Companies That Donate Computers to Schools

Schools in the 21st century need to keep students “up to digital”. However, not all schools can afford these expensive gadgets to enhance learning. But not to worry. there are willing companies that donate computers to schools out there. You just have to apply if eligible to receive computer donations to your school.

Some of the names that give free PCs to schools are industry giants such as Intel and nonprofits such as Computers with Causes. These are the companies and initiates out there that are taking the wheel to help schools in their own way to get free computers. The benefits of these efforts extend beyond just giving students access to technology – they also help to improve learning experiences.

Companies That Donate Computers to Schools

In this post, you just have to pick a company and apply following the source provided to get a free laptop. These laptops come from willing donors and are then given out to eligible schools. Below are 17 companies that donate computers to schools.

1. Intel

One of the companies that donate computers to schools is Intel managed by Intel Communications and Public Affairs. The company contributes used computers to accredited schools and community-based nonprofit organizations within the United States. Many Intel sites donate their available used systems to schools or nonprofits that train students in evaluating, repairing, and refurbishing these systems. Once refurbished, these computers find their way into local schools. While the primary focus is on schools, used equipment donations are occasionally made to other nonprofit organizations on a limited basis.

Intel Communications

2. Computer with Causes

The mission of Computers with Causes goes beyond simply donating computers; it’s about sparking a movement for positive change. Their mission revolves around extending and repurposing technology to benefit various segments of society. They assist not just schools with free computers but also students, teachers, parents, the elderly, foster homes, shelters, the disabled, USA veterans, military families, children of fallen patriots, and other nonprofit organizations.

Their impact is widespread, from supporting youth centers and assisting returning military members with vocational retraining to establishing computer labs in schools that lack the necessary funds for such technology. They also collaborate with other charitable programs that resonate with their mission.

Computers with Causes

3. PCs for People

PCs for People is transforming lives and schools with free PCs. They collaborate with various nonprofits, schools, museums, housing authorities, and other community organizations across the country. Your school will enjoy low-cost technology. They ensure that cost isn’t a barrier for those striving to make a positive impact in their communities.

For schools in need of five or fewer computers, you can shop for refurbished desktops or laptops on PCs for People’s online store. If you need six or more computers, direct communication with the organization is encouraged to find the best tech solution. There are specific eligibility requirements for community organizations to purchase technology from PCs for People, including documentation of your school’s purpose.

PCs for People

4. Good360

The company, Good360 occasionally receives technology products, primarily hardware and electronic devices, from corporate donors. These tech donations are available to all qualified nonprofits registered with Good360. Some of the technology donations available include PC laptops, WiFi systems, wireless Bluetooth earbuds, infrared forehead thermometers, office equipment, and limited software. However, the availability of these computer donations depends on what donors provide throughout the year. Good360 encourages nonprofits to become members, regularly check their online catalog, and budget accordingly to access these in-demand tech donations.


5. Computers Advancing Education

Helping schools get computers is what Computers Advancing Education does. They are recognized as a public charity by the Internal Revenue Service, and all donations made to this organization are tax-deductible. Since its inception, Computers Advancing Education, Inc. has generously supplied over 12,000 free computers to schools and students throughout the nation. This remarkable feat has been made possible due to the generous contributions of individuals and companies, such as Davinci’s Computer Corp, who support the organization’s mission by donating computers and related equipment.

The donated computers undergo thorough testing and refurbishing before they are provided free of charge to schools. This company has been successful in placing over 12,000 computers in the hands of schools and other organizations since 2005.

Computers Advancing Education

6. Computer Aid

Not just any company, but dedicated to ensuring that schools give students equal access to technology. Computer Aid, one of the companies that donate computers to schools, has provided over 14.5 million people with access to technology. This includes offering high-quality equipment and education.

Apart from just supplying equipment, Computer Aid has been involved in various innovative projects around the world, some of which include:

  1. In collaboration with ICDL Africa, Computer Aid International initiated a project to establish Digital Schools in Kigali, Rwanda. Each of the schools was equipped with 40 PCs.
  2. Another collaborative project with ICDL, this initiative has set up ICT laboratories in Naivasha, Kenya. These labs, spread across 18 schools, have been supplied with a total of 360 PCs.

Several renowned IT donors support Computer Aid, including Siemens, SONY Pictures, AstraZeneca, O2, and Oxford University Press.

Computer Aid

7. E2D (Eliminate the Digital Divide)

The laptops received by E2D are typically refurbished in student-led technology labs and distributed to schools and students. The primarily accepted donations are laptop computers. If a company is retiring its used laptops, E2D encourages the IT department to donate them. The laptops are then picked up, refurbished, and redistributed to schools. E2D has had significant corporate support, with companies like Honeywell committing to donate thousands of laptops. Since its inception in 2013, E2D, with the help of corporate support, has placed over 30,000 laptops into homes.

E2D Eliminate the Digital Divide

8. The Giving Center

The Giving Center is a non-profit organization and one of the go-to companies that donate computers to schools. They receive donated computers from corporations and individuals and distribute them to schools.

The donated computers often end up in school labs, libraries, foster homes, animal shelters, or community centers. Bulk computer equipment donations from businesses constitute about 65% of the donations they receive.

They accept a wide range of equipment, from laptops for the sake of helping schools grow digitally with time.

Giving Center

9. Computers without Borders

Through building computer labs, Computers without Borders is making education more accessible and improving lives in developing countries. They offer a range of programs, including student programs, teacher programs, computer donation initiatives, and international partnerships.

Their student programs provide American college and university students with opportunities to gain hands-on technical experience and travel abroad. The teacher programs emphasize the importance of training local teachers in the developing world to effectively use computers and the Internet. Their computer donation initiatives encourage businesses and individuals to donate used equipment, which can be refurbished and reused for educational purposes in developing countries.

Computers without Borders

10. PHLDonate Tech –Philadelphia City Fund

The City of Philadelphia initiated the PHLDonateTech program to provide schools access to computers for learning, working, and staying connected. The City has partnered with several organizations, including Retrievr, DoneWithIt, and local refurbishers like the Electronic Access Foundation, NERDiT Foundation, and Temple University Computer Recycling Center. These partners have extensive experience in recycling and refurbishing electronic equipment securely. Once refurbished, these devices are given to residents and schools for free.

Philadelphia City Fund

11. New Life Technology Group

The company, New Life Technology Group, refurbishes and repurposes outdated computers and electronics sent to schools in excellent condition. They primarily assist schools in Atlanta’s underserved areas. Donated computers are either refurbished and redeployed to schools and underserved communities or recycled responsibly to prevent environmental harm.

Moreover, New Life Technology Group offers pickup services for computer donations in various areas, including Forsyth County, Fulton County, Gwinnett County, and Lawrenceville, etc. In the end, these donated computers are given to schools.

New Life Technology Group

12. World Computer Exchange

When people donate computers to World Computer Exchange, they in turn hand them over to schools. These computer donations help to support the organization’s mission to distribute computers and provide tech support to schools, and even NGOs, and technology access programs.

Typically, World Computer Exchange focuses on laptop computers that are i Series or newer. Alongside laptops, they also receive donations including:

  1. Tablets and eReaders with chargers
  2. Smartphones with chargers
  3. Digital projectors for schools
  4. Webcams
  5. Digital cameras
  6. Camcorders
  7. Digital microscopes suitable for school computer labs
  8. RAM for laptops and desktops (minimum 2 gigs)
  9. Hard drives for laptops or desktops (above 320 gigs)
  10. USB thumb drives and USB hub/multi ports

All these gadgets, including computers, are then distributed to qualifying schools worldwide.

World Computer Exchange


In the San Francisco Bay Area, there’s a non-profit organization named that’s making strides in the realm of educational support. They have a clear mission which is to encourage both individuals and companies that donate computers to schools and communities. Instead of recycling these devices, refurbishes them and provides them to low-income students to aid in their education.

This initiative not only helps students but also promotes environmental sustainability by giving a second life to computers that might otherwise be discarded.

The organization also seeks monetary support to refurbish these computers, ensuring they’re in top condition for students. This includes purchasing power adapters, SSD drives, and screens.

RRRComputers have set up a system where a small percentage of their laptops, ranging from 1-5%, is set aside to fund their operations.


14. Laptops4Learning

Not your regular company, but a non-profit organization. Nevertheless, I consider them one of the top companies that donate computers to schools.

You can also get laptops from Laptops 4 Learning (L4L). L4L believes that in today’s tech-driven world, a computer is necessary for schooling.

L4L also offers students and schools the chance to contribute to their cause. However, a significant portion of their funds goes directly to procuring laptops for students. They do have heartwarming stories such as that of Julie, who transitioned from doing her homework on a cell phone to using a laptop.


15. Compudopt

If you need a company that donates computers to schools, you should apply for one using Compudopt. They have a unique approach where they recycle donated computers, refurbish them, and then equip them with essential tech software. These computers are then given to schools through the Computer Giveaway program.

Compudopt also assists families with affordable internet solutions and free tech education for both youth and adults. Their recent accomplishments include partnering with the Santander Consumer USA, Inc. Foundation to provide free internet to 5,000 people in Dallas.


16. De Beers Group

In a commendable show of support for education, De Beers Group partners with Indigenous NWT communities to create better schools for children. The company has donated 117 new computers to various schools. These computers come with Windows 10 to enhance student access to online courses.

Also, De Beers Group has donated 10 surplus computers to the Yellowknife Public Library. This initiative is part of De Beers Group’s broader community response, which includes a $176,000 contribution to assist NWT communities. The company’s commitment to education is evident in its actions to improve online learning.

De Beers Group

17. Tech Exchange

Tech Exchange is one of the companies that donate computers to schools and also provides low-cost tech support, and digital skills training. They accept donations of used computers and refurbish these devices with the help of their dedicated team in Oakland, CA. These refurbished computers are then distributed through various Bay Area programs, their Oakland TecHub, and an online store.

Tech Exchange also offers special device and installation solutions for nonprofits and small businesses. Their commitment to digital equity is further highlighted by their hands-on computer skills courses at the TecHub.

Tech Exchange

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