NYU Abu Dhabi Scholarships and Financial Aid 2024

NYUAD Class of 2020 here. I will carefully explain all you need to know about the NYU Abu Dhabi scholarships. Applying to NYUAD is pretty similar to other American universities that use the Common App. Like most places, they ask for a college essay, but NYUAD is a bit more flexible when it comes to standardized test scores. You should definitely check out the NYUAD website for more details. They also ask for an extra essay, which is essentially about “Why NYUAD”.

You don’t apply for NYUAD scholarship directly. When you use the Common App, you choose NYU and then select NYUAD as your campus. Make sure to put it as your top choice if you are serious about getting in. Right now, NYUAD offers need-based financial aid. They’ll look at your financial situation, which you’ll detail later in the CSS profile. In most cases, they meet all your financial needs. Thanks to funding from the Emirati government, they often provide even more than what’s asked for. Sounds unbelievable, right? I actually received $15,000 more than I requested in my CSS profile. Plus, they throw in free housing, meal swipes, and other allowances, so you’re pretty much set.

The application process at the college is thorough and detailed, but once you get into NYUAD, money won’t be an issue. The financial aid is incredibly generous. Almost everyone gets some financial help from the school, and most students have all their costs covered by financial aid.

NYU Abu Dhabi Scholarships

NYU Abu Dhabi understands that getting a higher education is a big investment, and they aim to bring in the best students from all over the world. The Financial Aid here is based on your financial need and that of your family. The Office of Financial Aid determines this need by using the data from the CSS Profile. The CSS Profile is an online form managed by the CollegeBoard, which NYU uses to decide who gets need-based grants. Students should submit the CSS profile by the set deadline. It’s only needed once before you get admitted.

NYUAD is very selective in who it admits, and because the university is key in developing future global leaders, the Abu Dhabi government offers NYU Abu Dhabi scholarships to all accepted UAE nationals or those with an Emirati mother or father. The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed NYUAD Scholarship for Exceptional Emirati Students is given out every year without needing a separate application. Also, UAE national students might get a need-based personal support award (Falcon Dirhams) if they show they need it. To be considered, they must fill out the CSS profile.

How to Apply for Financial Aid at NYU Abu Dhabi

Again, NYU Abu Dhabi scholarships are need-based aid, take note. For the application process, you need to complete the CSS Profile (and if it applies, the noncustodial parent’s Profile or a CSS Profile Waiver Request for the Noncustodial Parent) by the set financial aid deadline. This deadline comes before the dates when admission decisions are announced. I have included the deadlines in this article, so keep reading.

a. Emirati National Applicants

The Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed NYUAD Scholarship for Exceptional Emirati Students is available to all accepted UAE nationals or those with an Emirati mother or father. UAE national students might get a need-based personal support award (Falcon Dirhams). To be considered, you must fill out the CSS Profile and demonstrate financial need. Your eligibility for the Falcon Dirhams will be based on our review of your initial CSS Profile. Filling out the CSS Profile is optional for this scholarship and won’t affect your chances for the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed NYUAD Scholarship for Exceptional Emirati Students.

b. International Students

For non Emirati citizens (international students), all financial aid from NYUAD is based on financial need. You must submit the CSS Profile by the necessary deadline, which is before the admission decision dates. The amount of aid you get depends on your financial need, as assessed by the NYU Office of Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Award Notification

If you are a new undergraduate student and you submitted the CSS Profile by the required financial aid deadline, you’ll get to know about your financial aid eligibility when you receive your admission notice. For those who applied for aid through the CSS Profile, how much aid you get depends on your financial needs, as figured out by the Office of Financial Aid. It’s really important to meet the filing deadline and to quickly send in any extra documents they ask for.

You can see your financial aid offer letter on the NYU new student portal. This letter will give you all the details about your financial aid eligibility. To get a better idea of the costs of attending NYUAD and how any aid you get from the institution might help with these costs, please check out our website under Cost of Attendance. If you have any questions or worries about financial aid, feel free to reach out to us at nyuad.financial.support@nyu.edu. Remember: When you accept your admission offer, you’re also accepting the financial aid award given at that time. NYUAD doesn’t recheck for institutional aid in the following years.

Deadlines Financial Aid Application You need to submit it by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the listed date

Application Type and CSS Profile Deadline

  • Early Decision I: November 15
  • Early Decision II: January 15
  • Regular Decision: February 20

Conclusion – NYU Abu Dhabi Scholarships

From my perspective, planning your education solely around getting a scholarship and being admitted to NYU might not be the best strategy. It could actually hinder your efforts. Instead, I suggest considering a range of universities you’re interested in and applying for their scholarship programs.

If things don’t go as planned, here’s what you could do:

  1. Look for a more affordable college or education provider. This way, you might be able to transfer to NYU later on.
  2. If transferring isn’t what you want, and you’re set on NYU even without a scholarship, think about getting a job if you’re not already working.
  3. You could then enroll at NYU as a part-time student. It might be possible to take three courses at a time instead of two.

This idea might seem tough, especially if you haven’t worked before, but it’s worth considering it. You will gain experience, earn money, and continue your education. This approach can expand your horizons, boost your self-confidence, and future employers will likely admire your ability to handle both work and studies simultaneously. That’s all you need to know about the NYU Abu Dhabi scholarships.

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