Emirates scholarship for international students 2024

Emirates has lots of scholarship opportunities waiting for you to apply. So, in this guide, we have covered the best Emirates scholarship for international students. You just need your good grades and excellent social qualities to secure the scholarship.

In order not to limit your options, we’ve covered multiple scholarships which you can carefully scrutinize to make your best decision.

Emirates scholarship for international students

So, included are the URLs of these open scholarships for your ease of access.

Below is a list of the best Emirate scholarship available for international students:

1. Mohammed bin Zayed University Scholarship

The Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offers graduate programs in a modern university setting, blending a contemporary education system and a strong curriculum with Abu Dhabi’s rich culture.

All full-time students have the opportunity to study with a full scholarship, which covers 100% of the tuition fee, and provides on-campus accommodation, health insurance, and UAE visa sponsorship for non-UAE nationals. A monthly stipend is also included, the amount of which depends on the level of study and the student’s marital status. To retain these benefits, you must maintain high academic standing, follow the university code of conduct, and meet certain additional requirements.

The stipends for international and UAE resident students are AED 8,000 for MSc students and AED 10,000 for PhD students. Married PhD students can request to live off-campus, potentially receiving an additional AED 5,000 housing allowance upon approval and official document submission. For UAE nationals, the stipends are higher, ranging from AED 30,000 to AED 39,000, depending on the level of study and marital status.

2. Khalifa University Scholarships

The UAE is providing full Emirates scholarship for international students to National students who meet specific EmSAT admission requirements. These requirements include achieving minimum scores in the following EmSAT subjects:

  • Math: 1250
  • Physics: 1000
  • Computer Science (Java, C++, Python): 1000
  • Arabic: 700
  • One elective from either Chemistry or Biology: 1000
  • English: 1400 (to be fully accepted into freshman year)

Full scholarships offered cover:

  • 100% of the tuition fees for UAE national students.
  • Housing fees, which include double occupancy for students residing outside Abu Dhabi.
  • Weekend transport fees for eligible students.

3. Abu Dhabi University Scholarships

Abu Dhabi University (ADU) is committed to promoting academic excellence and facilitating the development of the UAE by offering scholarships and financial aid programs for students pursuing both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. These initiatives are part of ADU’s commitment to providing equal educational opportunities regardless of financial circumstances. These scholarships include:

  • Family Tuition Waiver
  • Merit-Based Graduate Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship
  • Athletic Scholarship
  • Academic Scholarship
  • University Scholarship
  • Chairman’s Scholarship
  • H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Zayed Scholarship

Offered by ADU and covers up to 4 years of study, or until graduation, whichever comes first. Some scholarships may also include English language requirements. Provided that you meet the maintenance criteria for their scholarships, you do not need to reapply each year.

The Emirates scholarship for international students application process starts after a student has been officially admitted to ADU and has been assigned a unique student ID number. This ID number grants access to a university account that includes a Financial Aid and Scholarships section.

You may then apply for these merit-based scholarships through the online application process. You have to fill out the relevant details and upload any necessary documents, all of which can be completed and submitted online.

4. Dubai Government Excellence Program Scholarships

In September 1997, the Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, took the initiative to launch a program for government excellence. This program was designed to spearhead the transformation of Dubai’s government sector. The cooperative efforts of various government bodies, working in conjunction with the program’s management, have resulted in a significant shift in the performance, principles, procedures, and administrative techniques used within the government sector. This is mainly attributable to their application of institutional and functional excellence models, which aid in the continual enhancement of performance and services.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, in his capacity as Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, has continually endorsed and supported the Dubai Government Excellence Program since its inception. In 2016, he tasked the program with overseeing the execution of the government excellence system in Dubai. The program is dedicated to continually updating its systems, categories, standards, methodologies, and operational techniques to stay abreast of the evolving changes in management and quality standards.

5. Canadian University Dubai

At Canadian University Dubai, expect a top-notch Canadian educational experience. The university appreciates the significance of diversity and unique perspectives and is determined not to let financial constraints or special requirements hinder your registration. To ease these worries and to recognize outstanding academic accomplishments, CUD offers the following scholarship opportunities:


Undergraduate and Graduate

6. American University in Dubai Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Graduate Scholarships

7. Zayed University Scholarships

Zayed University offers more than one Emirates scholarship for international students. You can review all the following and pick anyone that suits your interest.

8. American University of Sharjah Scholarships

The scholarships provided by Sharakah School are extremely sought after, with awards being given exclusively during the autumn semesters.

Each year, one outstanding student (who is applying to AUS) is chosen by their school within the Sharakah Program to receive the Sharakah School Scholarship. This scholarship offers a 45 percent discount on tuition, laboratory/technology fees, and on-campus housing (both single and double occupancy for men; shared for women). The selection process is managed by a designated committee within the school. Below are the qualification criteria:

  • You must demonstrate exceptional personal qualities and leadership skills within both the school and the wider community.
  • You should have made significant scientific or literary contributions to your local community.
  • You must have been recognized for community service and school extracurricular activities with special honors or awards.
  • You need to have maintained an average of 90 percent or higher in at least two of your last 3 years or your final year of secondary education.

The university makes its selection and forwards the nomination to AUS by the end of the first week of July in each academic year.

9. University of Sharjah Scholarships

The Emirates scholarship for international students by the University of Sharjah equips students with the power and inspiration to chase educational goals. The university uses the Student Support Fund (SSF) to assist students who may be financially strained, potentially hindering their smooth continuation of university education.

Information regarding the schedule of each SSF application window is made available on the University’s website and also disseminated to students via email. This includes an updated checklist of necessities for the application. For comprehensive details on the application procedure and necessary documents, kindly refer to this link.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Students who have recently been admitted and are in their initial semester are not permitted to apply for the SSF until their first academic year is completed. From that point forward, applications can be submitted in the ensuing semesters.
  2. The SSF benefits are exclusively available to undergraduate students.
  3. Applicants must be capable of providing verifiable proof of financial need.
  4. Students may only receive assistance from the SSF once per academic year.
  5. Any surplus funds allocated by SSF to a student, which are later found to be unnecessary for educational or housing expenses, must be repaid to SSF. These funds are not eligible for a refund to the student.

10. United Arab Emirates University Scholarship

The Full Tuition Scholarship and Partial Tuition Scholarship are undergraduate scholarship opportunities for international students at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU).

For the Full Tuition Scholarship, students must have a grade 12 certificate with a score of at least 97%, an English Language Proficiency Requirement of IELTS 7 (1675 in EmSAT English), and a Math SAT Subject Test score of at least 680 or 1500 in Math EmSAT. The scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees and remains valid until graduation, as long as the student maintains a GPA of 3.8/4.0 and completes a minimum of 15 credit hours each academic term.

The Partial Tuition Scholarship, which provides a 50% tuition fee discount, requires a grade 12 certificate with a score of at least 90%, an IELTS 6.5 (1550 in EmSAT English), and a Math SAT Subject Test score of at least 630 or 1400 in Math EmSAT. It also remains valid until graduation, given a maintained GPA of 3.6/4.0 and completion of at least 15 credit hours each term.

There you go with the best Emirates scholarship for international students. As a foreign student in the Emirates, do your best to complete your applications immediately after the application periods announced on the university’s website. When you visit the application page, you should be able to know the current or open scholarship opportunity for the academic semester.

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