How to Get Free Laptop from Google for Students [2024]

Google is a big tech company from the United States. They do a lot of things, including running a search engine, working on artificial intelligence, selling online ads, and making consumer electronics like laptops and phones. They’re one of the biggest five tech companies in the US. The others are Apple, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft. But don’t worry, you’ll find out soon how you might get a free laptop from Google.

Big Five U.S Tech Companies
Meta (formerly Facebook)

Now, laptops are pricey. Not everyone can afford them but you have an opportunity to get free laptop from Google for students. For some families, even a smartphone is too much money. But don’t lose hope. There are ways you can get help. The government sometimes gives discounts to people from low-income families to buy laptops and tablets. Some groups are not part of the government that help people get free or cheap internet.

Ways to Afford Technology
Government discounts
Non-governmental organization assistance
Free or low-cost internet programs

Google doesn’t usually give out free laptops, but you might be able to get a free Chromebook in different ways.

Having a laptop or a desktop computer is very important these days. You need them to use the internet. With an internet connection, you can learn new things, work from home, or just have fun online. And if you’re a student in high school or college, a laptop is almost like a textbook. You can find lots of study material on the internet.

Uses of Technology
Learning new skills
Working from home
Access to study materials

How to Get Free Laptop from Google for Students

Google offers a range of Chromebooks, which are simple yet powerful devices with built-in accessibility and security features. These devices are designed to deepen classroom connections and keep user information safe. They are easy to use, flexible, and secure. Below are steps to get free laptop from Google for students:

1. Get to Know Chromebooks

Chromebooks are devices that are optimized for educational use. They are designed to be easy to use, with features that allow for easy distribution and management, whether you’re dealing with one device or hundreds. They are also designed to be flexible, with versatile form factors to suit different budgets and needs.

Key FeaturesDescription
Collaborative LearningStudents can access their apps, settings, and more from any device. They can also engage in collaborative projects that deepen digital skills.
Easy to UseChromebooks are easy to distribute and manage, whether you’re dealing with one device or hundreds.
FlexibleChromebooks come in versatile form factors to suit different budgets and needs.
SecureChromebooks receive background updates every six weeks, ensuring that they always have the latest security features.

2. Explore the Devices

Google offers a variety of Chromebooks for specific education needs. These devices are optimized for video conferencing, coding, and content creation, and are always connected devices with built-in cellular broadband functionality. You can get free laptop from Google for students Here.

3. Chrome Education Upgrade

To leverage the full capabilities of ChromeOS, including enhanced multi-layered security and automatic updates, you can consider getting the Chrome Education Upgrade. This upgrade allows IT resources to be freed up and gives educators more time to focus on learning outcomes. You can get the Chrome Education Upgrade here.

4. Contact Sales

To get started with Chromebooks, you can talk to a Google for Education expert to learn which Chromebooks and accessories might be right for your school and your budget. You can contact sales here.

5. Explore Google Workspace for Education

Chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education work better together. You can explore Google Workspace for Education to learn more about how it can benefit your educational institution.

You can also watch Fam Vlogs who got a free Chromebook from Google.

Other Ways to Get Free Laptop from Google for Students

1. Online College/University Programs

You can get a free laptop from Google by enrolling in certain online colleges or universities. These institutions offer free laptops because they understand that students need them for their studies. The colleges that offer this opportunity include:

  1. American National University
  2. Bethel University
  3. Chatham University
  4. Full Sail University
  5. Moravian University
  6. Strayer University
  7. University of Minnesota Crookston

The laptop isn’t just for your studies. You can use it for work, entertainment, and more, because the colleges don’t restrict how you use it.

2. Google’s Promotions

Another method to get a laptop involves taking advantage of Google’s promotions. If you’re a school or a business, Google offers various promotional deals. For instance, if you buy Chromebooks or Google Workspace for Education Plus and the Chrome Education Upgrade, Google will give you training, deployment, and analytics services for free. This helps schools to get the most out of Google’s education tools.

Google is also trying to attract Microsoft Azure partners by giving them free laptops, according to Deccan Chronicle. This includes many Azure partners, including big resellers and businesses, even some in Canada. Although Chromebooks can be expensive, getting one for free could be a great deal.

3. Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The final method is through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), an initiative by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This program helps low-income families get the internet connection they need for work, healthcare, school, and more.

If you qualify, you could get a discount of up to $100 on a laptop, desktop, or tablet from your provider, as long as you contribute between $10 and $50 towards the purchase price. While the device isn’t entirely free, it represents a significant saving.

To be eligible for the ACP free laptop, your household income should be 200% or less of the federal poverty guidelines. You could also qualify if someone in your household receives benefits like Medicaid, Lifeline, SNAP, or WIC, or if you live on Tribal Lands.

4. Connect with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

A variety of NGOs can gift you a free laptop, possibly even a Google Chromebook. Check out these organizations that might help:

  1. Computers With Causes
  2. The On It Foundation
  3. Computers for Kids
  4. Freecycle
  5. PCs for People
  6. Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse
  7. Computer Technology Assistance Corps
  8. Everyone On

To qualify, these NGOs typically need proof that you need a free laptop. This might mean showing that your household income is low or presenting a letter from a benefits agency. Qualifying benefit programs include:

  1. Federal Public Housing Assistance
  2. National School Lunch Program
  3. Lifeline
  4. WIC
  5. MedicAid
  6. Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  7. SNAP
  8. Free laptop ACP program

Freecycle is a platform where community members help each other by giving away free stuff, including laptops. All you have to do is post that you need a laptop, and you might get lucky!

5. Join a Public School

Your local government runs public schools. Many of these schools offer free laptops to students, which could include a Google laptop. This applies to all levels of education – from high schools to colleges and universities. You might also find schools providing free internet, a nice bonus to go along with your free laptop.

Organizations that Give Free Laptop to Students Like Google

You’re in luck if you need a laptop but are strapped for cash! There are two main ways you can get a free laptop:

A. Nonprofit organizations can provide them B. Scholarships and grants that include laptops as part of their benefits

Let’s look at each one.

A. Nonprofit Organizations Providing Free Laptops

You can get a laptop for free through certain nonprofits. These organizations collect donated computers and give them to those in need. Here are two you can try:

i. The On It Foundation

This group has been helping since 1999. They give free computers to students from low-income families in U.S. public schools. Not only that, but they also teach technology and provide internet access.

How to Get a Laptop:

A parent or guardian needs to send a letter or email to the On It Foundation. The message should include proof that you need financial help.

ii. Computers with Causes

This organization receives lots of requests every day and gives out over 20,000 donated computers each year. Their priority is helping students, teachers, people without secure housing, and military families.

How to Get a Laptop:

You can apply online. After that, you can expect to get a reply about your free laptop within a month.

B. Scholarships and Grants Offering Free Laptops

Some scholarships and grants offer free laptops. These programs can be competitive. Here are two options:

i. Dell Scholars Program

Every year, this program gives high school graduates a $20,000 scholarship, a free laptop, textbook credits, and additional resources.

How to Get a Laptop:

You need a minimum 2.4 GPA and should be eligible for a Pell Grant. If you’re going to graduate this academic year and plan to start a bachelor’s program right after, you can apply. Start your application in October.

ii. Laptops 4 Learning (L4L)

Since 2015, L4L has been giving laptops to students and military veterans to help them succeed.

How to Get a Laptop:

First, you need to create an account on L4L’s website. Then, ask your community and friends for donations to cover costs. When enough money is raised, you’ll get your free laptop.

Ways to Get Discounted Laptop for Students

Here’s how you can get your hands on a discounted laptop as a college student. We’ve arranged and explained the data about four organizations that sell refurbished laptops. They offer them at a discount to help students like you.

PCs for People

This is a nonprofit organization that offers discounted desktop and laptop computers. They not only sell computers but also provide other tech services like computer repair and recycling. Their goal is to assist low-income families and individuals with disabilities.

If you are looking for brands like HP, Dell and Lenovo, PCs for People has them starting from $145 for a laptop.

Dell Refurbished

If you’re after a Dell laptop, Dell Refurbished could be your best bet. They offer various refurbished Latitude models at a discounted price. All the computers undergo detailed inspections to assure high quality.

You could get your hands on a laptop from Dell Refurbished starting at around $400.


This is an online platform that offers affordable, refurbished laptops and desktops to nonprofits and low-income individuals.

The laptop inventory at ConnectAll can be sorted by various factors like storage capacity, memory, and operating system. They offer both Mac and PC options. The prices range from $100 to $1,000. Plus, they provide free shipping, a one-year extended warranty, and pre-installed Microsoft Windows and Office software.

Notebooks for Students (NFS)

This organization was established by college students in California. NFS collaborates with tech brands to provide refurbished laptops at a discounted price to students.

NFS offers a wide range of laptops for all school grade levels as well as high-performance laptops. They offer both Mac and PC products with prices starting around $200. An added advantage of buying from NFS is the free four-year warranty that comes with a laptop purchase. This warranty covers tech support for hardware repair, software installation, and file recovery.

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