Southampton University sports scholarships 2024 UK

The University of Southampton holds a significant commitment to nurturing and enhancing the skills of promising student-athletes. So, each year, the university offers Southampton University sports scholarships to students to advance their sporting potential.

Southampton University sports scholarships

Below are the Southampton University sports scholarships:

The scholarships are categorized into Talent ID, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The awards are granted based on the number of applications received and the potential and skill level of the applicant.

1. Talent ID

This scholarship is offered to regional competitors in a BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) sport, who possess the potential to represent at the national level, either at the junior or senior stage.

2. Bronze scholarships

The Bronze Southampton University sports scholarships are given to major national competitors at a senior level in a non-BUCS sport, or to those competing at the junior level in a BUCS sport but demonstrating the potential to represent at the senior level.

3. Silver scholarships

You will get the Silver scholarship if you are reserved for major national competitors at the senior level in a BUCS sport who have the potential to represent internationally or to hold a semi-professional contract.

4. Gold scholarships

We also have the Gold scholarships which are awarded to major international competitors at the senior level or those holding a professional contract.

How to apply

Follow the steps below to apply for Southampton University sports scholarships:

1. Review the criteria

Get to know the different scholarship levels listed earlier available at the University of Southampton. These include Talent ID, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each with specific eligibility requirements.

You can then determine your eligibility by assessing your sporting achievements and level of competition to determine which scholarship category you may qualify for. Ensure that you meet the criteria outlined for the respective level.

2. Visit the application portal

Visit the university’s website application page HERE and fill out the application form with the required information accurately. Enter details about your sporting achievements, competition level, and any relevant accolades or honors.

3. Submit the scholarship application

Once you have completed the form, submit it by the specified deadline, which is September. Ensure that all required fields are filled in and any additional documents requested are included with your application.

4. Contact for questions

If you have any questions or require clarification regarding the sports scholarship application process, reach out to the designated contact person via email. You can send your queries to

5. Wait for approval

The Sports Scholarship Panel is responsible for making decisions regarding the awarding of Southampton University sports scholarships to applicants. However, understand that meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee you get the scholarship automatically.

The good thing is that even late applications may be considered, but these will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, late applicants will not be eligible for a cash award for the current academic year.

Applications are now open and the deadline is set for September. To apply, you must submit the application form.

Pathway Sports Southampton University sports scholarships

In addition to these scholarships, the University of Southampton’s Pathway Sports programme is another sports scholarship offered by Southampton. The university picks two teams displaying the highest commitment toward cultivating a performance culture.

The chosen teams will receive term-time support, including twice-weekly face-to-face S&C sessions, remote S&C programming, face-to-face, and virtual Pilates/Recovery sessions, and a gift towards kit and wellbeing training. This comprehensive package is designed to enhance their sporting performance.

What are you waiting for? Get on board quickly and apply for these Southampton University sports scholarships now.

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