Free Laptop for Students Australia 2024

You have probably come across offers such as “free laptop for students Australia” and wonder whether it is even real. The truth is: it is real. However, there are some scam offers and sites making claims of free laptops that NEVER exist.

But this blog is doing you a big favor – we have collected and compiled legit free laptop opportunities for Australian students. Also, some of the offers we mention are actually discount laptop sales and not really free per se – that means you buy a student laptop while paying far less than the actual cost.

It is the 21st century, so there is really no reason a student should not have a laptop in Australia. Apart from helping with your studies online, you get to learn new digital skills that can become profitable for you in the long run.

Free Laptop for Students Australia 2024

Some of our mentions are either foundations or universities giving free laptops in Australia. We have also included e-commerce websites that sell these student laptops at a giveaway price to students residing specifically in Australia.

Enough of the story – below are opportunities for free laptop for students Australia:

1. Ecstra Foundation’s Laptop for Learning

In partnership with the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN), the Ecstra Foundation has launched a remarkable initiative called #Laptopsforlearning. This initiative aims to provide free laptops to students who lack suitable devices for remote learning at home. The project was made possible through a $3 million funding grant from the Ecstra Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting financial education in schools.

The free laptops are supplied by WorkVentures, a social enterprise that refurbishes and recycles laptops while also empowering young people to start their tech careers. This initiative not only helps bridge the digital divide facing many young Australians but also supports ABCN’s #Laptops4Learning emergency response initiative.

This foundation sources laptops for schools struggling to equip their students with the necessary tools for remote learning.

To apply, visit the Ecstra Foundation website.

2. Smith Family Digital Access Program

During our careful findings, we identified Smith Family’s Digital Access program, which also enhances digital inclusion among Learning for Life families.

The program provides access to low-cost internet and devices, tech support, and knowledge on how to maximize the use of the technology they have.

Since 2007, The Smith Family has recognized the crucial role technology plays in a child’s education. In 2020, they delivered over 5,000 Digital Inclusion Packs to families in need. These packs include a laptop and/or an internet package, along with tech support to ensure families can effectively use the technology they receive.

A survey conducted in 2020 revealed that 97% of parents found having a device and/or internet at home helpful for their children’s education. However, due to funding constraints, the program is currently only available to existing Learning for Life families.

To apply, visit The Smith Family website.

3. Study Assist’s Government Assistance

Study Assist is provided by the Australian Government to help students identify the financial assistance available to them for tertiary education. The assistance varies depending on several factors, including the student’s citizenship status, whether they are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, the type of study they are undertaking (higher education qualifications or skills and training), and whether they are studying in Australia or overseas.

While the website does not explicitly mention free laptops, it provides a comprehensive guide to various forms of government assistance that students may be eligible for, which could potentially be used towards purchasing necessary study equipment like laptops.

To find out what government assistance you might be eligible for, you can answer all the questions on the Study Assist website.

4. Lenovo Education Discount

Lenovo offers an Education Discount program for teachers and college students, providing up to 5% off on their products.

To qualify for this discount, you need to register for the Education Store with your EDU email ID (ending in A verification link will be sent to the provided email address. Once verified, you can log in and shop in the Lenovo Education store, where discounts will automatically be applied.

Lenovo’s range of products includes ultra-slim and powerful devices suitable for all aspects of student life, from primary school to university. They offer a variety of laptops, including the Yoga Pro 7i, Legion Pro 7i, IdeaPad Flex 5, and the ThinkPad series, all of which could be ideal for students depending on their specific needs. Apply by visiting the Lenovo Education Store.

5. Newcastle Graduate Research Free Laptop

If you are a student of the University of Newcastle, you are in luck. This university provides all its students with the facilities, technology, and funding to succeed. One of the notable resources is the provision of a free Dell laptop computer to support students in their studies. The laptop is yours to keep upon successful completion of your studies.

The laptop provided is a Dell Latitude 5400, equipped with an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-8365U Processor, 8GB DDR4 Non-ECC, and a 256GB PCIe NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive. It operates on a Windows 10 Home (64bit) English operating system.

To organize the collection of your laptop, you need to email a signed copy of the Laptop Terms and Conditions to Graduate Research at

If your Principal Supervisor has indicated that a more advanced computer is required for your research, your academic unit will arrange for this to be issued to you.

For more information or to apply, visit the Newcastle Graduate Research website.

6. Apple Education Pricing for Mac

This is not particularly a free laptop for students in Australia opportunity. Rather, Apple offers special education pricing for current and newly accepted university students, parents buying for university students, and teachers and staff at all levels. This pricing is available on all Mac models, including MacBook Air with M1 chip, MacBook Air with M2 chip, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro. Meanwhile, we explained how to get a free MacBook in one of our articles.

For instance, the MacBook Air with M1 chip starts from A$1,349, and the MacBook Pro starts from A$1,849. You can also trade in your eligible computer and get credit towards a new Mac or an Apple Gift Card that you can use anytime.

In addition to the discounted pricing, Apple also offers AppleCare+ for Mac and AppleCare+ for iPad with education pricing. This provides accidental damage protection, priority access to Apple experts, and more. Visit the Apple Education Store to get a discounted student laptop.

7. ACT Cheap Laptops for Australian Students

Australian Computer Traders (ACT) offers a range of quality and affordable laptops for students. They provide the best student laptop deals for both primary and high school students in Australia. ACT features Dell laptops for students, including popular models such as the Dell 3300, Dell 3310, Dell 3380, Dell 3390, and more.

For instance, the Dell Latitude 3300 is priced at $419.00, equipped with an Intel Core i5 8th Gen. processor, 8 GB RAM, a 256 GB SSD, and runs on Windows 11. The laptop has a 13.3-inch screen, making it compact and portable for students.

ACT ensures that all their laptops are quality tested by qualified professionals. They also offer fast free shipping within Australia and a 12-month warranty on their products. Purchase your student-discounted laptop via the ACT website. You may need your student information such as email address issued by your school.

8. NSW Department of Education: Using Technology in Schools

You can also use the NSW Department of Education which has a policy in place to ensure that all students and teachers in public schools can be provided with safe, secure, and quality access to the internet. The policy, known as the Student Use of Digital Devices and Online Services policy, outlines the rights and responsibilities of staff and students whenever they are using the internet at a school or other Department of Education location.

Students have a right to expect secure access to the internet and selected online services as part of their education. They also have a responsibility to report inappropriate behavior and material to their teacher. Students must not attempt to disable or defeat the protections in place, such as virus protection and web filtering, and they must not share passwords or use another person’s account.

The policy also addresses the use of mobile phones in schools. The 2019 review into the use of mobile phones in schools recommended that students be banned from using mobile phones during school time in primary schools. For secondary students, the decision to ban or allow mobile phones lies with the school. For more information or to view the policy, visit the NSW Department of Education website.

9. Dell Student Purchase Program

Dell does not exactly offer a “free laptop for students Australia” opportunity. However, they offer a Student Purchase Program that provides exclusive discounts to students and academic staff. The program offers up to a 7% discount on selected products, including Inspiron Notebooks, XPS Notebooks, Vostro Notebooks, Alienware Notebooks, and Dell G Series Notebooks.

Additionally, a 10% discount is available on selected products like Latitude Notebooks, OptiPlex Desktops, Precision Workstations, and Client Peripherals.

Any student can get this discount – you just need to register with your academic email address. After registration, you will receive exclusive coupon codes via email. These coupon codes can be applied at the checkout page on the Dell online store. Visit the Dell Student Purchase Program website.

10. Microsoft Student

Microsoft offers a variety of discounts and deals for students on their products. This includes savings on Microsoft 365, Surface laptops, PCs, and Xbox gaming devices. Students can also get Microsoft Teams for free, which provides an online classroom for continuous learning.

Microsoft also offers a trade-in program where students can trade in their old devices like laptops, tablets, phones, or game consoles and get cash back. If the old device isn’t eligible for trade-in, Microsoft helps to recycle it for free.

Furthermore, Microsoft provides flexible payment options, including PayPal and Zip, making it easier for students to purchase the devices they need. Complete this offer via the Microsoft Student website.

This Microsoft offer is similar to Amazon’s discounted student laptop offer.

11. Free Laptops for Public Students by ACT Labor

ACT Labor, led by the Minister for Education Yvette Berry, has initiated a program to provide free Chromebooks to every Canberran public school student in years 7-12.

This initiative is based on ACT Labor’s belief in providing equitable access to the tools that students need to learn, ensuring that irrespective of family circumstances, every student has an equal opportunity to actively engage in their education.

In 2016, ACT Labor promised to ensure that every high school and college student would have equal access to technology to support their learning. They delivered on this promise in 2018 by giving over 17,000 laptops to ACT public school students. For over 5 years now, ACT Labor has been leading the nation by ensuring access to technology for learning will not be an educational barrier in the ACT, making it the only jurisdiction in Australia to do so. Visit the ACT Labor website to begin your application process.

12. ARC eReuse

ARC eReuse is a program aimed at reducing e-waste and bridging the digital divide. By recycling and refurbishing computers and accessories, eReuse helps to reduce e-waste in the environment. They accept donations of computers and accessories, especially laptops, from anyone interested in reusing and recycling computers.

If you need a device, mouse, keyboard, or cable, you can fill out a request form on their website, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

eReuse also provides volunteering opportunities for those interested in combating climate change and promoting sustainability. Volunteering with eReuse provides opportunities to develop or further refine your computer refurbishment skills through hands-on experience. Previous experience with computers or refurbishing computers is not necessary as they will equip you with the necessary skills. To request a free laptop for students Australia device, visit the ARC eReuse website.

13. The University of Melbourne IT Support

The Melbourne School of Design at the University of Melbourne provides comprehensive IT support for its students. This includes access to a range of software and hardware resources, remote access to powerful CAD computers via the myUniApps platform, and a dedicated IT support team to assist with any issues.

The university has secured discounted yearly licenses for Adobe CC programs, allowing students to access Adobe software remotely from home on their personal computers or through myUniApps. The license costs $65 per annum, significantly less than the standard student retail price of $263 per annum.

For students without a personal computer or facing technical difficulties, the university offers a Technical Consideration application, where students can request a loan laptop from the Faculty. However, the availability of these laptops is limited.

The university also recommends several remote collaboration and presentation tools, such as Miro, @Studio, and Mozilla Hubs, and provides a comprehensive list of software available on MSD computers and for download. The University of Melbourne IT Support page guides you on the process to take advantage of this laptop offer as an Australian student.

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