Air Canada Family and Friends Discount 2024

At Air Canada, employees and their families have traditionally enjoyed the perk of discounted flights. In my friend’s experience, the mother, who works with Air Canada provides them with Air Canada family and friends discount for flights. This allowed them to travel either with her or on their own.

So, you could also enjoy the Air Canada family and friends discount. There might be some changes in this benefit. Your family member should also inform you about the coupon offers, be it a 10% or 20% coupon for flights.

What is the Air Canada Friends and Family Discount?

The Air Canada Friends and Family Discount is part of Air Canada airline’s travel program, designed to offer special fare discounts to its employees and their close associates, including family and friends.

Air Canada Family and Friends Discount

At some point, I have been given one of these discount codes, which offers around 15% off. You might be curious if these codes qualify for certain benefits. In my case, I haven’t seen any updates in the account a week after traveling.

But here are some things you need to know. If it’s one of the promo codes entered on the Air Canada website, they are no different from any other promo code, and the regular terms and conditions, including mileage accrual, apply.

Also, the 10% friends and family codes will post AQMs/AQS, but when you use a higher discount (around 15% or 20%), which is generally only available to immediate family, nothing may be posted to your account.

Understand that there are different discount codes. The AC GO offers 10% off for Canada & US and 15% off internationally, and users will receive AQs/AQM. However, the AC Family offers more discount (15 or 20% off) and doesn’t grant any points.

Also, the GO AC discount (10%) is typically eligible for accumulation, but the AC FAMILY discount (15-20%) is not.

If you have any unresolved issues, contact an Air Canada employee. In some cases, if dealing with Aeroplan, you might have to wait 4-8 weeks to see if the points post.

Air Canada Employee Benefits

  1. Standby Travel
    • Air Canada employees can travel on standby.
    • They can bring friends with them on these standby flights.
    • There was a query about the difference between confirmed and standby flights. Standby flights are those where you wait for available seats, while confirmed flights guarantee a seat.
  2. Nominating Loved Ones
    • Employees can nominate a family member and a friend/significant other.
    • The nominated individuals can travel alone using the employee’s flight passes.
  3. Confirmed Tickets Discount
    • For confirmed tickets, employees get a discount ranging from 15% to 20%, depending on the destination.
    • Employees also receive 10 discount codes annually that they can give to anyone for confirmed tickets.

Some things  you pay attention to:

    • The number of business standby passes available during the year and if Air Canada limits flying business class if there are open seats.
    • How to get a nominee pass and if there are Air Canada employees without a designated nominee, expressing interest in becoming a nominee.
    • The number of friends an employee can bring along, noting that some European airlines have stopped allowances for friends, especially for destinations in the Far East.

AC Employee Discount and Status?

    • There is a code available on the employee portal that offers a guaranteed 20% discount on all markets.
    • When this code is used, passenger information auto-populates, and the frequent flyer (FF) number field is blocked.
    • Someone with native Amadeus access could add the FF number.
    • Only automatic benefits apply while flying.
    • Ineligible fares and discounts do not accrue benefits.
    • One can add an FQTV to employee standby bookings.
    • A friend shared an experience of not earning anything on a 100% off booking (C class).
    • You might receive status earnings on Aeroplan or United Mileage Plus for a specific route (LAX-YUL-ATH-YYZ-LAX).
    • There’s a “GOAC Family” discount for immediate family and “GOAC” for everyone else.
    • There are serious consequences for misuse of the Air Canada family and friends discount codes.
    • The program is considered a revenue program with standard retail fare rules.
    • Aeroplan points accumulation, SQM, SQS, and SQD accumulation are permitted.

How to Use Air Canada Friends and Family Discount

Below are the ways to use Air Canada family and friends discount for the various codes.

Go AC Family

1. Promotion Codes

  • As an employee, you can generate up to 20 Promotion Codes. This includes:
  • Up to 10 codes that provide a 20% discount.
  • Up to 10 codes that offer a 25% discount.

2. Usage

These codes can be used for either one-way or round-trip fares, whether you’re traveling alone or in a group of up to 6 individuals. If your reservation includes an infant, make sure to check the program’s terms and conditions.

3. Validity

All journeys should be concluded by December 31, 2024. After creating a code, it remains valid for 14 days. Ensure you book your travel within this period; otherwise, the code will expire. If you miss the booking window, the code won’t be reissued, even if it wasn’t utilized.

4. Eligible Flights

The best part? There are no blackout dates or flight restrictions. You can choose from Economy, Premium Economy, or Executive Class cabins.

5. Discount Details

The Air Canada family and friends discount is applicable only to the base fare. Regular rates will be charged for all taxes, fees, and surcharges. The offer is valid for Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge flights. However, codeshare flights don’t qualify.

For a comprehensive understanding of the program and to determine eligibility, go through the program’s terms and conditions.

6. Preview Prices with Window Shopping Code

If you’re curious about the prices but aren’t ready to generate a real Promotion Code, use the Window Shopping Code. For a 20% discount, input GOAC20FAMILY, and for a 25% discount, use GOAC25FAMILY.

7. Finalize Your Booking

Once you’ve decided on your travel plans, generate your actual Promotion Code using the provided tool. Do remember that prices can fluctuate based on availability.


Air Canada’s “Go AC” program grants you the privilege to provide your loved ones with confirmed travel across Air Canada’s vast network at prices lower than the standard market rates.

As an employee, you have the ability to generate up to ten unique Promotion Codes. These codes can be used for either one-way journeys or round trips, catering to an individual or a group of up to six members.

Experience hassle-free travel booking and embark on a memorable journey.


  • The discount is applicable only to the base fare. Standard rates will be charged for all relevant taxes, fees, and surcharges.
  • The offer is valid for flights managed by Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge. Flights under codeshare agreements are excluded.
  • For a comprehensive understanding of the program and its eligibility criteria, please refer to the program details and conditions. Additionally, our Frequently Asked Questions section can provide further clarity.
  • This initiative is designed exclusively for personal leisure activities. The sale or exchange of Air Canada family and friends discount codes for personal or business benefits is strictly forbidden. Publicizing employee passes or discount codes on the internet is not permitted. Non-compliance with the “GO AC Confirmed Travel” program’s rules may lead to the revocation of travel benefits, potential reimbursement of any profits gained, and other administrative consequences. Such breaches may also result in disciplinary actions, including potential termination, and any other legal actions the company might pursue.

Curious about the rates without the commitment of generating an actual Promotion Code that has an expiration? Use the Window Shopping Code: GOAC2023SHOPPING for a sneak peek.

Go AC Specials

Air Canada introduces its AC Special Deals travel initiative, granting qualified staff the chance to secure bookings on designated flights, paths, and/or dates. Enjoy substantial savings from standard market prices within Air Canada’s network for a limited period.

Seize the opportunity for discounted confirmed travel. Act quickly as these deals are fleeting! Wishing you a pleasant journey!


The Air Canada family and friends discount is applicable only to the base fare. Standard rates apply for all relevant taxes, fees, and surcharges. The offer is valid for Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge flights. Codeshare flights do not qualify.

Air Canada Promo Code Not Working

Air Canada is a popular airline, and like many airlines, they offer promotional codes to their customers for discounts. One such discount is the “Air Canada Family and Friends Discount,” which allows Air Canada employees to generate promotional codes for their friends and family. However, some users have reported issues when trying to use these codes on the Air Canada website.

1. Promo Code Error Message

You might receive an error message stating that the promo code either does not exist or has expired, even though it was valid until 2025.

2. Customer Support Limitations

After contacting Air Canada’s customer support, they will inform you about why the promo code is not working. Sometimes, the representative might be able to activate it. so, contact customer relations via email since there is no direct phone line for that department.

3. Site-wide Sales

When Air Canada has a site-wide sale, it might block the usage of personal promo codes. This is because two promo codes cannot be applied simultaneously. Therefore, your personal promo code will work again after the site-wide sale has ended.

4. Restrictions on Promo Codes

Are you facing a website glitch problem? Air Canada might have certain restrictions on flights that can be booked using promo codes. This could be the reason why the website is glitching when the code is used.

5. Domestic vs. International Codes

Recently, Air Canada had different codes for domestic and international travel due to varying discount rates. If you are trying to book an international flight with a domestic code (or vice versa), it could be the reason your code won’t work.

6. Codeshare Flights

The promo codes might not work on codeshare flights. Codeshare flights are those operated by one airline but marketed by another. The promo codes are meant for Air Canada-operated flights only.

7. Airport Limitations

The promo code might not work if the chosen airport is not operated by Air Canada. For instance, I once faced an issue because one of the airports (HAM – Germany) was operated by Lufthansa and not Air Canada.

8. Blackout Dates or Conditions

There might be blackout dates or specific conditions on the usage of the promo codes. However, Air Canada does not blackout coupon codes during promotional periods.

9. Standby Vouchers

Standby vouchers could also be the problem, but Air Canada does not offer standby codes or “buddy passes”.

If none of these suggestions work for you, consider sending an email to the support.

Does Canada Air Family Discount Pass Allow Accrual to Aeroplan or other Star Alliance Programs?

I have used the friends’ discount pass, which had no restrictions. However, let’s clarify a difference: “buddy passes” do not accrue mileage while “discount codes” are a discount off the regular fare and do accrue mileage.

*Using the 20% discount code will not accrue any mileage.

Ultimately, be cautious about discussing internal, non-published company benefits, including Air Canada family and friends discount, in public. Such might violate the terms of the Air Canada program. If possible, I recommend asking an employee directly for information about the employee benefits of the travel program.

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