Free Grammarly Premium Account for Students

As a student, you need the best academic tools to support your academic journey. Now, while some free tools will help, it just won’t be enough. Most tools add several limitations in their free versions, including a spell checker such as Grammarly. In this situation, you will need a free Grammarly Premium account for students.

First thing first, Grammarly does not offer a free premium plan for students but you can actually get a discount when signing up as a student. Even your college may offer a free Premium.

However, in this article, I have covered even a method that may help you to enjoy free Grammarly Premium using Grammarly Premium cookies. You really need the free version to unleash the full potential of Grammarly on your academic work. The free version does not cover all the grammar errors, unfortunately. So, you need this premium for additional features that will help you to ace your classwork, essays, etc.

Can I Get Grammarly Premium for Free as a Student?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly get a Grammar Premium for free as a student. The only direct method I can guarantee you that works 100% is through your institution. Some schools have the Grammarly education plan and students are allowed to sign in and use it for their school work.

Grammaly Premium is $12 per month if you pay annually, and $30 if you pay monthly. So, the annual plan is $144, that’s a lot of money, especially for a student. So, what you need now is a free way out.

Free Grammarly Premium Account for Students

The main ways to get the free Grammarly Premium account for students are through your institution and Grammarly cookies. Otherwise, the third method is to sign up using the Grammarly student plan.

Free Grammarly Student

So, let’s start with the student plan, which is free. This is like a marketing gimmick by Grammarly. This so-called student plan is not really a student plan at all. It is the regular Grammarly version with no premium feature. However, it does most of the work. If you are a regular most interested in correcting spelling mistakes and other errors, then stick to the free version. For Phd type academic work, you might need it but you are not missing out on anything special, as long as you have a good writing style.

Use Your Instruction’s Grammarly

Check whether your school offers the academic institution account of Grammarly. Actually, I have seen that over 3,000 schools have an education account, including the University of Southern California, Howard University, Charles Darwin University, Boston University, Southern Cross University, Bond University, Iowa State University, Pelman College, University of Auckland, Liberty University, etc. Yours could just be on the list, so reach out to your school’s faculty member or administrator. If you school at Iowa State University, you can follow the school’s instructions to sign in to a free Grammarly Premium account for students. You will need your institutional email (i.e., .edu email address).

Grammarly Premium Cookies

Now, with Grammarly Cookies, you can use a free Grammarly Premium account for students. Browser cookies, or just ‘cookies’, are small data pieces that websites save in your web browser when you’re online. They keep track of what you do on websites. Cookies make using the internet easier. For instance, they remember your login details so you don’t have to type them in every time you visit a website. You can move these cookies from one browser to another to use the same website settings.

You will have to search for the Grammarly cookies online to use to access Grammarly Premium for free without a username or password. Sometimes, if your cookies do not work, you can try another. Remember, after using Grammarly, you do not log out. Simply close your browser tab.

Typical guidelines to follow when using Grammarly cookies:

  1. After you add cookies to your browser, don’t log out. If you do log out, you can’t use those same cookies to log back in again.
  2. Don’t change the password of the account. If you do, you’ll be banned forever.
  3. Keep the language settings on the account as they are. Don’t change them.
  4. Also, don’t enter your own phone number or email address in the account details.

How to Use Cookies for Grammarly Premium

Using Grammarly Premium with cookies is easy and doesn’t need any special computer skills. Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, go to the Chrome Web Store and look up ‘Cookie-Editor’.
  2. Find ‘Cookie-Editor’ and click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to put this tool in your Chrome browser.
  3. After adding the Cookie Editor, you’ll see its icon near where you type web addresses in Chrome. Click on this icon, and then click on the little cookie picture. If you want, you can make this icon always show up for easy access.
  4. Next, go to the website.
  5. On the website, click on the Cookie Editor you just added. You’ll see a ‘Bin’ icon; click on this first to get rid of any cookies that are already there.
  6. To use the Grammarly Cookies, you’ll need to first clear out any existing cookies you have.
  7. For this to work, you have to delete all your current cookies.
  8. Once done, click on the button labeled ‘Insert’. You should now see a space where you can paste the new cookies above. After pasting them, you need to click the ‘Insert’ button one more time.

Once the last step is done, just refresh the webpage. As soon as you do that, you should find yourself logged into a Grammarly Premium Account.

Grammarly Premium Features

Grammarly is a super helpful tool for checking grammar and spelling. It’s used by lots of people like students, editors, and business professionals. It’s really popular, even though there are many other similar tools. Here’s why it’s great:

1. Grammar and Spelling Check

We all make spelling mistakes, especially when writing essays or emails. Checking for mistakes and errors yourself can be really tough and boring. But Grammarly, which works online and uses AI, can spot and fix more than 250 types of grammar mistakes. This means you can write without worrying about errors. It’s not just for grammar and spelling; it can also fix punctuation mistakes.

2. It Checks for Plagiarism

If you copy another author’s work without proper reference, that is plagiarism, which is academically unacceptable and can get you in trouble, including failing a class. However, Grammarly Premium checks your writeup and picks up plagiarism, as well as links you to the source.

3. Newer Ways to Improve Your Writing Style

Grammarly’s tone detection feature helps you write effectively by making sure your tone matches your audience. It’s useful for all kinds of writing, whether it’s a casual blog post or a formal letter.

Think of it like a painter having a set of colors ready before they start painting. Whether you want to sound friendly, formal, or something in between, Grammarly will give you feedback to help you get the tone you want.

Conclusion—Free Grammarly Premium Account for Students

In this article, I’ve left no stone unturned regarding the various methods for getting the free Grammarly Premium account for students. I’ve talked about using Grammarly cookies, signing up for the free student plan, and using your institution’s education login. These are the best ways to access Grammarly as a student right now without paying the outrageous monthly or annual subscription.

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