50+ Secret Websites for Students [100% Free]

The internet is big, you know. And you have visited many websites so far, probably more than a thousand of them. But there are top secret websites for students you probably don’t know exist. I know them not because they randomly popped on my browser but because I have done the research on your behalf. So, in this post, I have over 50 websites that you didn’t know you might need for your academic work, as well as just to relieve yourself from academic stress.

Below, you’ll find a compilation of useful secret websites and online resources that I carefully handpicked for you.

Secret Websites for Students

These websites are 100% free and accessible. I have also explained the purpose of each website so you don’t have to visit the ones you are not interested in. Carefully go through the secret websites for students below.

1. Tineye.com and FotoForensics.com

Are you curious to see if an image has been edited, cropped, or altered in some way? You can likely figure it out using Tineye and Foto Forensics, two of the secret websites for students. Tineye offers powerful reverse image search capabilities, and Foto Forensics provides free tools for analyzing images.

2. Twoseven.xyz

This site enables you to watch and synchronize Netflix, Prime Video, downloaded videos, streaming content from your browser, and YouTube with friends. It also offers the option to be on a voice or video call with them, all for free and without ads.

3. Thispersondoesnotexist.com

Discover an AI that generates images of fictional people. It’s quite fascinating.

4. Wcofun.tv/playlist

Are you a fan of cartoons? Here’s a place where you can enjoy virtually every cartoon ever made, all in one location!

5. Deepl.com

I consider this the best translation tool available, and one of the world’s most secret websites for students. It’s very intuitive and can even handle idioms and slang. It supports about 20 languages, according to the latest update.

6. Blitzortung.org

Check out real-time lightning strike locations with this tool. It can be comforting to watch lightning move away from you, and it’s generally quite interesting to observe. An alternative is https://www.lightningmaps.org/.

7. Tosdr.org

One of the best Internet lies is a user clicking “I have read and accepted the terms of service”. The truth is that most people don’t have the time to go through the epistle. So, if you didn’t read it, this website will provide you with summaries and privacy ratings for various service terms of some top companies such as Facebook.

8. Pdfescape.com

This website allows you to edit PDFs without requiring a paid Adobe account.

9. Remove.bg

This is an excellent resource for removing backgrounds from images for free. So, you can avoid those paid apps and use this secret website for student to quickly remove image backgrounds.

10. Mynoise.net

Find a wide array of customizable sound generators here, ranging from music and nature sounds to noise cancellation, ambiances, and meditative drones. It’s especially useful if you like white noise in the background, with lots of options and free access. I love the customizable, animated sliders that create dynamic storms. It’s also great for tabletop role-playing games.

11. Coolors.co

Do you need color inspiration? This tool generates five coordinating colors for projects like painting or design. This is one of the secret websites for students who are into arts.

12. Rome2rio.com

Get comprehensive travel directions between any two locations, including trains, buses, and ferries. It also provides options for flying to nearby places and using transit to reach your final destination.

13. Forvo.com

For students interested in languages or learning a new one, Forvo.com is a powerful tool for that. You can consider it a simple Duolingo alternative. You can search for a word and hear it pronounced by native speakers. It relies on volunteers uploading their pronunciations, making it a great tool for practicing pronunciation.

14. Instructables.com

A highly valuable online resource for students who enjoy DIY projects. This one isn’t exactly one of the secret websites for students but you will find instructions on different projects, from making unique desserts to repairing broken items.

15. EdX.org

EdX stands as a top global MOOC platform. These massive open online courses are available for free to anyone interested in learning. It’s part of a group that includes other major MOOC providers like Udacity.com and AcademicEarth.org.

16. UnplugTheTV.com

This is an alternative to both television and studying, this site for students features a random selection of videos on various scientific topics.

17. Ncase.me/trust/

This is an interactive website that takes you through what makes the Prisoner’s Dilemma admirable. You might even be lost in philosophy stuff. Also, ncase.me/fireflies is one of my favorites.

18. Coursera.org

Coursera offers a lot of academic content, providing additional knowledge to supplement your studies.

19. DontPassItOn.co.uk

DontPassItOn provides you with free chlamydia and gonorrhea testing kits through the mail to UK citizens aged 16-24, making it an important resource for young adults in the UK.

20. Openlibrary.org

You can borrow books from many different library systems without needing to register for each one. Also, check out music-map.com for an alternative option.

21. Everynoise.com

This website has every obscure music sub-genre you can think of. It’s a great place to discover new and unheard-of music.

22. 10minutemail.com

10 Minute Mail gives both students and non students a temporary email address. You can use it to avoid spam in your main email when signing up for things online.

23. Radio.garden/visit

Listen to live radio from all around the world. It’s best accessed on a computer or through its mobile app.

24. Rsoe-edis.org

This site gives detailed updates about global events to students. The event map is particularly interesting to explore.

25. Sci-hub.se

Access almost any research paper for free. Just enter the link or DOI of the document, and you’ll get the PDF.

26. Libgen.is

Find free PDFs of books in various fields like math, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and more. It’s a lifesaver for finding hard-to-get or expensive textbooks.

27. Neal.fun/deep-sea

Explore the deep ocean and its creatures, especially in the mysterious midnight zone, where you’ll see things like the colossal squid.

28. Desmos.com

A user-friendly option for graphing, much easier than traditional graphing calculators.

29. Oldgamesdownload.com

Download and play classic games from the 90s and 2000s on your Windows PC. It’s great for reliving old memories.

30. FlightRadar24.com

As a student, you can track planes, jets, or helicopters to see where they’re going. You can get details like callsigns, travel logs, and even sometimes track military aircraft.

31. Archive.org

Known as the internet’s way back machine, it archives web pages from the past. It can also store the histories of secret websites for students who need to visit back in time a particular period of a website.

32. Futureme.org

With this website, you can send an email to your future self. Just make sure to enter your correct email address and the date you want your own message to get to you in the future. You can probably talk about something like your future achievements so it reminds you of your own promises.

33. Keepa.com

Track Amazon product prices over time to ensure you’re getting a good deal. You can also set up price drop alerts.

34. Ninite.com

A one-stop solution for installing multiple programs on a new PC.

35. My90sTV.com

Simulates watching TV in the 90s, using YouTube videos. You can choose the year and types of shows to watch.

36. Photopea.com

I consider this one of the secret websites for students because it is a free, web-based alternative to Photoshop with similar UI and functionality.

37. Storyset.com or undraw.co

These websites offer open-sourced illustrations created by designers in their free time.

38. Globe.adsbexchange.com

Tracks aircraft without subscription fees, including military and unlisted planes. It’s made for aviation enthusiasts.

39. Thistothat.com

Thistothat.com will help you find the right glue for attaching different materials together.

40. Openculture.com

Openculture gives you access to free movies, language learning, and educational courses.

41. Haveibeenpwned.com

Check if your online accounts have been compromised in data breaches and get alerts for future breaches.

42. TheBookPond.com

The Book Pond is a platform specifically for dealing with academic textbooks. Here, you can sell textbooks you no longer need or buy them from other students. It’s a great way to recycle books and help other students.

43. Gumtree.com

Gumtree is a UK-based site where you can find job advertisements, second-hand items, property listings, and various services. It’s especially useful for students in the UK looking for part-time jobs, accommodation, or wanting to sell or swap items.

44. Groupon.com

Groupon focuses on offering daily deals on luxury items and experiences, such as spa days, high-end restaurants, and short city breaks. While it’s not a go-to for student essentials, it can be a great option for treating yourself after a tough exam period.

45. MyVoucherCodes.co.uk

MyVoucherCodes provides vouchers and discount codes for a wide array of retail stores and eateries in the UK. For those in the US, RetailMeNot is a similar alternative.

46. UniDays.com

UniDays is one among the numerous student-focused websites that provide discounts. It lists thousands of deals and offers for students worldwide and is free to join. UniDays is also available as a mobile app.

47. Regex101.com

If you are a student into programming, you will need regex101.com. This Regex looks like sorcery for those who do not understand how it works. This secret website for students is a tool useful for both learning and explanation.

48. Bestsimilar.com

If you watched a movie and love it, this website allows you to can input a film and get recommendations for similar ones. You can also find movies that fall into the same category.

49. Candybox2.github.io

This is one of the secret websites for students that will actually amaze you. This tool is known as the Candy Box 2, an RPG style quest, made completely of text and symbols.

50. Gutenberg.org

‘Project Gutenberg’ brings you free access to a vast collection of texts online, with copyrights that have expired. They have digitized over 70,000 texts.

51. Joshworth.com

This is a single pixel moon that feels a lot like scrolling through Reddit. You wll experience endless scrolling with some interesting texts and occasionally larger posts.

So, that’s all for now. What other secret websites for students have you found helpful? Feel free to share your recommendations in the comments section below.

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