People Who Give Money Away Online

It’s the 21st century age, and people who give money away online have become a phenomenon and some describe them as a sensation. These people reach out to those in need and offer financial assistance for various reasons. That means some money for you and any other person in need.

But understand one thing: no legit person goes around giving money for no reason. That is why in this situation, you must have a compelling reason to get the money. The truth is that most of these rich guys give money out of “free will” (philanthropic status) or as an investment and expect profit in some way. It could be for their own benefit or that of their immediate community as a whole.

With this article, you will be able to learn about this intriguing online trend, provide insights into why it happens, how it works, and where you can find such opportunities.

How Online Giving Works

The idea of people giving money away online may seem unusual, but it’s a reality in today’s interconnected world. Some wealthy individuals derive joy from helping others and making a difference in their lives.

They donate money to charities, run giveaways, and even directly help those in need. This act of giving is not limited to the wealthy; even ordinary individuals contribute to causes they believe in, making a significant difference in someone’s life.

Why Do People Give Money Away Online?

There are various reasons why people give money away online. Some do it to gain happiness, earn more fans, or give back to the community. Others do it to help those in need, such as students, low-income workers, or individuals facing financial difficulties. Regardless of the reason, these acts of generosity can make a significant difference in the lives of the recipients.

People Who Give Money Away Online

Below are some millionaires and billionaires who give money away online:

1. Bill Gates

One of the richest people who give money away online globally and co-founder of the tech giant Microsoft, Bill Gates is as famous for his philanthropic efforts as he is for his business acumen. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, initiated by Gates and his former wife, Melinda, has donated over $30 billion towards a plethora of causes.

These range from educational initiatives to healthcare improvements to poverty eradication efforts. Gates is a firm believer in utilizing his wealth to alleviate some of the world’s most pressing problems.

PhilanthropistDonations Made
Bill Gates$30+ billion

2. Warren Buffett

Known as one of the most successful investors in history, Buffett is another prominent philanthropist. He has donated more than $21 billion to a variety of charities. Interestingly, a significant portion of his wealth has been committed to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, reflecting his faith in their work.

PhilanthropistDonations Made
Warren Buffett$21+ billion

3. Chuck Feeney

Not as universally recognized as Gates or Buffett, Feeney, the co-founder of the Duty-Free Shoppers Group, is nonetheless a dedicated philanthropist. He has donated more than $8 billion to diverse charities and programs. His philanthropy concentrates on promoting health, science, education, and civil rights. Here is Chuck Feeney’s foundation website

PhilanthropistDonations Made
Chuck Feeney$8+ billion

4. J.K. Rowling

This British author is not just known for creating the magical world of Harry Potter. Rowling is a part of the Volant Charitable Trust, which strives to combat poverty and social inequality.

Despite losing her billionaire status due to her charitable contributions, she continues to give away a considerable portion of her wealth. Today, you can get in touch with Rowling via the Lumos Foundation.

PhilanthropistDonations Made
J.K. RowlingMultiple millions (exact figures unknown)

5. Lee and Jane Seidman

This philanthropic couple is noted for their generous giving, and thus, they are one of those people who give money away online. The Seidmans donate over 90% of their annual revenue to various causes, with a strong focus on the healthcare sector.

PhilanthropistDonations Made
Lee and Jane Seidman90% of annual revenue

6. Ted Turner

As the founder of CNN, Turner has utilized his fortune to make numerous donations to environmental causes. He sponsors several foundations and organizations working towards the betterment of the planet. His popular helping platform is the Turner Foundation.

PhilanthropistDonations Made
Ted TurnerMultiple millions (exact figures unknown)

7. Tim Cook

The CEO of Apple Inc., Cook regularly donates to organizations addressing social issues. Apart from his corporate philanthropy, he has also personally aided numerous individuals in their educational pursuits.

PhilanthropistDonations Made
Tim CookMultiple millions (exact figures unknown)

While their backgrounds and the scale of their giving may differ, what ties these individuals together is their shared commitment to using their resources to make a difference. In a world where disparities and hardships persist, the generosity of these online philanthropists serves as a beacon of hope.

How to Get Money from Rich People Online

There are several steps involved in receiving money from wealthy individuals online:

1. Select a Couple of Trusted Websites

The first step is to search for legitimate, trustworthy, and reputable websites. Once you have a list of these websites, you can shortlist them based on user reviews. Don’t worry, we have a list of websites here (keep reading) that you can use to get in touch with rich people for money. You just have to be willing to take the steps.

2. Create an Account

After selecting a trusted website, you need to create an account. This will qualify you to receive up-to-date information about ongoing and upcoming opportunities. Also, you can straight-up start requesting funds from the rich using the platform, typically in the form of donations.

3. Provide a Story

Most money giveaway platforms require you to provide a story to benefit from their kind gesture. Ensure your story is short, appealing, compelling, and engaging. We earlier discussed a detailed way of getting people convinced enough to give you money. Although an unrelated topic, we explained this in our post about going about to get a rich man to sponsor your education.

4. Send the Story

After composing your story, send it to the website mediator, who will promote the story to the rich people on the platform.

5. Get the Money

To receive money from the platform, you need to have an account such as a PayPal account, as it is the payment method widely recognized by most of these websites. Some allow wire transfers too – it all depends on the platform you sign up on.

Sites to Get Free Money from Rich People

In compiling these sites, we picked them using suggestions from real users online. These are people who have experience and have been involved in these sites in one way or the other. Or had situations that made them get money from these sites.

There are several websites where you can find legitimate giveaways from people who give money away online. These include:

1. Fundly

This platform allows individuals to do giveaways based on their location. It’s easy to register, and they process full payments within 24-48 hours.

2. Kickstarter

Established in 2009, Kickstarter is geared towards individuals with business ideas or products. It’s not associated with any known millionaire, but there are wealthy individuals ready to fund your ideas.

3. Crowdfunder

This platform is excellent for small business owners. Crowdfunder not only raises money for you but also connects you to prospective investors.

4. Begslist

As the name suggests, this site allows you to directly ask for money from rich people. You simply write and send your honest story to the site.

5. Gofundme

GoFundMe is a platform used to raise funds for a particular cause. It’s perfect for those facing serious problems in their life, such as health or education issues.

6. Indiegogo

On this site, you need to create a campaign about your needs and publish it. Indiegogo charges 5% of the total funds raised on its platform.

7. BoostUp

This platform allows you to get money to finance long-term projects like getting a house, car, and more.

8. Kickstarter

If you have a business idea and you need money to fund it, Kickstarter is the right choice for you. The platform charges 5% of your total fundraised.

You are likely to find people on communities like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook claiming to give away free money. Unfortunately, MOST of these giveaways are fake. Only trusted millionaires and billionaires and not “wannabes” can truly give you the money you need.

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