Hubei Government Scholarship

So, today, we are going to talk about the Hubei Government Scholarship, which you can apply for right now. The Hebei Provincial Government offers scholarships for international students at undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. These scholarships are available for those enrolled in degree programs at colleges and universities in Hebei Province.

Hubei Government Scholarship

For Undergraduate Students

  • You should have completed your high school education.
  • You need to have achieved at least 180 in HSK Level 4.

For Master’s Degree Students

  • You must hold a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent qualification.
  • You need to have achieved at least 180 in HSK Level 5.

For Doctoral Students

  • You should have a Master’s degree.
  • You can qualify with either an HSK Level 5 score of at least 180 or an IELTS score of 6.0 or higher.

The scholarship duration covers the period of your academic study.

To apply for the Hubei Government Scholarship, you must be from countries other than China and should be in good physical and mental health. You also need to have a strong academic and behavioral record.

Meanwhile, most universities, for example, Hebei Normal University, offer various majors at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels.

Scholarship Amounts

  • Undergraduate students receive ¥5,000 per year.
  • Master’s students get ¥15,000 per year.
  • Doctoral students are awarded ¥20,000 per year.

The amount of the Hubei Government Scholarship is determined by the annual policy of the Hebei Provincial Government.

For you to apply for this scholarship, you must be from countries other than China and should be in good physical and mental health. You should also have a strong academic and behavioral record.

When to Apply for the Hubei Government Scholarship

  • New students can apply for the scholarship until June 30th.
  • Returning students have from October 1st to October 30th to apply. (Note: Always check the university’s latest announcements for specific details.)

Required Documents for Application

Applicants must ensure that all documents submitted are accurate, truthful, and complete. These include:

  • The Application Form for the Hebei Provincial Government Scholarship.
  • A scanned copy of the passport information page.
  • Scanned copies of valid HSK or IELTS score report.
  • A notarized photocopy of the highest diploma and academic transcripts. Current students should also provide proof of expected graduation from their university.
  • Applicants for master’s and doctoral programs need to submit their study or research plans. These can be written in either Chinese or English.
  • If you’re applying for a master’s or doctoral program, you’ll need to provide two reference letters from professors or associate professors.

If you are a student it Art or Music, take note of the following special requirements:

  • Music students – Submit a CD of your own musical work.
  • Fine Arts students – Submit a DVD of your artwork, including two sketches, two color paintings, and two other pieces of work.

Are you an underage applicant? If you are below 18, then you are underage. Therefore, you must provide guarantee letters signed by your legal guardians in China.

Finally, as a general requirement, if your documents are in a language other than Chinese or English, you have to attach notarized translations in Chinese or English.


So, that’s really all you need to know about the Hubei Government Scholarship. It’s not difficult to apply for at all. As long as you are not Chinese, then this scholarship is for you. Make sure to take your chances and apply now, alongside the many other scholarships that you have already applied for. Before you leave, I have explained some things about studying in China for free, so make sure to check this my article below.

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