Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed NYU Abu Dhabi Scholarship 2024

If you are a local looking for a scholarship or sponsorship at NYU (New York University), Abu Dhabi, this post is for you. I recommend you apply for the Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed NYU Abu Dhabi scholarship. This scholarship is a special program that runs on selective admissions at NYUAD. This is also the university’s role in developing future leaders. The Abu Dhabi government offers this scholarship to all accepted UAE nationals and people with an Emirati mother or father. It’s for Emirati students who really stand out.

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed NYU Abu Dhabi Scholarship 2024

This scholarship supports students for all 4 years of their undergraduate studies at NYUAD. What does it cover?

  1. Your tuition fees
  2. Books
  3. Housing and meals
  4. Travel abroad if it’s part of your studies
  5. Lots of activities on campus
  6. Health insurance for students

Also, if you are a UAE national student and need extra financial help, you might get the Falcon Dirhams award. You need to apply through the CSS Profile and show that you really need this financial support to get it.

How to Apply for Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed NYU Abu Dhabi Scholarship

  1. Submit the CSS Profile (this is optional and won’t affect your eligibility for the Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed NYUAD Scholarship for Exceptional Emirati Students).
  2. After you submit your CSS Profile (and your noncustodial parent’s Profile or waiver request, if that applies), NYUAD may ask for extra documents to verify the details you provided. If they ask for these documents, you need to provide them quickly.
  3. NYU gets this information through the CollegeBoard’s Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC).
  4. Be prepared to give documents in English or translated into English, and make sure any financial amounts are in US Dollars. Remember, only send these documents if NYUAD asks for them.

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