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Are you looking for a way to snag the cheapest flight tickets using a VPN? You’re not alone. In fact, I will tell you the cheapest country to buy flights from VPN. Many travelers have turned to VPNs to find the best deals. Some people even suggest setting your VPN to countries like Malaysia or Greece to potentially get lower prices – well, they are not wrong. Others have found better prices when connected to Argentina or Mexico. But remember, it’s not just about the country you choose; always clear your browser’s cookies or use incognito mode before searching.

So, next time you’re planning a trip, consider using a VPN to explore different countries and find the best flight deals.

Not many people know this but there are a few tips that can teach you how to find cheap flights in minutes. Today, I’ll also show you my go-to cheap flight booking tricks that take the stress out of traveling and keep more money in your pocket. And if this post helps you find cheap flights for your next vacation, do not forget to like and subscribe.

A lot of you may be wondering why we even have cheap flights. Flights should be priced similarly everywhere, right? Well, there are a bunch of reasons why tickets are priced differently. The specific dates, like a weekend, or holiday, currency fluctuations, and the popularity of the location, okay, makes sense.

But how do the airlines know which country I’m booking from? Again, there are a few ways they can determine this but it usually boils down to your IP address, cookies, mobile tracking, or your wifi connection. So, let’s begin by showing you the best VPN to use for a cheap flight booking deal.

Best VPNs to Find the Cheapest Country to Buy Flights

If you want advice on which servers could offer up the best prices, try choosing developing countries that generally offer lower rates. Or if you’re ready for a little research you can check the home country of the specific airline, as they’re often listed at a discounted rate. Another quick trick is to switch your server to the country that you’re traveling to and see what different prices pop up.

So, when you use a VPN travel booking becomes a lot more affordable. Now, I know at least you may be reading this post and wondering but is using a VPN to book a flight legal? And the answer is absolutely yes. A VPN is used by millions of people to protect their devices and personal data. And buying a plane ticket while you are connected to an international server is completely legal. Let me suggest the best I have used.

1. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is one of my top picks, it has 5,500 servers in 60 countries which will give you plenty of options when hunting for the lowest price. Plus Nord VPN has a nifty kill switch feature that will immediately block your internet connection should the VPN suddenly drop. This is really useful because even if you disconnect your VPN for just a second, it gives the airline sites just enough time to swoop in and monitor your browsing activity again.

Now, when you have Nord VPN all downloaded, you have to check where to find cheap flights. Choose any random server, for example, Brazil, and now write down the flight prices you find using this location.

Now clear your cookies. Make sure you don’t forget to do this. Otherwise, that data could be kept track of and affect the final flight price. You can then just repeat this process with as many servers as you’d like until you find the best option. This is not the best way how to get cheap flights last minute though.

2. Surf Shark

Now, another great traveling VPN to find the cheapest country to buy flights from VPN is Surf Shark. Their Nexus technology is exclusive to Surf Shark and essentially plugs the VPN into a single global network for maximum protection.

You can also switch your IP address as often as you want, without disconnecting from the VPN itself. And as I’ve mentioned, fewer disconnections from the VPN means more security for your device and browsing activity. Surf Shark offers users over 3,200 servers to choose from in 100 different countries, which makes this a great option if you travel to different countries frequently.

3. Atlas VPN

And while my third VPN recommendation is Atlas VPN, they may have lesser server options but it still has top quality security features. If you don’t need to search every corner of the globe for flight deals, then their fleet of 750 servers in many locations will be more than enough. My favorite part of Atlas VPN’s plan, though is definitely their use of the Safe Swap feature. This will automatically change your IP address if you visit the same site multiple times which guarantees no airline will ever know that you have refreshed the same page 17 times in the past hour waiting for a price drop.

Steps to Troubleshoot VPN Issues for Flight Deals

  1. IP and DNS Leaks. If you’re using a questionable VPN, you might experience IP and DNS leaks. To counter this, activate leak protection and the kill switch. There are also several online tools to check if your IP is exposed.
  2. Switch Servers. Sometimes, the server you’re connected to might face disruptions. If you’re having trouble, disconnect and hop onto another server. Experimenting with servers from different countries might also help.
  3. Clean Your Browser. Your browsing habits leave digital footprints. To ensure your VPN works effectively, clear your browser’s cookies and cache. Alternatively, switch browsers or use incognito mode for a fresh start.
  4. Update Your VPN: An outdated VPN can be the root of many issues. Regularly updating your VPN not only resolves common problems but also enhances your online security.

If you need a comprehensive comparison of VPN deals and everything to know to pick the best option, here is a comprehensive comparison list made into a Google Doc.

Cheapest Country to Buy Flights from VPN

Now, I have given you the top VPNs to use for cheap flight deals. Let’s look at the cheapest country you want to use. That is to say that you will simply book a flight to your preferred location using any of these countries as your VPN location. Below is the cheapest country to buy flights from VPN.

1. Malaysia

I have run a test and suggest Malaysia as a good choice for finding cheaper flight tickets. You can take my word for it, and it’s a really cheap country to consider. Malaysia, being a Southeast Asian country, might have different pricing structures for flights, especially if the airlines are trying to attract more travelers from that region.

2. Greece

If you want to get the cheapest flight from the Netherlands to Spain, here is my experience. After testing a few countries, changing the VPN location to Greece resulted in a price drop of 70 euros. This significant reduction shows the potential savings you can achieve by simply switching your VPN location to Greece – the cheapest country to buy flights from VPN.

3. Argentina and Germany

I also suggest Argentina and Germany in the mix as potential countries to set your VPN to for cheaper flights. From Germany, flight prices tend to be better than most other EU countries. This could be due to various factors, including competition among airlines, regional promotions, or economic considerations.

4. Mexico

Yet, Mexico is another cheapest country to buy flights from VPN. They consistently offer the cheapest flight prices. This could be due to currency conversion rates, regional promotions, or other economic factors that make flights priced for the Mexican market more affordable. Given the country’s proximity to the US and its popularity as a tourist destination, you can often find affordable deals, especially for flights to and from North America.

5. Singapore

Singapore is among the top countries where flight tickets are often cheaper when accessed via a VPN. Just change your IP address to Singapore and you will find better deals on flight tickets.

6. Thailand

Thailand has lots of tourist attractions, but it’s also a hub for affordable flight tickets. When you use a VPN to change your location to Thailand, you can explore various deals that might not be available in your actual location.

7. India

Easily the cheapest country to buy flights from VPN, India is one of the lower-income countries where flight tickets tend to be cheaper. By using a VPN to change your IP address to India, you can often find better deals, especially for flights within Asia or the Middle East.

8. New Zealand

While New Zealand might not be the first country that comes to mind for cheaper flights, using a VPN to change your location to New Zealand can sometimes offer better deals, especially for flights within the Oceania region.

9. Sri Lanka and Portugal

Sri Lanka, being a popular tourist destination in South Asia, offers competitive flight prices. Just change your IP address to Sri Lanka using a VPN and you will access better flight deals, especially for regional flights.

Also, Portugal, located in Western Europe, can sometimes offer better flight deals when accessed via a VPN. This is especially true for flights within Europe or to former Portuguese colonies.

10. Hong Kong

You can also use Hong Kong, easily the cheapest country to buy flights from VPN. Hong Kong is also a major global financial hub and a hotspot for affordable flight tickets.

11. Australia

We also have Australia, a vast country with multiple major cities you can use to book cheap flights. You will get various offers of flight deals using a VPN to change your location to Australia. If you look for flights within the Oceania region or to Southeast Asia, the cost will be really low.

How to Get Cheap Flights

I will be sincere with you – the best VPN location often depends on the origin and destination of the flight. Setting your VPN to a location in either the departure or arrival country can change the ticket price. So, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, and you might need to experiment with different locations to find the best deal.

1. Clear Your Browser Cookies

You need to clear browser cookies before researching flight prices or use a separate browser or incognito mode. Airlines and booking websites often use cookies to track user behavior, and previous searches can influence the prices displayed. So, clear cookies or use incognito mode to see fresh, unbiased prices.

2. Use an Android Device

Apart from using a VPN, you should try different browsers or devices to find cheaper prices. For instance, using a private or incognito window, comparing prices on a phone versus a desktop, or even using an Android device as opposed to an iPhone/iPad can yield different results. Also, try to visit regional pages (like instead of global ones (like to get different rates.

3. Try International Flights

VPNs can help in finding deals on domestic flights but the savings are usually more significant on international flights. I recommend that you swap between several locations and always use incognito mode after changing the VPN location.

European or Asian countries, such as Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, and Hong Kong are good VPN locations. The rationale is that Europe and Asia have many budget airlines, so there is competitive pricing, and airlines want to offer lower prices to attract customers.

So now that we’ve established how the airlines are keeping track of you how do the cheap flights despite that? Well, the first trick I always try is clearing my cookies, and deleting my browser and cash history. Airline sites are notorious for monitoring users’ behavior history, and if you end up checking the same flight multiple times they’ll automatically increase the price. Boo. Clearing your data history will help avoid this. And using incognito mode in the future will prevent it from happening again.

Another way to find cheap flights is to use a flight comparison site. As long as it’s reliable and valid it should offer some decent up to date discounts as well.

But the method that has been the most reliable for me when searching for cheap flights is using a VPN. Airlines are constantly improving their tracking measures so they know exactly when to increase the ticket price, right before you need to buy it. The best way to bypass this? make your online footprint virtually invisible with a VPN.

Using a VPN for traveling is actually easier than you’d think. For example, let’s download my go-to option Nord VPN. Not only do I find Nord to be one of the best VPNs for travel options, but I also prefer to use it in my daily life since it comes equipped with various security features and it’s really user-friendly.

Alternative Ways to Get Cheap Flights

1. Use Flight Comparison Sites

Sites like Skyscanner, Kayak, Google Flights, and Kiwi can be your best pals. They show all flight options, prices, and more. Pro tip: Use a VPN to change your location for potentially better deals.

2. DIY Layovers

Opting for flights with layovers can save you big bucks. Some airlines even offer free layover flights. But, if you’re planning a layover, make it worthwhile. Stay a few days and explore!

3. Try Out Budget Airlines

Airlines like RyanAir in Europe or Air Asia in East Asia offer pocket-friendly prices. They might not offer luxury, but they sure save you money. Keep an eye out for their deals, and use a VPN for even better prices.

4. Use the Hidden City Trick

Here’s a sneaky one. Sometimes, booking a flight with a layover in your actual destination city and then not taking the connecting flight can be cheaper than a direct flight to your destination.

5. Leverage Error Fares

Websites make mistakes. Error fares due to typos can lead to super cheap flights. Stay alert with sites like Secret Flying or Jack’s Flight Club.

6. Loyalty Points & Rewards

Join airline loyalty programs or get travel reward cards. For instance, with United Airlines’ MileagePlus, you earn miles for every dollar spent. Over time, these can be redeemed for flights.

Final Thoughts – So, Which is the Cheapest Country to Buy Flights from VPN?

The answer is not very easy as these prices change a lot. But the cheapest country to buy flights from VPN out there are the ones mentioned in this post. The best country to set one’s VPN to for cheap flights can vary based on numerous factors, including your location, the flight’s origin and destination, current promotions, and economic considerations in different countries. I particularly recommend that you approach this method with a sense of experimentation, as what works for one person might not work for another.

So if saving money on your next flight sounds good, be sure to check out all the exclusive deals with a VPN. Now you know how to find cheap flights, and a VPN is the answer to finding the cheapest VPN countries. Always be sure to travel safely and don’t book that dream vacation until you found the best possible price.

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