12 Free Laptops for Nursing Students

As a nursing student, you need a laptop because technology and learning go hand in hand. Nursing students also need PCs to make all the difference. However, it can be expensive to grab one of these gadgets. Considering the high cost, many organizations are giving out free laptops for nursing students to enhance their studies.

This is more than just a gesture of giving – it represents a collective investment in the potential of nursing students and a commitment to their growth in an increasingly digital world.

Free Laptops for Nursing Students

Below are some of the best places currently that you can get free laptops for nursing students.

1. University of College Cork

The Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation, and Science has allocated funds to support nursing students in accessing ICT devices. This institution provides free laptops for nursing students. Eligible students can receive a laptop on a long-term loan to assist with their studies. To get the free laptop, you must be registered for the 2024-2025 academic year and come from a low-income household with an annual income not exceeding €50,840 Gross.

Priority is given to new entrants in their first year. The scheme targets various groups, including students with socio-economic barriers, disabilities, mature students, and more. Students can apply by providing evidence of socio-economic disadvantage. Successful applicants will be issued a device for the duration of their academic program, which remains UCC’s property.

University of College Cork

2. College of Southern Nevada (CSN)

CSN provides notebook computers to nursing students to help them succeed academically. For this free PC, a nursing student must be enrolled in the current semester, have paid for their classes or have a payment plan, and have no outstanding issues with their account.

The laptops are not loaners; they are provided to assist students during their academic journey at CSN and beyond. Once students graduate, the laptop is theirs to keep.

Also, these free laptops come pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro, and students have access to 5 licenses of Office 365 for free while enrolled at CSN. The device provided is the MAESTRO eBOOK 11.6 4G LTE Notebook. Students can check their eligibility online and attend handout events or book an appointment to obtain a laptop.

College of Southern Nevada

3. Laptops4Learning

Nursing students are of the advantage of getting free laptops from Laptops 4 Learning (L4L), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing laptops to economically disadvantaged students and military veterans.

Their mission revolves around the belief that laptops are essential in today’s technology-driven world, especially for a child’s education and future opportunities. They aim to bridge the digital divide by assisting nursing students and other students from low-income households in obtaining a computer.

L4L envisions a world where no student is denied access to a laptop due to financial constraints. They also emphasize the importance of community involvement, encouraging individuals, corporations, and community service organizations to contribute in various ways. It can be through donations, volunteering, or partnerships, which are then contributed to nursing students and other students.


4. Compudopt

Compudopt’s mission is to provide free laptops for nursing students, and under-resourced youth and their communities. They offer a Computer Giveaway program where they recycle donated computers, refurbish them, and then distribute them to students and families in need.

Beyond just providing hardware, Compudopt also assists families in finding affordable internet solutions and offers free tech education to both youth and adults. Their efforts spark curiosity and learning, leading to brighter futures for recipients.

They have also been involved in significant initiatives, such as partnering with the Santander Consumer USA, Inc. Foundation to bring free internet connectivity to 5,000 community members in Dallas.


5. Financial Aid (University of Michigan)

The University of Michigan offers the Michigan Undergraduate Laptop Program (ULP) which provides free laptops for nursing students and to eligible incoming students on the UM-Ann Arbor campus. Since its inception in 2015, over 4,700 incoming first-year and transfer students have benefited from this program.

Once applications are accepted and processed, eligible students are informed via email, typically around two weeks post their admission notice.

For any queries regarding the program, eligibility, and more, students can explore the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Gretchen Kopmanis, the Assistant Director of Financial Aid Support Programs, at michigan-laptops@umich.edu.

University of Michigan

6. Central Ohio Technical College

A program has been initiated by Central Ohio Technical College (COTC), to provide a limited number of free laptops to students who demonstrate financial need and are enrolled in the college’s information technology or digital media design technology programs.

This one-time Computer Grant is available to 30 students on a first-come, first-served basis starting from the autumn semester of 2023. Qualifying students will receive a Dell Precision 3570 and can retain the computer as long as they remain enrolled at COTC.

To be eligible for the free laptops for nursing students, a nursing student must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours in a COTC information technology or digital media design technology associate degree or certificate program. You also need to complete the online Computer Grant application and submit the 2024-2025 free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

7. Laptops for Learning

Every child deserves access to technology, and the Laptops for Learning initiative is making strides to ensure this. Originating from the belief that no child should lag in their education due to resource constraints, this program donates free laptops to nursing students and other students struggling with remote learning because of limited access to tech.

The initiative, backed by Greenwin Corp. and community partners, aims to bridge the technological divide and support children on their educational journey. Initially, the goal was to distribute 1,000 laptops, but with overwhelming support, the target has now been raised to 5,000 laptops.

Eligibility for these free laptops for nursing students is primarily for students from grades 1 to 12, residing and attending school in the 31 Division, and lacking a computer at home. If you fit this criteria, you might just be in line to receive a laptop of your own.

Laptops for Learning

8. Seton Hall University

Seton Hall University is leveraging cutting-edge academic technology to extend its classrooms beyond the traditional four walls. Imagine being connected to the university’s network from anywhere, be it a sunny spot on the Green or from a café in Paris. This is made possible through the university’s Mobile Computing Program.

Before the commencement of the first semester, full-time undergraduate students are provided with a state-of-the-art laptop, complete with wireless connectivity and professional-grade software essential for their studies.

A nursing student who fulfills their coursework, completes a degree audit and maintains good standing with Enrollment Services can get a laptop after graduation. The university also offers robust support services, including a 24/7 Technology Service Desk and in-person technical support.

Seton Hall University’s

9. One Young World

In an effort to promote sustainable education, especially for underprivileged nursing students in Africa, we have the ONE STUDENT, ONE LAPTOP today. They offer either discounted or free laptops for nursing students and also provide laptops for the most needy people. The primary focus of this project is on nursing students, where owning a laptop is not just a luxury but an academic necessity. The project’s vision is to provide every nursing student with a laptop for their higher education.

They also mobilize ICT resources from donors, philanthropic individuals, and institutions to support the youth of higher education. The overarching goal is to promote solidarity, support the national curriculum, and facilitate active learning among students.

One Young World

10. University of Waterloo’s Contact North initiative

Contact North/Contact Nord, associated with the University of Waterloo, is dedicated to supporting online learning through free laptop campaigns. You will be given not just a laptop as a nursing student but also free access to essential equipment for Ontarians in need. Thanks to funding from the Government of Ontario, they provide free laptops for nursing students and internet access at no cost.

If you need this free laptop, as a nursing student, you must be an Ontario resident, enrolled in an online course that requires a laptop and internet for your coursework. Equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Students need to provide personal and course/training information as part of a short application process.

Once approved, the equipment is shipped within 5 business days at no cost. They also provide free technical support for the laptop and internet, but not for software applications. After use, the equipment must be returned in good working order.

University of Waterloo free laptop for nursing students

11. Winona State University

Winona State University offers the eWarrior Program, which provides nursing students with laptops equipped with the necessary specifications and software to succeed in their degree programs. Students can choose between a PC or a Mac based on their major’s laptop recommendations.

Some academic departments have specific laptop model requirements, while others merely have strong recommendations. For instance, the Art department recommends a Mac for Art Education and Studio Art and requires a Mac for Graphic Design. On the other hand, the Business and Science department recommends a PC for Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance, and Marketing, and requires a PC for Human Resources Management, Nursing, and Management Information Systems.

Winona State University Free Laptop

12. Bethel University

Higher education in the 21st century heavily relies on technology, including free laptops. Thus, Bethel University is among the pioneer institutions providing students in select programs with a free laptop at no additional cost. This initiative is especially popular among undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Professional Studies.

Bethel University’s commitment to making technology accessible was recently acknowledged by Collegeconcensus.com. The website praised institutions that offer free laptops not just as a mere incentive but as a genuine pedagogical tool deeply integrated into the learning process.

Bethel University’s President, Walter Butler, emphasizes the institution’s dedication to optimal learning. The university prioritizes giving out free laptops as a testament to Bethel’s focus on student success.

Bethel University free laptop for nursing students

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