Free Laptops for African Students 2024

For African students, a laptop can mean the difference between staying in school and dropping out. So, in this post, we have identified the best opportunities that give free laptops for African students.

Several charitable organizations have stepped up to provide free laptops to students across this continent. From Lord’s Hands Computers for Africa, which has already impacted 27 countries, to the “One Student, One Laptop” program by One Young World, these organizations are making a difference in the lives of countless students.

Some help through donations, some through refurbishing old computers while some mobilize ICT resources. However, the goal is to equip every African student with what they need to succeed in the modern world.

Free Laptops for African Students

Below are the best opportunities for you to get free laptops for African students:

1. Lord’s Hands Computers for Africa

If you are looking for a charitable organization that makes a significant difference in Africa by donating free laptops for African students, consider the Lord’s Hands.

Founded on human and Christian values, their mission revolves around the genuine love of one’s neighbor. The primary goal is to empower students to complete their education.

They have successfully awarded free laptops to African students in order to promote human potential, especially to BYU-Pathway Worldwide students. Lord’s Hands has already impacted 27 countries and has provided laptops to over 1013 students. Their vision is to change Africa, one laptop, and one life at a time.

Apply Now for The Lord’s Hands

2. One Young World One Student, One Laptop

The “One Student, One Laptop” program by One Young World offers free laptops for African students. This initiative recognizes the importance of technology in today’s educational landscape and seeks to bridge the technology gap faced by underprivileged students.

The primary objective is to cover the lack of technology skills due to the inaccessibility of learning systems. The vision is to provide each student with a laptop for their higher education studies. The mission is to mobilize ICT resources from donors, philanthropic individuals, and institutions to support the youth of higher education in Togo. The project promotes solidarity through donors or legacies of second-hand computers to young students in need.

Apply Now for One Young World Free Laptop in Africa

3. GlobalGiving Computers for Pathway Students in Africa

The “Computers for Pathway Students in Africa” project is spearheaded by The Lord’s Hands, a humanitarian NGO based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This initiative addresses the urgent need of BYU-Pathway Worldwide students across Africa for computers suitable for university-level courses.

Through a competition, The Lord’s Hands provides refurbished free laptops for African students. This effort ensures that African students, who might otherwise have to drop out due to insufficient equipment and financial constraints, can continue their education and uplift others.

The project has set ambitious goals, such as awarding 200 computers in January after having awarded 15 in January 2021, 63 in April, and 101 in August. The long-term vision is to empower students from the 28 countries served by Pathway to achieve their educational aspirations, become part of the digital revolution, and make a lasting impact on their communities.

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4. Computers4Charity Computers for Africa

In order to bridge the digital divide in Africa, Computers4Charity donates computers and free laptops to African students in schools. They provide high-quality and valuable computers in the countries they serve, aiming to make modern IT accessible to those without easy access to technology. This enhances their learning, working, and progression capabilities.

Computers4Charity highlights the digital divide in Africa, noting that as of 2019, Africa had the lowest internet penetration rate among all continents at just 39.3%. Computers4Charity collaborates with schools in the UK and other charity partners to ensure effective support delivery.

They have initiated innovative solutions like the Shipping Container Classrooms and have supported various projects, including the Chibozu Community Trust and the Uganda Youth Soccer Academy.

Apply now for Computers4Charity free laptop

5. ComputerAid (Apply for Computers)

Students and institutions who are interested in getting a free laptop can apply for it, by filling out a form on the ComputerAid website.

This organization aims to provide as many details as possible to ensure that the right candidates get the necessary resources.

Apply now for a free laptop from ComputerAid

6. Compudopt (Our Mission)

Dedicated to providing technology access and education to under-resourced youth and communities, Compudopt is one of those initiatives with free PCs to offer.

The mission of Compudopt is to equip, connect, and inspire. They take donated computers, refurbish them, and then distribute them to selected families in need through their Computer Giveaway initiative. But their support doesn’t end there.

The organization also assists families in finding no or low-cost internet solutions. Moreover, they offer free tech education to both youth and adults, sparking curiosity and paving the way for brighter futures. To date, they have distributed over 78,790 computers, served 82,947 students, and provided 239,000+ technology training hours.

Apply now for a free laptop from Compudopt


One of the global humanitarian social networks that provides a platform for people around the world to collaborate and bring education to all corners of the world is Labdoo.

The organization focuses on repurposing unused laptops and delivering them to schools in need.

Therefore, if you have an unused laptop, you can donate it to Labdoo. They ensure that the laptops are refurbished and reach students who need them the most.

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8. Camara Education

In the transformation of life chances in Africa through the use of technology, Camara Education is known for it.

The goal of this organization is to collect surplus IT equipment from businesses, process it to the highest environmental and data-security standards, and then provide it to schools in Africa.

The efforts do not only promote education but also reduce e-waste and ensure that IT equipment is recycled appropriately at the end of its life.

Camara has installed numerous computers, supplied various schools, trained teachers, and benefited millions of children.

Apply now for your free laptop from

9. Close the Gap

One such initiative that aims to provide affordable and free laptops for African students for social projects is, Close the Gap.

The mission revolves around supporting projects in various fields like education, health, environment, and more. However, it’s essential to note that their support isn’t entirely free.

Those interested in collaborating with Close the Gap usually start with a minimum of 20 computers. While they don’t donate hardware free of charge, they occasionally have grant opportunities from partners that can sponsor projects.

Apply here for your free laptop from Close the Gap. 

10. OLPC (One Laptop Per Child)

If you need an organization that delivers an educational ecosystem to foster innovative learning experiences, OLPC should be taken into consideration.

The organization provides free laptops for African students, with the sole aim of empowering them globally, allowing them to build their knowledge and promote individual empowerment.

OLPC collaborates with governments, the private sector, and non-profit organizations to introduce new avenues of learning and self-expression through digital technology. They emphasize that they are not just about providing a laptop but are a program aimed at social transformation through learning.

Apply here for OLPC

11. Computers with Causes

One such organization that believes in the power of learning from the past, living for today, and hoping for a brighter tomorrow is Computers with Causes. This organization provides free laptops for African students.

They invite individuals and nonprofits who genuinely need a working computer to apply on their platform. The main focus is to assist a variety of groups, including students, teachers, parents, the elderly, foster homes, shelters, disabled US veterans, struggling military families, and other nonprofit organizations.

Apply now for your free laptop from  Computers with Causes


Organizations such as Lord’s Hands Computers for Africa, One Young World, and Computers with Causes, among others, have put efforts to work to provide free laptops for African students.

These initiatives are not just offering tools but are opening doors to endless opportunities, knowledge, and empowerment. Ultimately every laptop donated draws African students closer to a brighter future.

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