Burger King Student Discount

Burger King is a well-known American fast-food chain that serves hamburgers. As a student, you need food to stay energized, however, you are also looking to save as much money as possible on student-friendly deals. One such is the Burger King discount also available to students. So, in this post, we will talk about the Burger King student discount and how to use your code for discounts.

These discounts are not always available. So, they are typically occasional. If you can’t find one, it could mean that Burger King does not have any special deals at the moment.

Burger King Student Discount

You’ll usually find available Burger King discount codes on the fast food’s homepage. So, you have to go to bk.com/ where you will find discount deals and codes. We also have third-party websites offering these discount codes but it can be tough to find one since they can be outdated. So, when you go to the Burger King website I mentioned above, you’ll see all the available discounts you can apply to your orders. First, you’ll have to register an account. Now, with these simple steps, you should be able to secure a Burger King student discount.

  1. First, add everything you want to buy to your cart and go to the online checkout.
  2. Enter your discount code. Usually, the code should automatically apply if you access the order directly from the offer page.
  3. You’ll usually find a field labeled Promo Code, Discount Code, Student Discount, or Voucher Code on the checkout page, right before you enter and confirm your payment information.
  4. After you type in your code, you’ll see the discount subtracted from your total price, showing you how much you have saved.

For some Burger King deals, you won’t need a code at all. You’ll automatically get access to the student discount site without needing to apply your student discount code when you check out. Burger King also offers discounts in stores. You just need to show your student ID to get the discount.

Burger King does have a lot of offers. We have the ‘$1 Your Way Menu’, here, items such as the bacon cheeseburger, chicken Jr., value fries, and value fountain drink each go for $1, available for a limited time at participating U.S. restaurants. Not valid for delivery orders, unfortunately.

There is also the Wednesday deals, which, as the name implies, are available on Wednesdays at participating U.S. restaurants. So, check out your local Burger King for this deal. Burger King also has a two for $5 deal. When you choose 2 items from Whopper, Big Fish, original chicken sandwich, or chicken fries, you pay $5. I found that the price is different in each location.

Burger King Delivery

There is no direct student discount on Burger King delivery. However, the delivery terms are quite friendly. For orders between $5-$9.99, there’s a $1 delivery fee, a 10% service fee, and a $2.50 small cart fee. However, orders of $10 and above have a $1 delivery fee and a 10% service fee.

If you order food on Sundays and Mondays, there are no delivery fees for orders starting at $5, but a $2.50 small cart fee applies to orders between $5-$9.99. Orders $10 and above have free delivery.

Do Burger King Discount Codes Work?

You’ll find a lot of discount codes online but a lot of them do not work. I do advise students to use the deals offered differently on the Burger King website.

We’ve all felt the disappointment of getting excited about a discount, only to find out it doesn’t work when we try to use it. That’s why you have to use deals from Burger King Webster or just regularly check the discount codes online. A lot of these coupon offers stay in touch with Burger King to confirm that the codes are up to date and working.

Tips for Extra Saving on Burger King

  1. Always check the sales and discounts sections. Burger King updates any new deals on the discount section for everyone.
  2. Ask your local Burger King store about any available offers.
  3. Sign up for Burger King’s newsletter to be the first to receive discount deals.


So, that’s really what you need to know about Burger King student discount. Burger King doesn’t specifically offer deals to students but some physical restaurants do this from time to time. If your local BK stops allowing the deals, you’d be forced to stop patronizing them because many of us can’t and won’t pay the current full menu prices. We need to save as students, you know.

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