Florida Institute of Technology Scholarships for international students 2024-25

The entire application you submit for full-time undergraduate study at the Melbourne campus of the university serves as your application for most of the merit-based Florida Institute of Technology Scholarships for international students. That means that no separate application is needed for merit-based consideration. However, you may be required to attach specific documentation to your application.

Florida Institute of Technology Scholarships for international students

Florida Institute of Technology Scholarships for international students are granted at the point of admission. To claim a scholarship, a student must be admitted and registered as a full-time undergraduate student seeking a degree at Melbourne. Unless specified otherwise, the scholarships detailed below are open to domestic (U.S.) freshmen and are outlined separately.

Note that Florida Resident Scholarships and Academic Scholarships are mutually exclusive, meaning they cannot be stacked or combined. If you are eligible for more than one scholarship listed below, you will be offered one of higher value, rather than two or more.

Nevertheless, scholarships less than full tuition may be combined with Incentive Scholarships, Florida Tech Family Grants, and Need-Based Grants.

It is also possible to combine Florida Tech scholarships with state and federal scholarship and grant programs.

All that said, below are the Florida Institute of Technology scholarships for international students:

Florida Resident Merit Scholarships

The subsequent scholarship opportunities are accessible to students who reside in Florida:

1. Panther Distinguished Scholar Award

This scholarship is available to high school students who are eligible for the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) award and intend to study at Florida Tech. The Florida Tech Distinguished Scholar Award, a combination of scholarships and grants, covers full tuition, facilities, and activities fees at Florida Tech. The award is only available to first-time freshmen.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Fill out the Florida Financial Aid Application during their high school education.
  • Be eligible for the Bright Futures Florida Academic Scholars award.
  • Apply and be accepted as a full-time, on-campus, degree-pursuing student at Florida Tech by February 1 of the year immediately preceding the first semester.
  • Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list Florida Tech as the recipient (financial aid code: 001469) by February 1 of the year immediately preceding the first semester.

2. Farmer Scholars Programs

Each year, the Florida Institute of Technology identifies one exceptionally deserving student for the Farmer Scholarship. This scholarship covers the entirety of tuition, accommodation, meals, and any associated fees.

Academic Scholarships

These are other aspects of Florida Institute of Technology Scholarships for international students.

3. Panther Fund Merit Scholarship

All candidates are eligible for the Panther Fund Merit Scholarship. This type of scholarship, also known as an academic or merit-based scholarship, is granted based on an applicant’s academic achievements in high school, which include their weighted GPA and standardized test scores, and is finalized upon admission.

The Florida Institute of Technology Scholarships for international students extend to all domestic students from the United States, irrespective of whether they are from within the state or out of state. Panther Fund Merit Scholarship monetary value varies, but it can cover up to half of the tuition fee.

4. Panther Fund NCSSS Scholarship

Students who graduate from NCSSS high school are qualified to receive at least a 50% tuition Panther Fund Scholarship, provided they gain admission and pursue full-time enrollment. These students must fulfill the necessary criteria for the merit scholarship and complete their admission application, specifying that they attended a high school under NCSSS.

Incentive Florida Institute of Technology Scholarships for international students

Engaging in specified extracurricular activities qualifies you for the ensuing supplementary scholarship offerings.

5. FIRST Robotics & Vex Robotics Award

An extra $2,500 per year as part of the Panther Fund Scholarship will be provided to current high school students who are part of an official FIRST Robotics or Vex Robotics team, given they gain admission and register as full-time students.

Eligibility requirements:

  • A letter of verification from their FIRST team adviser indicating their active involvement during the application year.
  • Finalized admission and financial aid processes during your final year in high school.

6. Scouting – Eagle Scout And Girl Scout Gold Award

Every incoming freshman who has accomplished the level of Eagle Scout or received the Girl Scout Gold Award, and gains full-time undergraduate admission to Florida Tech’s Melbourne campus, is assured an extra $2,500 per year through the Panther Fund Scholarship.

You are required to provide a certificate confirming your achievement before being admitted to the university and must finalize the admissions procedure before your first term begins.

Transfer Scholarships

7. Florida Tech Transfer Scholarship

A maximum of $14,000 annually is available to students who maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.8 or above at the university level.

This scholarship is eligible for combination with the Florida Tech Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.

8. Florida Tech Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship

If you apply and get accepted into Florida Tech and are a member of Phi Theta Kappa, you can receive an additional $2,500 annually. Evidence of Phi Theta Kappa membership must be provided during the application process.

  • Athletic Scholarships

Florida Tech participates in 11 NCAA Division II sports, including:

    • baseball
    • men’s basketball
    • women’s basketball
    • men’s lacrosse
    • women’s lacrosse
    • men’s soccer
    • women’s soccer
    • softball
    • men’s swimming
    • women’s swimming and volleyball.

You can also reach out to the athletic department about this sports scholarship.

Florida Tech Grants

Grants at Florida Tech are provided to students on grounds apart from merit, including financial need. These grants function as “gift” awards and there’s no requirement for repayment. In order to be eligible for these need-based grants, students are required to submit the FAFSA.

1. Legacy Grant

This grant is designed for children of Florida Tech alumni who are enrolling in a full-time undergraduate program at Florida Tech. It provides a sum of $2,500 which can be renewed annually for up to four years. This grant is bestowed alongside any merit scholarships that you may have earned.

2. Family Grant

This grant is intended for siblings of students currently attending Florida Tech as full-time undergraduates. If eligible, you can receive a $2,500 grant which is renewable for a maximum of four years. This grant is awarded in conjunction with any merit-based scholarships that the student may have earned.

3. Army ROTC Housing & Meals Grant

Recipients of the Army ROTC Scholarship at Florida Tech are also entitled to a university grant that takes care of housing and meal expenses for the duration of their ROTC scholarship. Both first-year students and those transferring to the university can apply for this Florida Institute of Technology scholarship.

How to apply

The application process for Florida Institute of Technology Scholarships for international students is simple. Visit fit.edu/admissions/ and apply for the scholarship opportunity of your choice.

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