What Museums Are Free with EBT? [Musuems for All 2024]

You will agree that museums are magical places where history, art, science, and culture come alive. You will experience a window into the past, a glimpse of the future, and a deep dive into the wonders of the present. However, some people may not afford access to these treasures. But what if there is a way out? Well, there is with your EBT card. So, what museums are free with EBT? I have used my EBT at a few museums, and know about others that will approve your visit.

We have the ‘Museums for All’ initiative. This provides a program that helps close the gap between the wonders of museum experiences and the financial constraints. So, if you face difficulty raising funds a a museum tour, presenting an EBT card is the free way out. You can apply as an individual or a family and receive SNAP benefits that give free or discounted admission into numerous museums across the country.

What Museums Are Free with EBT?

Lots of museums are free with EBT. So, everyone, regardless of financial situation, can join in the enriching experiences that museums offer. That said, below are top museums that are free with EBT.

1. Museum for All

Museums are wonderful places to explore, learn, and experience the wonders of art, history, science, and culture. For those receiving food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), there’s good news!

The Museums for All initiative allows individuals and families receiving SNAP benefits to gain free or reduced admission to more than 1,200 museums across the United States. All that’s required is to present an EBT card along with a photo ID. The aim is to make museums accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

Explore Museums for All’s free EBT Card Entry

2. Museum of Discovery and Science

Looking for a museum that is free with EBT? One such museum participating in the Museum for All program is the Museum of Discovery and Science. They offer a special program where individuals who are part of the SNAP can avail of low-cost admission.

This program, supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and administered by the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM), encourages people from all backgrounds to develop a habit of visiting museums.

Anyone can qualify for this offer at the Museum of Discovery and Science. You just need to present a valid photo ID and your EBT card at the box office. Qualified individuals will receive an admission fee of just $2 per person for up to four people per EBT or WIC card. This offer applies to both adults and children, and children under the age of 2 are admitted for free.

Visit Museum of Discovery and Science with free EBT

3 San Francisco Human Services Agency

If you’re a resident of San Francisco and are looking for a cultural experience, there’s a fantastic program for you. If eligible as a resident, you will enjoy free or reduced admission to local museums and cultural centers.

The San Francisco Museums For All program is open all year round. To avail of this offer, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check the visiting hours and ticketing information of the museum you wish to visit.
  2. Make online reservations if available. Note that special exhibits might not be discounted and could require separate reservations.
  3. When you visit, present your EBT or Medi-Cal card along with proof of SF residence.

This program ensures that regardless of your financial situation, you can access and enjoy the rich cultural experiences that San Francisco hosts.

San Francisco Human Services Agency with free EBT

4. California Museum

If you’re in California, the California Museum offers a similar program. Through the Museums for All initiative, those receiving food assistance (SNAP benefits) can get reduced admission to more than 850 museums throughout the United States.

At the California Museum, EBT cardholders and up to three other individuals can gain admission for just $2 per person. This is part of the museum’s commitment to ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their background, can enjoy and learn from the museum’s offerings.

California Museum free EBT

5. Shedd Aquarium

For those who love exploring the wonders of nature and science, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has a special program for eligible low-income families. Present your Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card at the aquarium to enjoy daily free and discounted admission.

This initiative is part of the Museums for All program, which aims to make cultural and educational experiences accessible to everyone. The Shedd Aquarium offers a rich array of marine life exhibits and interactive experiences.

Visiting is open to all qualified people. You will need to make online reservations in advance. At the aquarium, simply present your EBT card to redeem the special offer.

Shedd Aquarium free EBT Card Entry

6. The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

Down in Florida, The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is another institution that participates in the Museums for All program. This museum offers a diverse range of exhibits, from natural history to special exhibitions, a planetarium, and even a manatee rehabilitation habitat.

Families with SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), or other EBT cards can enjoy free general admission. All you need to do is present your EBT card and a state-issued photo ID upon arrival.

The Bishop Museum free EBT

7. Cincinnati Museum Center

Learning and fun go hand in hand at the Cincinnati Museum. The belief is in building strong individuals, families, and communities through exploration and discovery. If you have a SNAP or Medicaid card, you and your family can benefit from their participation in the Museums for All program.

When you present your valid food assistance card, SNAP card, or Medicaid card along with a photo ID, you will receive free parking and a museum admission ticket for just $2 per person for up to ten guests. This offer extends to various exhibits, including The Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center and Bricktionary: The ultimate LEGO® A-Z.

Cincinnati Museum Center free EBT

8. Colonial Williamsburg

In Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg offers a glimpse into America’s history. Through the Museums for All initiative, those receiving SNAP benefits can purchase a single-day admission ticket for just $3.

As a guest, you need to present your SNAP EBT card at any of the ticketing locations in Colonial Williamsburg. This special rate ensures that history is accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial background.

Colonial Williamsburg free EBT

9 Exploratorium

In a bid to give everyone access to their interactive exhibits and learning experiences, Exploratorium allows people with EBT cards into the Museum. If you have an EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer), SF Medi-Cal, or SF CalFresh card, you’re in for a treat. You just need to show your card along with a photo ID upon arrival for four free admission tickets. Note that this is an effort to partner with museums across the country. Therefore, everyone can experience the best of what museums house.

Exploratorium free EBT

10. Children’s Museum of Manhattan

In New York City, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan offers a range of programs to ensure that all families can enjoy their interactive exhibits. If you have an EBT/SNAP card, you’re eligible for free admission through the Museums for All program.

But that’s not all; the museum also offers free admission to families with a child enrolled in a participating early childhood center or elementary school through the Cool Culture Family Pass Program. Also, many New York City agencies’ employees, including the NYC Department of Education and the NYC Department of Homeless Services can get free admission. Just submit your employee identification card and there you go – inside the museum for free with EBT.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan free EBT

11. Chicago Children’s Museum

At a renowned institution, families can immerse themselves in a world of wonder and discovery. The Chicago Children’s Museum offers an opportunity for those who qualify for state food assistance. At each arrival, there must be at least one adult and one child 17 years old or younger to qualify for the Museums for All admission rate.

Present your EBT card, known in Illinois as the Link card, or a WIC ID, visitors to access the museum for a mere $3 per person for up to 6 people. This is part of an effort to make sure that every child and family enjoys enriching museum experiences.

Chicago Children’s Museum free EBT

12. Arizona Science Center

For people who love exploring the wonders of science, the Arizona Science Center is a hub of scientific exploration and wonder. They have joined the Museums for All program, which offers discounted general admission to EBT cardholders who are 18 years or older. Present a current EBT card and a valid photo ID, visitors can enjoy the center’s myriad exhibits for just $3 per person, for themselves and up to three others.

Arizona Science Center free EBT

13. The Lawrence Hall of Science

If wondering, “What museums are free with EBT? Well, the Lawrence Hall of Science is one such place where the wonders of science come alive. They are part of a cooperative initiative that aims to ensure every child and family, regardless of their background, can have access to high-quality museum experiences. Like most museums on this list, all you have to do is show your EBT card or a WIC ID to enjoy the museum’s historical view.

Get into Lawrence Hall of Science free EBT card

14. Science Museum of Virginia

If you are looking for a museum that makes quality museum experiences available to everyone, the Science Museum of Virginia should be taken into consideration. They offer a special Museums for All membership for limited-resource families.

For just $25, two adults and all children under 18 in the household can enjoy a year of free regular admission. To avail of this membership, visitors need to present proof of financial assistance, such as a SNAP or EBT card, along with a valid photo ID.

Science Museum of Virginia free EBT card entry

15. Museum of Science

The vast array of exhibits and interactive experiences provided by Museums of Science to everyone is amazing. They have a variety of offers to make your visit more affordable. One such initiative is the Card to Culture and Museums for All programs.

With your EBT or WIC card, you’re in for a treat. EBT cardholders can get up to 4 free Exhibit Halls admissions per day, all year long, with a valid MA photo ID. And if you’re an EBT cardholder from outside Massachusetts, you can still receive 4 free Exhibit Halls admissions per day with a state-issued photo ID. WIC cardholders can also get up to 4 free Exhibit Halls admissions with a valid MA photo ID.

Museum of Science free with EBT

16. Children’s Museum of Richmond

Another proud participant in the ‘Museums for All’ initiative is the Children’s Museum of Richmond. This program ensures that families receiving food assistance can gain free or reduced admission to the museum, making it more accessible for everyone. It is evident that these initiatives are committed to ensuring that every child and family can enjoy their interactive exhibits and learning experiences.

Children (Under 12 Months)Free
Seniors$1 Off
Military Personnel (and their guests)$1 Off
Educators$1 Off

Children’s Museum of Richmond free EBT

17. The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission (PHMC)

The rich history and culture of Pennsylvania are shared and preserved by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission. This museum is part of the Museums for All initiative. So, the aim is now to encourage people of all backgrounds to visit museums regularly with little to no fee.

Like any other, you present an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card along with an identification. Once approved, explore participating state-owned museums such as The State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, and the Erie Maritime Museum for a minimal fee of $2 per person.

This offer is specifically for general admission and does not include special programs or events. According to PHMC, the goal is to ensure that everyone can experience the best of what the state-operated museums have to offer at affordable prices.

Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission free EBT

18. Louisiana Children’s Museum

Every child should have and also be given the opportunity to learn and play. In order to make this work, the Louisiana Children’s Museum offers general admission to the museum for a minimal fee of $2 per person (for up to four people) with the presentation of a SNAP Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card and a photo ID. You can tell that this makes the museum’s resources accessible to a greater number of children and families. Also, it raises public awareness about how museums in the U.S. are reaching entire communities almost at no cost.

Louisiana Children’s Museum free EBT entry


The Museums for All program is an excellent example of the importance of making educational and cultural resources accessible to all. With this, museums can provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, and by offering free or discounted admission to individuals who receive SNAP benefits, they are opening their doors to a wider range of people. As long as your local museum is part of the program, you will enjoy the opportunity to explore that historical museum setting near you.

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