Free Laptops for Students Alberta 2024

If you stay in Alberta, it could just be your chance to get a free student laptop. In this post, we have carefully identified active “free laptops for students Alberta”. We took great care to prevent you from getting involved in fake/scam offers littering the internet with claims of “giving away free laptops to Alberta students”.

Obviously, a 21st-century student needs a laptop, even a teacher needs one too. A personal PC will help you stay digital with school work and even start learning some profitable computer skills that will help you in the long run.

Free Laptops for Students Alberta

No more of the stories – let’s get straight into the free laptop opportunities we have verified and compiled for you.

1. Computers for Schools Alberta


Computers for Schools Alberta does not directly give computers to students. Instead, they work through recognized and trusted organizations.

Eligible student clients can apply for their computers. They have temporarily increased the number of laptops that non-profits and schools may request. There is a restriction on the number of laptops available per order at 10, but they have increased the number of laptops to 40 per calendar year for schools and 30 per calendar year for non-profit organizations.

The estimated order completion time is 8 weeks, and clients must pick up all orders as they do not deliver.

2. Computers for Low Income Calgarians


Computers for Low Income Calgarians is a service provided by the Calgary Drop-In Centre. They provide free computers for eligible Calgarians. To be eligible, individuals must be low-income, have proof of permanent residence, and have a phone number and valid photo identification. The service requires an application, and you can visit their website to apply. The waiting time is approximately 6 months, but this can vary depending on volunteer resources and computer availability.

3. Alberta Computers for Schools


Alberta Computers for Schools collects, refurbishes, and redistributes computer equipment to Alberta K-12 schools, public libraries, and other learning-based non-profit organizations. They provide free laptops for students in Alberta and related equipment (e.g., printers) in a timely and responsive manner to contribute to the learning objectives and needs of applicants.

This equipment is provided free of charge. They also offer an innovative and challenging work experience/skill development opportunity for Technical Work Experience Program interns. They are recognized for making significant contributions to reducing Alberta’s and Canada’s environmental footprint by extending the useful life of thousands of computers, thereby diverting them from the recycling stream.

4. Temporary Chromebook Lending Program

Provider: Office of the Dean of Students, University of Alberta – free laptops for students Alberta

Eligibility: Current U of A students enrolled in at least 1 course

The program lends Chromebooks to students who do not have access to a computer and require additional technology support. The lending length is typically for the duration of one semester and no longer than two semesters. Students will need access to a stable WiFi connection.


5. Alberta Computers for Schools

Provider: Alberta Computers for Schools

Eligibility: Schools, libraries, not-for-profit organizations, Indigenous communities, and eligible low-income individuals

The program refurbishes computers donated by the government, private businesses, and individuals for use by eligible students and even schools. We have verified this provider in this list of “free laptops for students Alberta” – you can trust them as long as you qualify.

Contact:, 780-452-8016

6. Realize Your Potential Youth Society of Alberta

Provider: Electronic Recycling Association (ERA)

Eligibility: Students of the Realize Your Potential Youth Society of Alberta

ERA donates a laptop to a student of the society (including Alberta residents), thanks to the generous donation of Pembina Pipelines.

More Info: Website

7. Computers for Low-Income Calgarians (CLIC)

Provider: Calgary Drop-In Centre

Eligibility: Residents of the Calgary area, with valid government, issued ID, who have not received a computer previously from CLIC, are no longer in transitional housing, and can prove their income falls below the specified limit

CLIC provides low-income Calgarians with free, refurbished computers. The computers are either a refurbished Windows 10 Pro desktop with a monitor, keyboard & mouse, or a refurbished Windows 10 Pro laptop and power adapter.

Apply: Application Form

8. Bring Your Own Device at NorQuest College

As part of “free laptops for students Alberta”, we identified NorQuest College in Edmonton, Alberta. They offer a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for in-person students. This initiative allows students to use their personal devices for learning both inside and outside the classroom. The college provides specific computer specifications to ensure students have the correct device for their program.

Tablets or smartphones are not recommended. The required specifications include a 2.5 GHz/i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, 64 GB HDD or SSD, and a full-size USB port among others. Additionally, students are required to have Office 365 Education, which is free for them, and Google Chrome as their browser.

9. Tech Essentials for Campus Life at Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Education Store offers a variety of tech essentials for students, providing a one-stop shop for all their technology needs. Students can start the school year with a high-tech note, enjoying a 10% discount on select Surface devices, accessories, and more.

The store also offers a student, parent, and educator discount on Hololens 2 Development Edition, allowing students to experiment with code and create their own mixed reality experiences. Microsoft Teams is available for free for students and teachers from K-12 to collegiate level.

College students can get 50% off Microsoft 365 Personal, providing them with the apps, security, and storage they need to accomplish their goals. The store also offers free personal training sessions on Microsoft products, helping students make the most of their purchases.

10. reSTART Program at Reboot Canada

Reboot Canada’s reSTART program offers refurbished workstations for eligible applicants. These computers have been tested to ensure they are in good working order and all previous data has been removed. The computers may show signs of wear, but they are expected to provide years of trouble-free service.

Both laptop and desktop computers are offered in standard and premium packages. All reSTART computers come with Windows 10 Professional and Libre Office, a cost-free alternative to Microsoft Office.

The computers come with a 90-day hardware warranty, which does not cover accidental damage. The prices range from $165 to $295, tax included, depending on the package. Shipping is available, and computers can also be picked up at reBOOT Canada locations in Vancouver, BC, or Toronto/Peterborough, ON.

11. Technology for Learning at Calgary Board of Education

Also part of those giving free laptops to students in Albert is the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) recognizes the importance of digital technologies in delivering educational programs to students. They use a variety of technology tools to support the personalization of learning for each student. These tools include hardware like laptops, iPads, iPods, and software like G Suite for Education and D2L.

The concept of the traditional library is changing to include technology, online tools, and spaces for collaboration and exploration, transforming it into a Learning Commons. The CBE also provides a learning platform, Brightspace by D2L, for collaboration, communication, organization, and assessment.

They also offer Iris, a web-based teaching and learning application, and G Suite for Education, an engaging online environment for students and teachers. The CBE ensures student safety and well-being in their use of Wi-Fi technology, adhering to the safety standards set by Health Canada.

12. All I Want for Christmas is…a Laptop!

We also identified the Alberta Teachers Association’s “All I Want for Christmas is…a Laptop!” program provides an insightful discussion on whether gifting a laptop to a child is beneficial. The program emphasizes that while laptops are powerful learning tools, they can also serve as a form of entertainment, potentially distracting children from their studies. Parents are encouraged to consider their child’s needs, academic requirements, and their ability to monitor laptop usage.

The age-appropriateness of laptop usage is also discussed, with some experts suggesting that laptops may not be suitable for children under seven. The program encourages parents to consider factors such as power versus portability, potential for damage, and safety and security on the web before purchasing a laptop for their child.

13. Student Computer Loan Program

How about the Antelope Valley College (AVC) offers a Student Computer Loan Program? This “free laptops for students Alberta” opportunity supports enrolled students who lack a laptop for academic use.

The program provides various devices, including Chromebooks, Windows Desktops, and Wi-Fi hotspots. To qualify, students must be enrolled in a minimum of three units or one class for the Summer Semester and a minimum of six units or two classes for the Spring and Fall Semesters. Eligible students are notified via email and can pick up their free PC at a distribution location. If students borrowed equipment for the Spring 2023 semester and still meet the requirements, their loan is automatically extended through the Summer semester.

14. Free Computers Program

Country Road Computers offers a Free Computers Program aimed at providing refurbished computers to residents of Wheatland County and the extended service area who can’t afford one. The computers are donated, refurbished, and loaded with an operating system, anti-virus, and office suite software.

To be eligible, participants must live in the service area, have their own phone number, fall within the low-income bracket, have a valid photo ID, proof of current address, and have not received a computer through this program previously.

The program operates on a first-come-first-serve basis, and applicants are put on a waiting list if computers are not immediately available. The program also accepts donations of old computers that meet certain specifications.

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