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Many organisations and institutions in the UK have seen and understand the essence of digital inclusion, especially for disabled adults. In response, we are now seeing a massive influx of organisations willing to give a free laptop for disabled adults UK.

The initiatives bring about support by providing free or loaned laptop for disabled individuals. This will opportune everyone access to the digital universe.

In this article, I have collated some of the best programs out there that you can apply and get a free laptop. You just needed the necessary information about organisations. Now, this post is providing you with free information on programs that will offer a free laptop for disabled adults UK.

Free Laptop for Disabled Adults UK

1. Pass It On

For individuals in the UK with disabilities or long-term health conditions who find it challenging to access publicly available computers, Pass It On, an Edinburgh-based charity, offers a solution.

Established in 2002, Pass It On provides free computer systems specifically to those residing in the Edinburgh and Lothians postcode area. The charity adapts and customizes donated equipment to meet the individual needs and interests of its clients.

Pass It On offers volunteering opportunities, especially for those requiring extra support. The charity is driven by a strong belief that the advantages of digital technology should be accessible to every member of society.

Pass It On for a Free Laptop for Disabled Adults UK

2. Microsoft

Looking for yet another entity committed to creating a more accessible future? Then you have Microsoft.

They offer a range of accessible technology and products designed with and for people with disabilities, ensuring everyone can participate in today’s connected world.

Microsoft provides specialized features and solutions, including closed captioning, mono sound, and live call transcription for those who are hard of hearing, have hearing loss, or have deafness. They also offer innovative tools like dictation and Windows Hello sign-in to make the digital world more accessible for those with dyslexia, seizures, autism, or other cognitive differences.

Apply for Microsoft Accessibility free laptop for disabled adults UK.

3. Turn 2Us

You can also use Turn2Us, an organisation that highlights the challenges faced by those who don’t own a computer, struggle to use one, or have a disability. This makes using a conventional computer difficult. Therefore, such may be missing out on benefits.

This is particularly true for the most vulnerable in society, including the elderly, the disabled, and those in financial hardship.

The main tools to check benefit entitlement, such as the Turn2us Benefits Calculator, are primarily accessible online, posing a significant barrier for those without internet access. Universal Credit has received criticism for its online-centric application process, leaving those without computers struggling.

However, Turn2Us offers a helpline for those without internet access, providing information on benefits and grants.

Visit Turn2Us for more information

4. WaveLength

You have probably not heard of WaveLength. Well, I didn’t until deep research to discover this organisation. They provide support by giving radios, televisions, and tablet computers, free of charge, to people who are disabled and cannot afford PCs.

WaveLength believes that for lonely people, a simple radio, television, or tablet can feel like a lifeline. They help UK people who have become lonely through various circumstances such as

  • the death of a loved one
  • illness or injury
  • disability or impairment
  • homelessness
  • domestic abuse
  • a refugee, or moving away from friends and family

WaveLength application for free laptop for disabled adults UK

5. City of Westminster

Actively working to tackle digital exclusion, the City of Westminster acknowledges the need for access to laptops as a necessity.

An estimated 9% of families in the UK do not have a laptop, desktop, or tablet at home. In Westminster, some schools have reported that 35-45% of children either had no access to the internet or relied on one shared family smartphone for access.

The council has provided over 1,500 devices since Christmas. They are also seeking further support from local businesses, individuals, and partners to provide donations of both laptops and funding to purchase more devices.

The focus is to help young people on Free School Meals or anyone identified by a Westminster school as being from a disadvantaged background and without a laptop at home. If there are additional devices or funds, they will distribute devices to other groups who need them, including job seekers, adult learners, adults with disabilities, and anyone identified by their front-line services teams.

Get a Free City of Westminster Free laptop for disabled adults UK

6. Blackpool and the Fylde College

Blackpool and The Fylde College is dedicated to being an inclusive learning organisation. The organisation strives to respect individual differences and value and celebrate diversity within the community.

Also, they offer support to UK students with physical disabilities, providing tailored support that meets the needs of each student. This includes support for accessing areas of the college, note-taking, adapting materials, feeding, and obtaining food and drink. You also get a loan of equipment to assist with studying, such as laptops and dictaphones.

The college also has facilities to assist with personal care and a team of support staff who are hoist-trained.

Apply for Blackpool and The Fylde College free laptop

7. Computers for the Disabled

A unique charity in the UK, Computers for the Disabled (CFTD) was established in May 1998. The mission is to assist disabled people and the elderly by providing them with used laptops, iPads, and iPhones. If you belong in this category, this is your opportunity.

This charity has supplied over 4000 computers and parts to individuals and organisations, offering advice and specializing in aiding elderly and disabled home users who cannot afford new equipment.

The charity is run by dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly, often into the night, to collect, rebuild, or repair donated computers. The laptops supplied are reconditioned or refurbished using new and second-hand parts and are distributed throughout the UK.

Apply for Computers for the Disabled Free Laptop

8. Family Fund

One of the charity organisations that provides grants for technology to support children with their learning and digital development is the Family Fund. They partner with Stone to offer computer and tablet grants to families with disabled or seriously ill children. These grants include computers, laptops, iPads, and various tablets. It is important to note that these grants can only be provided through this supplier, and cash alternatives are unfortunately not considered.

The grants for computers or tablets need to be used within three months of the date on the grant award letter.

Get a Free Laptop from Family Fund for disabled adults

9. Lead Scotland

You can also get a free laptop for disabled adults UK via the helpful hands of Lead Scotland. They offer a free computer loan scheme where individuals can borrow a laptop or a tablet for up to six months.

This scheme is especially beneficial for those who find it difficult to use a computer due to physical impairment, vision problems, or reading and writing skills.

Lead Scotland ensures that the device is accessible and personalized to suit the individual’s needs. However, there may be a waiting list for a computer depending on the level of demand.

Apply here for Lead Scotland free laptop for disabled adults UK.

10. Access for Students (DSA assessment)

Access for Students provides a comprehensive guide to grants available for disabled students in the UK. You will get insights into various forms of support beyond the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA). Also, you get detailed eligibility criteria and application processes for university bursaries, scholarships, and grants.

These are non-repayable and can aid with the general costs of living and studying. The DSA grant is particularly noteworthy, providing equipment and resources such as laptops and learning support mentors, without the need for repayment.

This program for free laptop for disabled adults UK is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students with specific learning difficulties, sensory impairments, and long-term medical, physical, and mental health conditions.

Access for Students Giving Free Laptops

11. Middlesbrough College

Middlesbrough College offers the MC Click scheme, providing free laptop devices for eligible students to assist with their studies. This scheme is available for all 16-19-year-old students on a Level 1, 2, or 3 study programme, all HE students on Level 4 and 5 programmes, and Access to HE students.

The devices, which include new built-in AI features to aid learning, are distributed at enrolment and are to be kept by the students, who can use them at college or home throughout their course.

You Can Get a Free Laptop on Middlesbrough College’s MC

12. University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire offers a Laptop Loan Scheme to support students in need. This scheme prioritizes full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at various campuses, including Luton, Bedford, Aylesbury, and Milton Keynes.

The focus is on students who are unable to access the University libraries due to childcare responsibilities. Students from low-income families, disabled students who find it difficult to use the library, students who have entered the University of Bedfordshire from care or are estranged from family, and refugee students receiving full Student Finance England funding.

The application process is simple; you just need to complete a form and email it to the specified address.

Get the University of Bedfordshire Free Laptop Loan

13. East Sussex Local Offer

East Sussex Local Offer serves as a hub of information and services related to Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

You will be assisted, whether children, young people, parents, and carers, in making informed decisions. The platform lists a wide range of local and online SEND-specific services, including mental health and wellbeing support, mainstream schools’ accessibility information, and specialist facilities.

You will gain insights into various educational services, strategies, and grants available in East Sussex, helping families and individuals navigate through the available support and resources.

Apply for East Sussex Local Offer.

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