Emirates Friends and Family Discount 2024

The Emirates Friends and Family Discount is a program that offers discounted flight tickets to the friends and family of Emirates staff. This program is a part of the airline’s benefits package for its employees, and it’s a way for the company to extend its appreciation to the people who support its staff.

Emirates staff are entitled to substantial discounts on tickets. The extent of the discount depends on the class of the ticket (Economy, Business, First) and the employee’s grade within the company. Confirmed tickets can be purchased at a 50% discount.

Moreover, staff can also access tickets at a 90% discount. However, these are subject to availability and there is a fair chance of not getting a seat, especially during peak travel times.

What is Emirates Friends and Family Discount?

Historically, Emirates Airlines offered discounted tickets for friends and family of their staff. This was a significant perk that allowed staff to share the benefits of their employment with their loved ones. However, the availability of these discounts was not unlimited. As per the information shared by initial beneficiaries, the staff member has to register the friends or family in the system in January. There is also a limit to how many tickets a staff member could issue. Furthermore, these discounted tickets are only available when commercial loads were low in the specific sector.

Changes over time…

In recent years, there have been changes to the Emirates Friends and Family Discount. It appears that the friends’ benefits have been discontinued, and the discount is now only available to family members of Emirates staff. This change was reportedly made even before the COVID-19 pandemic, as some individuals were selling discounted tickets for profit.

The extent of the discounts has also reportedly decreased. While the exact figures are not publicly available, some users have noted that the discounts are not as significant as they once were.

Emirates Airlines, one of the world’s leading airlines, is known for its generous employee benefits, including the Friends and Family Discount. This discount allows Emirates employees to share their benefits with their loved ones, making travel more accessible and affordable for them.

How It Works

The Friends and Family Discount is available to immediate family members of Emirates employees. This includes spouses, children, and parents. In some cases, the discount may also extend to friends and other relatives.

The discount typically ranges from 50% to 90%, depending on the availability of seats and the class of travel. However, these discounted tickets are subject to availability and may not be accessible during peak travel seasons.

Let’s say John is an employee at Emirates Airlines. He’s been working there for a few years and is entitled to the Friends and Family Discount. John’s parents, who live in India, want to visit him in Dubai, where he is based.

John decides to use his Friends and Family Discount to purchase tickets for his parents. He logs into the Emirates staff portal and navigates to the section where he can purchase tickets. He enters the details of the flight his parents want to take – from Delhi to Dubai.

The original price of an Economy Class ticket is $800. However, because John is using his Friends and Family Discount, he can purchase the tickets at a 50% discount. This means that each ticket costs $400 instead of $800, saving John $800 in total for both tickets.

John’s parents are thrilled at the opportunity to fly with Emirates, known for its excellent service and comfortable flights, at such an affordable price. They are also excited about the prospect of visiting John in Dubai.

However, John explains to his parents that the tickets are subject to availability. This means that if the flight is fully booked, they might not be able to get a seat. He also tells them that the discount is not available during peak travel seasons, such as Christmas and New Year.

Despite these limitations, John’s parents are happy with the arrangement. They understand the risks involved and appreciate the significant savings they are making thanks to John’s Friends and Family Discount.

This example illustrates how the Emirates Friends and Family Discount can make travel more affordable for the loved ones of Emirates employees. It also highlights some of the limitations of the discount, such as the risk of not getting a seat and the unavailability of the discount during peak travel seasons.

Registration and Eligibility

Registration for the Emirates Friends and Family Discount typically happens in January. During this period, Emirates staff must nominate the people who will be eligible for the discount. They need to provide the identification details of these individuals upfront.

However, note that this rule applies mainly to cabin crew members. Flight deck staff and senior management can assign special tickets to anyone throughout the year without the need to nominate them in advance.

Types of Discounts

The Emirates Friends and Family Discount program offers different types of discounts. The heaviest discounts are given to the direct relatives of eligible staff, such as spouses, siblings, and children. These discounts are referred to as ID90, where a single sector could be as low as $10-20 plus taxes. However, these are standby tickets and are not confirmed.

On the other hand, there are Cat C tickets, also known as “wider eligibility” tickets. These can be issued to a broader category of people and are not as heavily discounted as ID90 tickets. The price for a Cat C ticket for a mid-distance flight could be around $130 plus taxes. The pricing is per segment, which makes this type of ticket suitable for one-way ticketing.

Special Tickets

In addition to the Friends and Family Discount, Emirates also offers special tickets. These are available to a wider range of people and can be assigned by pursers, pilots, and senior management throughout the year. The quota for these special tickets is the same for all staff per year.

Multiple Nominations

One question that often arises is whether an individual can be nominated by two employees. This would potentially increase the number of discounted tickets that the individual could receive. However, the forum discussion does not provide a clear answer to this question.

Table 1: Types of Discounts

Discount TypeEligibilityPrice RangeTicket Type
ID90Direct relatives of staff$10-20 + taxesStandby
Cat CThe broader category of people$130 + taxesOne-way

Table 2: Special Tickets

Ticket TypeEligibilityQuota
Special TicketsAssigned by pursers, pilots, and senior managementSame for all staff per year


The Friends and Family Discount offers several benefits:

  1. Affordability: The discount significantly reduces the cost of travel, making it more affordable for friends and family of Emirates employees to travel by air.
  2. Flexibility: The discount applies to all classes of travel, including Economy, Business, and First Class. This allows friends and family to choose the class that best suits their needs and preferences.
  3. Availability: The discount is available on all Emirates flights, subject to availability. This means that friends and family can travel to any destination served by Emirates at a reduced cost.


While the Friends and Family Discount offers several benefits, it also has some limitations:

  1. Availability: As mentioned earlier, discounted tickets are subject to availability. During peak travel seasons, it may be difficult to secure a seat using the discount.
  2. Eligibility: The discount is only available to immediate family members of Emirates employees. Friends and other relatives may not be eligible for the discount.
  3. Uncertainty: Tickets purchased with a 90% discount are not confirmed. This means that there is a risk of not getting a seat, especially during peak travel times.

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