Apple Free Laptops for Students 2024

There is no justifiable reason why a 21st-century student should not have a PC. But it turns out that even though you are willing to own one, they are expensive to get. Don’t worry, with programs such as the Apple free laptops for students, you have the opportunity to get either a free or a student-discounted laptop price.

That means you would not have to pay a thousand bucks or more to get yourself a Macbook. This article has got you covered – read on for the many revelations to guide you through the process.

Apple Free Laptops for Students

This article has all you need to know about the currently available Apple free laptops for students. The truth is that you can only secure a free MacBook from Apple through Apple scholarship. Otherwise, another way to get an Apple laptop for cheap is through a discount.

Fortunately, Apple offers some student discount programs that cut down the actual price by nearly 50%. That’s a steal – and you just have to prove that you are a student.

This will also require having an edu email address given by your college. You can always ask for yours if your school has not issued one.

Update 2024… Apple no longer requires you to have proof of being a student.

For clarity, this post is divided into 4 sections, most of which are Apple-discounted or student-friendly laptops that can be yours for a steal price. Below are the sections (which each explain the various Apple free laptops for students):

  1. Apple Education for College Students 2024
  2. Apple’s Education Pricing and Student Discounts 2024
  3. Apple’s Back to School Program 2024
  4. Apple Scholars 2024

1. Apple Free Laptops for Students: Apple Education for College Students

This Apple program for college students not only offers special pricing on Mac and iPad but also provides a range of tools and features designed to support learning and creativity. From powerful processors to intuitive applications, Apple’s products are tailored to meet the diverse needs of students.

Performance and Versatility


Apple’s Mac computers are equipped with powerful processors that can handle intensive tasks. They are compatible with professional apps and offer stunning displays for creative work. Mac is designed to support students through college and beyond.


The iPad offers ultimate versatility, allowing students to type, write, sketch, record, create, and stream content. It’s light and packed with features that make it a handy tool for students.

Performance at a Glance

CompatibilityWorks with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Autodesk AutoCAD®, MATLAB, etc.
Battery lifeIntelligent adaptation for all-day battery life on Mac and iPad.
StorageUp to 2TB of cloud storage with iCloud.
SustainabilityMade with recycled materials and built tough.

Productivity Tools

Apple devices work seamlessly together, allowing students to start a project on one device and finish it on another. Tools like Apple Pencil, Voice Memos, and various apps like Notability and GoodNotes 5 enhance productivity.

Creativity and Development

Apple encourages creativity by offering tools like iMovie, GarageBand, and Photos. Students can also explore professional apps like Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Apple’s Swift coding language and app development resources help students advance their coding skills.

Collaboration Features

Secure collaboration is key in Apple’s ecosystem. Features like Messages, AirDrop, Group FaceTime, and collaborative tools in Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Notes facilitate teamwork.

Recharge and Entertainment

Apple offers a balance between work and play with apps and services for entertainment, relaxation, and wellness. From AirPods Pro to Apple TV+, Apple Watch, and Apple Fitness+, students can enjoy a cinematic experience and keep track of their well-being.

Privacy, Environment, and Accessibility

Apple emphasizes privacy, environmental responsibility, and accessibility. They ensure data protection, reduce environmental impact and create products that empower everyone.

Special Offers

  • Pro Apps Bundle for Education: A collection of creative tools for video editors and musicians.
  • Apple Music Student Plan: Special student rate and free access to Apple TV+.
  • AppleCare+ with Education Pricing: Accidental damage protection and savings on AppleCare+.
  • Apple Trade-In: Trade in eligible devices for credit or recycle them for free.


2. Apple Free Laptops for Students: Apple’s Education Pricing and Student Discounts

Apple is committed to supporting education and offers special pricing and discounts for students, teachers, and educational staff. These discounts are available for various Apple products, including MacBooks, iPads, and accessories. Here’s a closer look at what Apple offers to the education community.

Save on Mac or iPad for College

Apple provides education pricing for Mac and iPad models, making them more affordable for college students and their parents, as well as faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels.

Mac Education Pricing

ProductStarting Price
MacBook Air (M1)$899
MacBook Air (M2)$999
MacBook Pro$1199
Mac mini$499
Mac Studio$1799
Pro Display XDR$4599
Mac Pro$6599

iPad Education Pricing

ProductStarting Price
iPad Pro$749
iPad Air$549
iPad (10th gen)$419
iPad (9th gen)$309
iPad mini$449

Additional Benefits

  • Trade-in program. Students can trade in their eligible computer and get credit toward a new Mac or an Apple Gift Card.
  • AppleCare+. Education pricing is available for AppleCare+, offering accidental damage protection and priority access to Apple experts.
  • Apple Music student plan. This plan now includes Apple TV+ for free, exclusively for verified college students.
  • Pro Apps bundle. A special price for professional applications like Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro, and MainStage for qualifying college students, teachers, and education institutions.

Opportunities at Apple

Apple also provides opportunities for students to become part of the company through various roles like AppleCare Advisor, internships, or scholarships.


3. Apple Free Laptops for Students: Apple’s Back to School Program

Apple’s Back to School program is designed to help students save on Mac or iPad purchases with education pricing. The program includes various offers, such as gift cards up to $150, 20% off AppleCare+, and more.

Mac for Students

Mac is promoted as a powerful tool for students, capable of running multiple apps simultaneously without any lag. Here’s a breakdown of the Mac models available for students:

ModelPriceMonthly PaymentGift Card
MacBook AirFrom $899$74.91/mo.$150
MacBook ProFrom $1199$99.91/mo.$150
iMacFrom $1249$104.08/mo.$100
Mac miniFrom $499$41.58/mo.

These prices include education discounts, and students can compare different Mac models here.

iPad for Students

iPad is described as the ultimate classmate, capable of handling tough assignments and intense games. Here’s a summary of the iPad models available:

ModelPriceMonthly PaymentGift Card
iPad AirFrom $549$45.75/mo.$100
iPad ProFrom $749$62.41/mo.$100

These prices also include education discounts, and students can compare different iPad models here.

Additional Student Aid

Apple also provides other ways to help students, such as:

  • Apple Trade-In: Students can trade in eligible devices for credit toward a new one.
  • 0% APR with Apple Card: Interest-free payment over time.
  • Special Rate on Apple Music: Students pay $5.99/month with free access to Apple TV+.
  • 20% Off AppleCare+: Protection for Mac or iPad with unlimited repairs for accidental damage.

Eligibility and Terms

The offers are available to current and newly accepted university students, their parents, teachers, and staff at all levels. Quantity limits apply, and the promotional period may have specific terms and conditions.


4. Apple Free Laptops for Students: Apple’s Higher Education Scholars Program

Apple’s Higher Education Scholars program is an initiative aimed at supporting the academic research community and fostering innovation. The program offers fellowships, scholarships, and awards to graduate and postgraduate students who are using technology to improve the lives of people and the planet. Here’s an in-depth look at the program, its offerings, and the scholars involved.

Apple Scholars: Changing the World for the Better

1. Ethics and Technology: Postdoctoral Fellowships

Apple University, in collaboration with Stanford University’s McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society, hosts postdoctoral fellows. Their research focuses on the intersection of ethics and technology.

ScholarFocus AreaUniversity
Abby JaquesEthics and Politics of TechnologyStanford University

Abby’s work revolves around the big questions at the intersection of human and artificial intelligence, such as how to ensure technologies are good for everyone.

2. PhD Fellowships: Hardware Technologies, Integrated Circuit Engineering, AI, and Machine Learning

These fellowships are awarded to emerging leaders pursuing research in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science.

ScholarFocus AreaUniversity
McKenzie van der HagenHardware Support for Encrypted ComputingCarnegie Mellon University
Jaya NarainAI for Health and WellnessMassachusetts Institute of Technology

These scholars are working on cutting-edge technology that aligns with Apple’s core values, such as encrypted computing, augmented reality, and privacy-preserving machine learning.

3. Masters Scholarships: Hardware Technologies and Integrated Circuit Engineering

These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students specializing in computer architecture, system-on-chip design, verification, and validation.

ScholarFocus AreaUniversity
Anna LiElectrical and Computer EngineeringCarnegie Mellon University
Tarana LaroiaElectrical and Computer EngineeringCarnegie Mellon University

These students have shown exceptional interest and investment in hardware technologies.

Invitation-Only Program

Currently, the Apple Scholars program is invitation-only, but there are expansion plans. More details will be available as the program grows.


Frequently Asked Questions

While researching about the Apple free laptops for students, we have identified the following commonly asked questions.

Does Apple have a scholarship?

Yes, Apple offers fellowships, scholarships, and awards to graduate and postgraduate students. However, you need to harness the power of technology to help people and the world. You can refer to the fourth section of this post for more on that.

Can you buy a Macbook with scholarship money?

Why not? If you recently received a grant or scholarship money to attend college, you may be able to buy a Macbook with your funds. Besides, some financial aid packages give a stipend specifically reserved for laptops and other school-related expenses. For example, Federal Pell Grants could be used to buy PCs (in a roundabout way).

How do you become an Apple Scholar?

Enroll as a full-time student in a four-year college or university that is an Apple Scholar-member institution.

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