20 Free Things with Student Email | .Edu Address in 2024

If you attend a higher education institution in the US, chances are you were given a .edu email address by your school. For many, this email address might seem like just another way to communicate, but it’s so much more than that. The .edu email address can be your golden ticket to a world of free things with student email.

A student email has a direct association with educational institutions, many companies and services recognize .edu email addresses as a sign that the user is a student. As a result, they offer special discounts and perks to encourage students to use their products or services. From software licenses, and online subscriptions, to shopping discounts, the possibilities are vast. So, if you still have access to your .edu email, consider yourself fortunate because there are many free things with student email waiting for you to grab.

Free Things with Student Email

From free things to discounts, there are many benefits you can access with your email address. If you check platforms such as Reddit, you will notice that some users are even begging for student email addresses to redeem free and discounted offers. That said, below are the top free things with student email you can get.

1. Spotify Premium Student with Hulu

There is a special package offer for students from Spotify. With a valid student email, you can enjoy free things like ad-free music listening and more. Initially, it’s free for 1 month, and after that, it’s just $5.99/month. This offer includes access to the Hulu (with Ads) plan, and it’s available only to students at an accredited higher education institution.

The package combines music, movies, and television, providing a comprehensive entertainment experience. You can listen to millions of songs offline without any interruptions, create and share your playlists, or tune into Spotify’s curated playlists and original podcasts. Additionally, you get access to a variety of TV shows and movies on Hulu. This student package allows you to save up to $12.99 per month.

Spotify Premium Student

2. Microsoft Office 365 Education

Microsoft Office 365 is free for schools and students with a valid school email address. It provides free things with student email, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Teams, along with additional classroom tools. Office 365 Education is designed for various devices, be it Android, iOS, or Windows.

OneNote, the ultimate digital notebook, helps in organizing class materials and facilitates easy collaboration with students and colleagues. With Office 365 Education, students and educators can collaborate in real time without any boundaries. The suite also offers tools to simplify class management, save time, and ensure students are equipped with skills and applications that employers value most.

Microsoft Office 365

3. Amazon Prime Student

With a student email, you can explore the numerous benefits of Amazon Prime. Not only do you get fast and free delivery on millions of items, but you also have access to Prime Video where you can watch popular movies and TV series. One of the free things with student email on Prime is Amazon Music. You will enjoy a vast collection of songs and podcasts without ads. Gamers can benefit from Twitch Prime, which provides monthly games and in-game loot. Plus, there are exclusive deals available only for Prime members.

Amazon Prime Student

4. Adobe Creative Cloud for Students

Students have a fantastic opportunity to save over 60% on the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan. This gives you access to a suite of creative tools including Photoshop for editing and combining images, illustrator for creating graphics and illustrations, Premiere Pro for video creation, and much more. So, whether you are working on school projects, personal hobbies, or professional tasks, Adobe Creative Cloud equips you with various free things with students email to bring your visions to life. You may also qualify for a free laptop from Amazon.

Adobe Creative Cloud

5. GitHub Student Developer Pack

If you are into software development, consider the GitHub Student Developer pack. It is a fantastic resource with lots of free things with student email, compared to the regular plans. You will get a plethora of tools and resources that can be quite expensive otherwise. The main idea behind this pack is to provide students with hands-on experience using real-world tools without the associated costs.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. GitHub Copilot (assists in coding by suggesting whole lines or blocks of code as you type)
  2. GitHub Codespaces (instant cloud developer environment)
  3. Visual Studio Code
  4. Access to over 70 practical courses on topics like Web Development, Python, Java, and Machine Learning.
  5. DigitalOcean cloud hosting
  6. Microsoft Azure
  7. Bootstrap Studio
  8. DataCamp
  9. Host websites directly from their GitHub repository using GitHub Pages

GitHub Student Developer pack

6. Apple Education Pricing

Apple is another app for anyone looking for free things with student email. It offers special education pricing for students, faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers across all grade levels. This includes discounts on Macs, iPads, and AirPods. For instance, the MacBook Air with the M1 chip starts from $899, while the iPad Pro starts from $749. Apple provides the opportunity to trade in eligible computers and get credit towards a new Mac.

There’s also a special Apple Music Student Plan that comes with Apple TV+ for free. For those looking to unleash their creative potential, Apple offers the Pro Apps Bundle at a special price for qualifying college students, teachers, and educational institutions. This bundle includes professional applications for video and music, such as Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro, and MainStage. If you are not a student, use this guide to enjoy Apple discounts.

Apple Student Discounts

7. The Washington Post Academic Rate

There is an All-Access Digital subscription plan offer that comes with a special promotion for new subscribers to the Washington Post. The Washington Post provides free things with students email, such that the subscription is free for the first four weeks. After the initial free period, subscribers will be charged $4 every four weeks for one year. Following that year, the charge will be $12 every four weeks.

Subscribers have the flexibility to cancel their subscriptions at any time. The subscription will renew automatically until a cancellation is made. To avoid future charges, it’s essential to cancel before the end of the initial period or any subsequent renewal date. The payment process is secure and encrypted. Students can choose their preferred payment method, either through express checkout or by using a credit or debit card.

The Washington Post

8. The New York Times Academic Pass

Do you have your .edu student email? If yes, you can be part of The New York Times. This offer will help boost your media literacy. Subscribing to The New York Times for educational purposes provides free things with student email like, unlimited access to over 170 years of multimedia journalism. This includes graphics, videos, 3D interactives, and more.

Moreover, educators can benefit from lesson plans based on Times journalism from The Learning Network. These plans feature articles, photos, quizzes, podcasts, and more.

There’s also access to TimesMachine, a robust research tool and primary source. Group subscriptions are available for other sections like New York Times Games, Cooking, and The Athletic.

The New York Times

9. Headspace Student Plan

For students and educators, Headspace, the meditation app, offers a special rate of $9.99 per year, a significant discount from the usual $69.99. To confirm your student status, Headspace uses SheerID. SheerID will ask for some information to determine if you are a student. By the way, there are many perks available for students with a valid email, so always be on the lookout for free things with a student email.

If you are a resident of LA County, Headspace is available for free. Just ensure you sign up while you’re in LA County, as the app checks your location to confirm your residency. However, once your status is verified, you can use Headspace from anywhere. For instance, I recently relocated to the Bay Area, and the app continues to work for me.

10. Samsung Education Offers

There is a range of exclusive deals for students, teachers, parents, and educators from Samsung. Just sign up with an eligible .edu email ID and complete the ID.me verification process. You will then be able to unlock discounts on products such as the Galaxy Tab S9 FE Series, Galaxy Z Fold5, and many more. You can even get the new Galaxy Tab S9 FE Series and enjoy a free select cover, along with an exclusive extra 5% off and up to $350 instant trade-in credit.

The prices are even more tempting with the Education Offers Program membership. So, if you’re planning to upgrade your tech or simply want to treat yourself, now might be a good time.

Samsung Education Offers

11. MLB.TV for College Students

Are you a baseball enthusiast? Here’s some good news for you. MLB.TV is offering free things with student email. From now until the end of September, all eligible college students who authenticate with their student email via ID.me can watch MLB.TV for free.

This means you can catch all the exciting playoff races, player performances, and much more without spending a dime. Additionally, MLB.TV offers a vast on-demand content library, featuring documentaries, classic games, and original shows. So, between your classes or during your downtime, you can immerse yourself in the world of baseball.

MLB.TV Students

12. Skillshare

You can learn with Skillshare for free with your .edu email. This platform offers thousands of hands-on classes across various domains, from music and drawing to marketing and animation. Whether you’re looking to master a new skill or just dabble in a hobby, Skillshare has something for everyone.

Skillshare boasts a vast community of over 600,000 members and 8,000 teachers, ensuring a diverse range of topics and expertise. Not only can you learn at your own pace, but you also get the chance to connect with a global community of curious creatives. So, if you’re looking to tune in, level up, and get creative, Skillshare is the place to be.


13. Student Advantage Card

You can unlock a world of free things with student email, including savings with the Student Advantage Card. This card offers discounts on national brands, as well as numerous local shops and restaurants. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Up to 40% off on pre-paid tickets at AMC Theatres®.
  2. Exclusive discounts on Alamo Rent A Car.
  3. Special offers on Book of the Month Club subscriptions.
  4. Savings of up to 80% at Office Depot/Office Max, both in-store and online.
  5. Discounts on Lyft, with a free first ride up to $20.
  6. Exclusive deals on Lenovo technology, with savings ranging from 25% to 50% or more.

With the Student Advantage Card, you can enjoy discounts on everything from travel and entertainment to shopping and dining. So, if you’re a student looking to make the most of your budget, this card is a must-have for you.

Student Advantage Card

14. Razer Education Purchase Program

All students are in for some good news as Razer, known for its cutting-edge hardware, offers exclusive perks for students. By signing up, you can avail discounts on various Razer products. Get 15% off on Razer peripherals, gear, apparel, and accessories. If you need a new laptop or monitor, you can get 5% off on those. Even Razer gaming chairs come with a 5% discount.

All you need to do is register with your student email, and you’re good to go. This program is available in over 30 countries, so students worldwide can benefit. The process is simple: ensure your institution is a Razer Education Partner, log in or register with your education email, and then shop on the Razer website. The special pricing will already be applied to the products, so no need for coupon codes.

Razer Education Purchase Program

15. Autodesk Education & Student Access

Autodesk offers a significant advantage for students and educators. With Autodesk’s Education plan, students can access 125 single-user subscriptions to any product. Educators can easily invite students and assign product access either individually or to the entire class all at once, simplifying the onboarding process. Classes can dive right in and start working with Autodesk products within minutes of receiving their invitations. Any student with a single-user subscription has the flexibility to install the product on up to three different computers. The user experience is enhanced as all students can bypass the confirmation of the eligibility process.

Autodesk Education & Student Access

16. General Motors College Appreciation

The hard work of college students and recent graduates has been acknowledged by General Motors. Thus, they have provided free things with student email through the GM College Appreciation program. If you’re a current college student, a grad student, or if you’ve graduated from a two or four-year college in the past two years, you are eligible. This offer is not just for you; you can sponsor your spouse too.

GM College Appreciation program also allows you to get a great deal on eligible new Chevrolet vehicles. You can combine this offer with most of the current ones. For this offer, you need to register or sign in, select the GM College Appreciation Offer, get an authorization number, and then visit a participating Chevrolet Dealer with evidence of enrollment or a recent diploma. The program also has a retention period, meaning you need to keep the vehicle for a minimum of 6 months from the delivery date.

General Motors College Appreciation

17. Best Buy Back to School Deals

Gearing up for the school year is made easy with the Back to School Student Hub by Best Buy. They offer a wide range of electronics to keep students on track, from Apple products, laptops, tablets, headphones, cell phones, printers, gaming devices, and even small kitchen appliances for those dorm room meals. Best Buy emphasizes the importance of technology in modern education, stating that school supplies now include more than just pencils and paper.

With the rise of online classes and digital resources, having a reliable tablet, 2-in-1, or laptop has become essential. Best Buy assists students in finding online deals so they’re well-equipped for the entire academic year. They even offer special student discounts on certain items using coupon codes. For those heading to college, Best Buy positions itself as America’s Back to School Techfitter, providing tools and deals to make the most of college life.

Best Buy Back to School

18. Lenovo Student Discounts

Lenovo offers special discounts and free things with student email for college students, K-12 students, and teachers. College students, including those with acceptance letters, can qualify for this exclusive savings by verifying their status through ID.me during checkout. You can choose from a range of devices tailored to academic needs, from the versatile Yoga 2-in-1 laptops to the powerful X1 series and gaming laptops.

For K-12 students and their parents, Lenovo provides discounts on a variety of devices, including Chromebooks, IdeaPad laptops, and ThinkBook laptops, ensuring there’s a device for every student’s needs.

Lenovo Student Discounts

19. HP Student Discounts

Some of the free or discounted things you can get with your .edu are free HP laptops. On the tech front, HP offers an Education Store Program that provides students with everyday discounts of up to 40% on the latest technology. You don’t even need a Student ID to join. As a member, you will have access to special offers and exclusive discounts on HP’s top-rated products, supplies, and services. From laptops and desktops to accessories and printers, there is something for every student. You will get an offer of free shipping and easy returns. So, if you’re in the market for some new tech gear, check out the HP education store and start saving today.

HP Education Store

20. ASOS Student Discount

For students looking to upgrade their wardrobe, there’s some good news. When you sign up and provide your details on ASOS, you can access exclusive deals and competitions throughout the year. This student discount is valid until you graduate. Typically, the standard discount amount is 10%, but it can increase during special student promotions.

ASOS Student Discount & Offers

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