No Last Name Flight Booking | What to Do

When getting ready to travel, the last thing you want is a problem at the airport. This could be realizing your passport is expired or that you booked a flight to the wrong city. There’s another detail that must be correct—your name, including your first, middle, and surname. However, not everyone has a surname, it could be only a first name on your visa and passport. When booking online, you may be asked to fill in the first and last name fields which are mandatory. Now, what do you do in this situation? I have been there, so I understand your no last name flight booking situation. In fact, it’s very common at the airport but it is not a situation you have to be scared about. In this article, I will help you fix it, irrespective of the airline.

No Last Name Flight Booking: What to Do

Airlines understand that not all cultures use the same naming conventions that are common around the world, for example, in India. This can cause some confusion when filling out personal details for a successful flight booking and to avoid any issues at the airport, like during check-in, passport control, or boarding.

Usually, the main legal requirement is that the name on your booking must be the same as the name on your passport, driver’s license, or any other form of ID that you have. So, if only your first name and middle name appear on your ID, which you’ll show at airport security, it should be what you provide on your booking. If your ID doesn’t include a surname name, then your booking should be fine with just your first and middle name.

Many people do fly without their last name on their booking, even though it’s on their ID. Typically, travel agents always book flights using the name as it appears on identification or passport.

In the end, whether you get through security and board the plane is at the discretion of the airport security and airline agents. So, the solution is to make sure the name on your ID matches exactly with the name on your flight reservation.

How to Book a Flight Ticket Without Last Name

No last name flight booking is quite common, even more than you think. No, you won’t be the first, it’s really common worldwide. So, I will explain your options when it comes to no last name on passport and how to book ticket for your flight.

Sometimes, the name on your reservation and the name on your boarding pass might not match exactly. It’s quite common for some people not to have last names on boarding passes, but this usually isn’t something to worry about.

This is a normal thing, and both security and airline staff are used to seeing names without a surname.

1. Enter Your First Name in the Surname Field

If you don’t have a surname, you can enter your given name in the surname field. Then, use your title (like MRS, MR, MS) in the first name field. When I checked with the airline, they advised putting ‘MRS’ as the first name and the actual first name as the last name.

2. Enter LNU in Place of Last Name

On one occasion, I contacted Etihad for confirmation, and they said I could either use the first name as the last name and put “FNU” (Last Name Unknown) in the first name field or use LNU (Last Name Unknown) in the last name field. So, both are correct. When making a no last name flight booking, you can use LNU as your last name.

3. Contact the Airline’s Customer Service

The main thing is that the name in your booking — not necessarily on the boarding pass — should match your ID. If you’re not sure about your no last name flight booking, I suggest you get in touch with your airline’s customer service. They will respond to you quickly and tell you exactly what to do.

Different countries and their airlines often have unique rules, but the basic principle remains the same: make sure the name on your booking matches your ID. If there’s a mismatch, that’s where you will face problems.

If you are questioned at all at the airport, cooperate with the airline, immigration, or security staff. Explain calmly that you do not have a last name. Let them also know that you contacted the airline about it and they advised you on what to do.

Conclusion—No Last Name Flight Booking

Just make sure you double-check and be sure the name you enter on your booking form matches exactly with your ID before you complete your flight booking with the purchase button.

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