with physical disabilities.
  6. Skilled individuals in search of opportunities to demonstrate their abilities.
  7. Entrepreneurs seeking funding to kick-start or expand their businesses.
  8. Those in need of professional mentorship.
  9. Talented individuals who lack the financial means to cultivate their abilities.

So, if you belong to any of these categories, you can include that while you email millionaires for money. That will increase your chance of getting a positive response.

Tips on Emailing Wealthy People for Money

Now that you understand the key considerations when drafting your request, let’s delve into the crucial elements your email should encapsulate.

1. Advocate for a Worthy Cause

Your proposal should be compelling and meaningful to grab the attention of philanthropists who receive countless similar emails every day. Ensure your intentions are clear, altruistic, and deserving of their support.

2. Be Clear in Your Email Message

Be concise and direct in your request, avoiding unnecessary elaboration. However, while maintaining a straightforward approach, don’t appear overly assertive. Your tone should be composed and respectful, considering you’re the one seeking assistance.

3. Courtesy Goes a Long Way

Politeness in your correspondence is essential. Regardless of your natural disposition, strive to be respectful in your request. However, maintaining your dignity is equally important – don’t let your politeness be mistaken for desperation or excessive pleading.

4. Use a First-Person Narrative

This is your request, and therefore, you should personalize it. If you’re writing on behalf of someone else, write as though you’re the person in need. The narrative often carries more weight when it comes from the individual affected.

5. Make Your Subject Line Engaging and Short

Your email’s subject line should be succinct but intriguing. While it often gives a hint of the email’s content, avoid sounding desperate or overly pitiful. Phrases like “you are my last resort” or “help me, and heaven will reward you” can come across as overly dramatic and may not be well received.

6. Review and Edit Your Emails

Thoroughly reading and proofreading your email helps to eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors. Considering you’re contacting busy and important individuals, your message should be easy to read and understand. Also, ensure your language is appropriate and respectful.

People reach out to wealthy philanthropists for various reasons. If you’re seeking financial aid, careful consideration and application of the above points are critical. Besides money, some people reach out to successful individuals for advice or mentorship. Regardless of your needs, the same guidelines apply.

When you email millionaires for money, either in hopes of securing job opportunities or getting free money, make sure that your message is persuasive. Create a compelling request that substantially enhances your chances of being approved for any available grant.

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