Apple Free Laptops for Students

There is no justifiable reason why a 21st-century student should not have a PC. But it turns out that even though you are willing to own one, they are expensive to get. Don’t worry; with programs such as Apple free laptops for students, you can get either a free or a student-discounted laptop price.

That means you would not have to pay a thousand bucks or more to get yourself a Macbook. This article has got you covered – read on for the many revelations to guide you through the process.

How to Get Apple Free Laptops for Students

This article has all you need to know about the currently available Apple laptop offers for students. The truth is that you can only secure a free MacBook from Apple through an Apple scholarship. Otherwise, another way to get an Apple laptop for cheap is through a discount.

Fortunately, Apple offers some student discount programs that cut down on the actual price by nearly 50%. That’s a steal – and you just have to prove that you are a student.

This will also require having an edu email address given by your college. You can always ask for yours if your school has not issued one yet.

Update 2024… Apple no longer requires you to have proof of being a student.

For clarity, this post is divided into 5 sections, most of which are Apple-discounted or student-friendly laptops that can be yours for a steal price. Below are the sections (which each explain the various Apple free laptops for students):

  1. Apple Education for College Students
  2. Apple’s Education Pricing and Student Discounts
  3. Apple’s Back to School Program
  4. Apple Scholars
  5. Discounted Apple Laptops from Schools

1. Apple Education for College Students

I received my first Mac through the education program, and it’s still active today. This Apple program is for college students, and it offers special pricing on Mac laptops. So, aside from this, you’ll also find other tools and features that will help with your learning and creativity.

It’s Apple, so you can expect that powerful processors and intuitive applications built with your study activities in mind. Of course, not just studies but also acquiring those trendy digital skills you could even make a career out of. As we have mentioned, you’ll get a Mac. Let’s introduce you to this Apple product—the Mac.

One thing you’ll experience from Apple’s Mac computers is the powerful processors. So, you’ll be able to handle intensive tasks. If you are into coding, designs, etc., it’ll be capable. Sometimes, you need it for gaming too, especially if you’ll be streaming on Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live, etc. Yes, Apple’s Mac can handle it all.

For real, they really made this one compatible with pro apps and a really stunning display if you are all about creative work.

Typical Specifications
CompatibilityWorks with Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Autodesk AutoCAD®, MATLAB, etc.
Battery lifeAll-day battery life on the Mac.
StorageUp to 2TB of cloud storage available with iCloud.
SustainabilityMade with recycled materials and built tough.

As for the productivity tools, you’ll have access to Apple Pencil, Voice Memos, Notability, and GoodNotes 5. If you are about creativity and development, then we have iMovie, GarageBand, Photos, Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro. How about collaboration? You’ll have Messages, AirDrop, Group FaceTime, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Notes.

Meanwhile, you’ll have some special offers under this program for free, including pro apps that you’d normally pay for. You’ll also have access to the Apple Music Student Plan at a student rate and free access to Apple TV+. If you accidentally drop your Mac, this is covered by AppleCare+ with Education Pricing.

It’s not just Apple Mac or some of the premium apps you get for free or at discounts. You can also apply the Apple education pricing to AirPods Pro, Apple TV+, Apple Watch, and Apple Fitness+. If, in the end, you want a trade-in, Apple allows students to trade in eligible devices. You’ll either be given a credit or Apple can help you recycle the device for free, depending on its condition.

2. Apple’s Education Pricing and Student Discounts

Another way a student can get a free laptop from Apple is through the Education Pricing and Student Discounts at This one is for students in the US. You can apply this discount to different Apple products, including MacBooks and accessories. Let’s look into them one by one so you get a better grasp of this discount offer.

This Apple education pricing applies to Mac and other Apple products. So, if you need a Mac PC, this one is for you.

Below, you’ll find an example of what to expect from this pricing.

Mac Education Pricing and DiscountsStarting Price
MacBook Air (M1)$899
MacBook Air (M2)$999
MacBook Pro$1199
Mac mini$499
Mac Studio$1799
Pro Display XDR$4599
Mac Pro$6599

The regular prices are normally much more expensive than what you’re seeing here. So, it’s this discount that keeps the pricing more affordable if you shop via the education page.

Alongside the Mac, you’ll have free AppleCare+, Apple TV+ (exclusively for verified college students), and pro apps such as Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro, and MainStage if you are a college student.

You can also trade in if you want. Yes, Apple supports trade-in of any eligible computer. You’ll then be given credit to use for a new Mac or an Apple Gift Card.

3. Apple’s Back to School Program

As part of the free Apple laptop program for students, we also have an offer tagged ‘Apple’s Back to School Program’. You can use this offer either as a current or newly admitted university student.

You can take advantage to save on your Mac purchase using Apple’s education pricing. The Back to School program brings us offers such as gift cards up to $150, 20% off AppleCare+, Mac, etc. Let’s get into each offer in detail.

Here’s a breakdown of the Mac models available for students:

ModelPriceMonthly PaymentGift Card
MacBook AirFrom $899$74.91/mo.$150
MacBook ProFrom $1199$99.91/mo.$150
iMacFrom $1249$104.08/mo.$100
Mac miniFrom $499$41.58/mo.

These prices include education discounts. Before you make this purchase, you can use this tool to compare different Mac models.

As part of the Back to School offer, Apple also gives 0% APR with Apple Card, which means that it is an interest-free payment with Apple Card. You’ll also pay only $5.99 per month for Apple Music but with free access to Apple TV+. You can also get 20% Off AppleCare+ for your unlimited Mac repairs in the case of accidental damage.

If you wish, you can trade in. Yes, Apple supports student trade-ins as long as you have an eligible device. You’ll then be given a credit that goes into your next purchase. No, you won’t be given spendable cash to use elsewhere.

4. Apple’s Higher Education Scholars Program

The next method is Apple’s Higher Education Scholars Program. Unfortunately, this method is only accessible to a limited number of students. This method is more academic than the first three we’ve mentioned because Apple set this one up to support academic research community and innovation.

As part of this program, Apple offers fellowships, scholarships, and awards to graduate and postgraduate students. The Apple Scholars program is currently invitation-only. Apple is also reportedly making plans to expand the accommodation of this program as it grows.

Here’s a look at the program, and its offers:

1. Postdoctoral Fellowships

Don’t be surprised there is an Apple University. Apple University is a training facility of Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California. This particular fellowship is hosted by Apple to give postdoctoral offers to students, and this includes Macs to help with their innovative endeavors.

2. PhD Fellowships

Apple also focuses on hardware technologies, integrated circuit engineering, AI, and machine learning. So, if you find yourself in any of these industries, you could be on your way to a free PC. These fellowships are only open to emerging leaders who research in electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science.

3. Masters Scholarships

Apple also gives scholarships to masters students in tech, specifically hardware technologies and integrated circuit engineering. If you become one of the outstanding students in computer architecture, system-on-chip design, verification, and validation, then you’ll receive this Apple recognition and a free Mac.

No, this isn’t some kind of hidden information whatsoever. You can learn how these scholarships work through where you’ll also see past beneficiaries of these offers from Apple.

5. Discounted Apple Laptops from Schools

You might be fortunate if your school partners with Apple. This would mean that you can become a new Apple PC owner without paying the regular price. It won’t be free but it’ll be cheap enough for students to afford it. As of 2022, Apple’s community education initiative included 150 partners, including schools. You could just be fortunate that your school is a partner.

An example is St. John’s University, which partners with Apple to help its students access special discounts for the purchase of laptops and other accessories from Apple. We also have the University of Colorado Denver and Gallaudet University. There are a lot more of them. Just look up. Perhaps yours has a partnership with Apple that will allow you to buy a Mac laptop very cheaply.

Frequently Asked Questions

While researching the Apple free laptops for students, we identified the following commonly asked questions.

Does Apple have a scholarship?

Yes, Apple offers fellowships, scholarships, and awards to graduate and postgraduate students. However, you need to harness the power of technology to help people and the world. You can refer to the fourth section of this post for more on that.

Can you buy a Macbook with scholarship money?

Why not? If you recently received a grant or scholarship money to attend college, you may be able to buy a Macbook with your funds. Besides, some financial aid packages include a stipend specifically reserved for laptops and other school-related expenses. For example, Federal Pell Grant money could be used to buy PCs, including Mac computers.

How do you become an Apple Scholar?

Enroll as a full-time student at a four-year college or university that is an Apple Scholar-member institution.


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