AMC Theater Student Discount [How to Get]

I understand how much you need the AMC Theater student discount, so I have made this simple guide on how to get discounts at AMC theaters. I work as a cashier at AMC, and I’m not being paid to share this information. No, this article does not promote the student discount for AMC; it’s just friendly advice from my experience. You’ll hear me talk about Stubs cards a lot, but it’s not a sales pitch. The Stubs Premiere membership is mainly what I’ll refer to, though there’s also a free Insider membership with smaller discounts.

All that said, I’m assuming that you are really interested in the information I’m about to share with you. Let’s get in.

AMC Theater Student Discount 2024

The simplest AMC Theater student discount method is to attend early shows. Movies before 12:00 PM are the least expensive of the day. Remember, formats like 3D and IMAX will increase the ticket price, so a standard format movie before noon is your best bet for savings.

For AMC Stubs members, there’s a great deal every Tuesday: you get $5 off per ticket, down to a $5 minimum. This really helps for evening shows and larger groups. In fact, with a group of 4 or more, buying a Stubs membership can save you more than it costs. With 3 people, the cost is the same, but you still enjoy other Stubs benefits.

The Stubs card also offers savings at the concession stand. All popcorn and drink sizes are priced at the next smaller size. So, if you buy a large drink, you pay for a medium, and the same goes for popcorn. You will also get a free refill on large popcorn.

During summer at AMC theaters, you can find $5 combo coupons near the cashiers. If you ask the person at the box office or the concessions stand, they usually have one. This combo includes a drink and popcorn for $5, which is a good deal considering it’s cheaper than buying a single drink normally.

Seniors aged 60 and above get a discount on their tickets for shows starting after 12:00 PM. Children 12 years and under also receive a discount on their tickets for shows after 12:00 PM. For anyone with a military ID (it doesn’t need to be current) or a current student ID, there’s a discount on movie tickets for shows starting after 4:00 PM.

If you prefer buying tickets online, having a Stubs card is beneficial because it waives the $2.50 online booking fee. This can lead to significant savings, especially when purchasing multiple tickets.

If you visit AMC theaters during your birthday month, having a Stubs card gets you free large popcorn and large soda. I believe the cost of these items is actually higher than the price of the Stubs card. So, if you don’t have a Stubs card yet, it’s almost like they’re giving you an incentive to get one.

The Stubs card also offers a $5 discount on concessions and tickets for every $50 you spend. Since spending $50 at a movie theater can happen quite quickly, you’re likely to earn this reward pretty fast.

How Much is AMC Student Discount?

They don’t offer student discounts everywhere, but I’ve noticed them in some college towns. The discount for students is usually a bit more than for seniors, about $2 off. Matinee prices start at 4 pm, and they don’t combine discounts. In big cities, there might be a discount day once a week.

How to Get the AMC Theater Student Discount Tuesdays Benefit

All AMC Stubs members, including Insider, Premiere, and A-List members, are eligible. For discounts on Tuesday showtimes, just show your virtual or physical AMC Stubs card, your account number, or the email used for your AMC account when buying tickets at the theatre.

You can also get this AMC Theater student discount online or on the AMC mobile app. Just make sure you are logged into your AMC Stubs account.

Where to Get AMC Theater Student Discount Tuesdays Benefit?

The Discount Tuesdays benefits are available at all locations where AMC tickets are sold. This includes AMC theatres, the AMC website or app, and third-party ticketing sites like Fandango and Atom Tickets. Keep in mind that discounts may depend on the location.

Also, the Discount Tuesdays deal is for any showtime on a Tuesday. This is true even if you buy your tickets ahead of time.

Extra charges are applied for premium experiences like Dolby Cinema, IMAX®, PRIME, RealD® 3D, and D-Box. Also, tickets bought on a Tuesday for a different day don’t qualify for this discount.

Some Films Are Excluded from Discount Tuesdays

Yes, this is correct, some special events are not eligible for the AMC Theater student discount Tuesdays offer. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Fan events
  2. Private screenings
  3. Movie marathons
  4. Double features
  5. Fathom Events
  6. Metropolitan Opera
  7. Sporting events
  8. Certain foreign language film showtimes
  9. Dreamscape at AMC experiences, and
  10. Other events with ticket prices higher than standard.

Surcharges are added for premium formats like Dolby Cinema, IMAX, PRIME, RealD 3D, and D-Box.

There are other exclusions or blackout dates you need to know. Dreamscape at AMC experiences are not part of the Discount Tuesdays offer. Also, while they’re not excluded, there are additional charges for premium formats, including Dolby Cinema, IMAX, PRIME, RealD 3D, and D-Box.

Do Premium Formats Include Discount Tuesdays Benefits?

Yes, premium formats are included, but you’ll still have to pay the premium format surcharges. The Discount Tuesdays savings apply to the base ticket price, but additional fees are required for experiences like Dolby Cinema, IMAX, PRIME, RealD 3D, and D-Box. Dreamscape at AMC is not included in the Discount Tuesdays savings.

Benefits for AMC Stubs A-List Members on Discount Tuesdays

As an AMC Stubs A-List member, you can take full advantage of the Discount Tuesdays program.

  1. You can either use your A-List benefits for regular reservations or opt for discounted tickets on Tuesdays while earning AMC Stubs points.
  2. You can also use one of your A-List reservations and still extend the Tuesday discounts to your companions.
  3. You can add a $5 Small Combo (a small-sized fountain drink and popcorn) at any theater for even more savings on Tuesdays.


So, that’s really it about the AMC Theater student discount. I have to mention that Discount Tuesdays are available for AMC Stubs Insider Members. Also, you can use the benefits of this discount when buying through Fandango or Other Third-Party Sites. Just make sure you are logged into your AMC Stubs account when you make the purchase to get the discount.

Ps. You don’t need your student ID if you are an AMC Stub member. If you are not a member, there’s a discount for students on tickets, which you can get at the box office or concession stand by showing your student ID. Sometimes, there’s also a special student combo that comes with a QR code. You can find out about these deals on the website, and they’re often given to students at the theatre too.

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