Free Laptop for Students in Delhi 2023

If you are a student in Delhi, you have a chance to own a free laptop. In this blog post, we have discovered the top opportunities for free laptop for students in Delhi. All you have to do is verify that you are eligible to apply and then get the laptop once your application is approved.

It is the 21st century, so you need a laptop as a student. We also know how expensive laptops can be these days, which is why it makes every sense to get a laptop, even if it is for free.

Free Laptop for Students in Delhi

Below are ways you can get a free laptop for students in Delhi:

1. Delhi University’s Free Laptop Program

At Delhi University, some colleges and courses provide free laptops. These are mainly programs where Computer Science or related subjects are taught. For example, Miranda House offers undergraduate students laptops for three years. However, you need to fill out a bit of paperwork to get this benefit. For accurate details, tell us your course and college via the comment section.

However, the laptop is only provided for the first year. After that, you need to return it. Some students suggest not taking the laptop, and here’s why:

Disadvantages of free laptop for students in Delhi University:

Limited useThe laptop is only yours for the first year. It needs to be returned afterwards.
BureaucracyWhen trying to get your admit card for the second semester, the laptop can cause administrative difficulties.
Repair costsIf the laptop breaks or has issues, you’re responsible for the repair costs.
Display issuesThese laptops often have screen problems, so you need to report any issues to the administration right away.

Despite all this, some students feel that they don’t even use the laptop for a single day in the first year. For them, it’s more of a burden than a benefit.

This is the University of Delhi free laptop application form.

2. Free Laptop for Students in Delhi by Government

In an effort to support the education of specially-abled students, the Delhi government has initiated a commendable step. On April 22, 2022, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia distributed laptops and other learning aids to over 5,000 children with special needs who are studying in schools run by the city government.

This initiative is part of the Delhi government’s Talent Promotion Policy, which aims to provide support to children with special needs in the form of suitable aids, equipment, and learning materials.

The scheme covers specially-abled children under 21 categories and is designed to enhance their learning capabilities and productivity.

Talent Promotion PolicyA policy by the Delhi government to support children with special needs
BeneficiariesSpecially-abled children under 21 categories
Support ProvidedLaptops, tablet computers, sports kits, and teaching aids

The distribution of these learning aids is expected to help these children overcome the challenges they often face in different aspects of life, which can hinder their development and restrict their participation at the community level. The government believes that this effort will help them lead a better life and enhance their productivity and efficiency.

The vision behind this free laptop for students in Delhi, as stated by Sisodia, is to ensure that these special children do not feel left out. If nature has provided fewer resources and opportunities to any person, it is the government’s duty to provide them an equal platform and support them in every given need.

In addition to the distribution of learning aids, a special exhibition was also organized to showcase the work of these children studying in Delhi government schools under skill areas like art, craft, business blasters, pre-vocational, and vocational. This initiative is a testament to the government’s commitment to inclusivity and equal opportunity in education.

3. IIPM Free Laptop Program

For more than ten years, IIPM (Indian Institute of Planning and Management) has been providing laptops to its students. This initiative was introduced to boost computing skills and aid in assignments, projects, and presentations. Since 2013, however, the laptop program has become conditional, based on certain eligibility criteria.

The major advantage of this scheme of free laptop for students in Delhi is that students can work from the comfort of their homes, rather than staying late in the school’s computer rooms.

In addition to the laptops, all six IIPM campuses across the country are equipped with Wi-Fi, enabling students to stay connected as long as they are on campus. These facilities aim to create the best academic environment and prepare students for global competition. Laptops are usually given out during the final year of study.

Further information on IIPM’s free laptop program:

BrandsIIPM offers laptops from multinational brands.
PricingThe prices depend on the prevailing foreign exchange rates.
DeliveryThe institute can deliver the laptops anytime during the last year of the course.
Currency FluctuationIf the foreign exchange rates rise more than 10%, IIPM reserves the right to delay the purchase and delivery of laptops for up to 30 months from the start of the second year, until the prices become favorable.
Fee AdjustmentIf laptops are not delivered, eligible students have the option to adjust their fees. To know more about this, students can contact the head of their respective branches.

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