Easiest Country to Get Student Visa from Nigeria

Looking to leave Nigeria and study abroad? Obviously, you want the easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria for your undergraduate or masters. I’ve been there, and now using this platform to reveal those countries you can easily obtain a student visa as a Nigerian.

Easiest Country to Get Student Visa from Nigeria

Below are the top countries to get your student visa if you are a Nigerian:

1. Australia

Many Nigerian students are known to prefer Australia for being easy. Even on Nairaland, Australia tends to be the go-to country for those looking to study abroad as international students.

You’d find some of the best universities with top, world-class facilities in Australia. Most importantly, Australia is a culturally diverse country, so you won’t be stigmatized for being a Nigerian.

2. Ireland

Ireland is another easy country to get that student visa and get out of Nigeria. The Irish economy is currently bubbling up recently. However, not many Nigerians are aware of this destination, which is a good thing so that they won’t soil the country.

From my inquiry from my Nigerian friends studying in Ireland, it’s a country of cool-headed and serious people, especially the ones for study.

You can apply for your student visa online. As usual, you will need proof of acceptance into one of the university’s programs. After schooling, you can decide to stay back and pick from the wide range of job options. You can even work part-time as a student.

3. Germany

Germany is cool if you’re looking for an easy place to get a student visa. You just need to submit proof of financial assistance. This comes in the form of a specified amount of money in a closed account as an international student from Nigeria.

German colleges are the favorite for Nigerians studying abroad. As long as you can provide your financial means and you’ve been approved to study in one of the colleges, then you’re ready for Germany.

4. United Kingdom (UK)

It’s no news that a lot of Nigerians love to study in the UK. In fact, the UK is a second home to Nigerians abroad. The UK also has so many programs that encourage more people into their economy, which in turn favors Nigerians looking to get their student visa to study as internationals.

The visa process for an international student is easy, and UK universities are among the best in the world. You can decide to work part-time or even stay back to secure permanent residence.

5. Norway

I’ve spent a year in a Western Norway Norway school, in a small town called Norhemisun, near Bergen. Honestly, Norwegians are friendly and I still have lots of friends residing in Oslo.

Norwegians are flexible people and highly welcoming in their local community. You’d also find opportunities as a student and their student visa is easy to get in Nigeria.

6. Canada

Canada is famous in Nigeria for its friendly student visa policy for internationals, making them an easy country to apply for and get your student visa.

Canada is a preferred destination for Nigerians, not just because of the simple visa process but also due to the language compatibility. In some universities, you don’t even need those English language certificates to gain admission and all.

7. Finland

If for whatever you don’t pick any easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria above, then I recommend Finland. Finland is popular for its student visa-friendly policy and warm accommodation of international students. It’s home to a diverse range of cultures and people who care about one another.

Thanks to the flexible visa process, and work-friendly environment. Despite a bit of a language barrier, you will still find a job there as someone not speaking the language. You’ll love to learn the Finnish language I promise.

8. New Zealand

This easiest country to get student visa from Nigeria offers student visas for students to work and study simultaneously. Why study in New Zealand in the first place? New Zealand is a home of opportunities to attend a school while working.

The education system in New Zealand is influenced by the UK education system, which helps you develop clear and correct problem-solving skills. Students in New Zealand can choose from a variety of excellent study options. It’s a beautiful place where students can enjoy themselves amidst stunning natural scenery. All eight universities in New Zealand are internationally recognized and often appear high in the QS World Rankings. The NZQA ensures that all institutions accepting international students are properly registered. According to the QS World Ranking, the top five universities in New Zealand are:

  1. The University of Auckland
  2. The University of Otago
  3. Victoria University of Wellington
  4. The University of Canterbury
  5. Massey University

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