SSP Pre Matric Scholarship 2024-2025

If you are a student belonging to SC, ST, and OBC (Other Backward Classes), you are eligible for the SSP Pre Matric Scholarship in 2024. This scholarship will support you financially in your studies. Any qualified student can apply for this scholarship. All you really have to do is register on the State Scholarship Portal (SSP), an initiative by the Karnataka Government. This portal works for both pre-matric and post-matric scholarships. So, read on for all the information I have to share regarding this scholarship.

What is SSP Pre-Matric Scholarship?

The SSP Pre-Matric Scholarship is a scholarship program offered by the Karnataka government for students from classes I to X belonging to the SC, ST, and OBC communities. Unfortunately, a student with a family income above Rs.1 lakh is not eligible for the SSP Pre-Matric scholarship. Thus, your family income must not exceed Rs.1 lakh. Also, any student outside Karnataka can’t apply for the SSP Pre-Matric scholarship. You will need an NSP ID to apply for this scholarship.

SSP Pre Matric Scholarship: How to Apply

First of all, the application deadline for the pre-matric scholarship 2024 is October 30, 2024. In this section, I wil guide you on how to apply for the SSP Pre-Matric scholarship. Make sure to follow the step-by-step guide below to register for the SSP Pre-Matric scholarship:

  1. Go to the SSP Pre Matric scholarship application portal.
  2. Select the ‘Create an account’ option.
  3. If you are studying in classes I to X, choose the ‘pre matric’ category.
  4. Input your ‘SATS ID’ in the provided field and click ‘Get Data’. This will display details like your name, date of birth, school, and parents’ names on the screen.
  5. Verify these details and click ‘Save and Proceed’.
  6. A pop-up will appear with your SATS details.
  7. Confirm that your SATS details are correct by selecting “Yes”; if not, click “No.” Remember, incorrect information, if confirmed, will lead to the rejection of your application by SSP officials.
  8. After confirming, you will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile. Enter this OTP and press ‘Submit’.
  9. Create a password for your account. It should be at least eight characters long, include a number, and have no spaces. Then, click ‘Submit’.
  10. After submitting these details, your SSP scholarship account is set up. You will receive your User ID and Password on your mobile, which are used for logging into the portal.

How to Log In to the SSP Pre-Matric Scholarship

So, how do you log into the SSP pre-matric scholarship? Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Select ‘Student Login’, where you’ll need to input your User ID and Password before clicking ‘Login’.
  3. After logging in, you can start your application for the pre-matric scholarship by selecting ‘Apply for SSP pre-matric scholarship’.
  4. You’ll be asked to fill in details like your school, year of study, guardians’ names, birthday, mobile number, Aadhaar number, and email address. After entering all the required information, click Save and Proceed.
  5. Enter your course details and click Save and Proceed. An acknowledgment message will appear on your screen once the information is successfully submitted.
  6. If you have an Aadhaar card, select the e-sign option.
  7. Lastly, submit the scholarship details to your school along with a copy of the acknowledgment message.

SSP Pre Matric Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

For you to apply for the SSP Pre Matric scholarship, you have to be sure that you meet the eligibility requirements in the first place. Below are the eligibility requirements for the SSP Pre-Matric scholarship in 2024.

  1. Be a domicile of Karnataka
  2. Have parents who do not hold regular employment
  3. Have secured at least 50% in the last qualifying examination
  4. Be a student in Class 1 to 10
  5. Belong to SC, ST, OBC, or other backward communities
  6. Have a family income not exceeding Rs.1 lakh

Documents Required for SSP Pre-Matric Scholarship

    1. Bank account details
    2. National Scholarship Portal ID (NSP ID)
    3. Your SATS number or college registration number
    4. E-attestation number
    5. Income certificate
    6. Bonafide or study certificate
    7. Mark sheet
    8. Hostel stay certificate
    9. Certificate for kin of defense personnel
    10. Disability card number, if applicable
    11. For children of farmers, provide FRUITS ID
    12. Mobile number
    13. Your or your parents’ Aadhaar details
    14. Fee payment receipt

How to Track the Status of SSP

  1. Visit the official SSP Portal that I mentioned earlier.
  2. On the homepage, select Track Student Scholarship Status.
  3. Enter your SATS ID and the financial year, then click Search.

Pre-Matric Scholarship Schemes SSP Scholarship Departments

Regarding the SSP Pre Matric scholarship, below are the scholarship departments:

Department of Backward Classes Welfare

  1. Pre-matric scholarship
  2. Post-matric scholarship
  3. Vidyasiri scholarship
  4. Fee concession scheme
  5. Nursing student stipend and fee concession

Department of Social Welfare

  1. Pre-matric scholarship for children of workers in unclean occupations
  2. Pre-matric scholarship for students from the Schedule Caste community
  3. SSP post-matric scholarship Karnataka for Schedule Caste community students

Department of Tribal Welfare

  1. Pre-matric scholarship
  2. Post-matric scholarship

SSP Pre-Matric Scholarship Amount

The SSP Pre-Matric scholarship amount for 2023-2025 depends on your course and academic level. Generally, you can receive up to Rs.2000 per month. Also, this money can be paid at the beginning of the academic year, in installments, or mid-semester.

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