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If you have recently moved to the UK for your education, you have to join UK school groups to keep you up to date. You will really need this if you are a new applicant or were just admitted. I have joined many UK student groups while seeking admission here. So, today, I will share an active UK students WhatsApp group link for you to join.

In these groups, you can get to interact with people from India, Pakistan, Nigeria. or even local London students. In this post, you will find a comprehensive list of various WhatsApp group links based on UK students. I sourced them from not just universities in London but also from local institutes around the UK. These groups contain information and offer course details, opportunities to connect with international peers, updates on education, insights on admissions, exams, and so on.

UK Students WhatsApp Group Link

Before you go into other WhatsApp group links, this first one is the best UK students WhatsApp group link.

Best UK Students WhatsApp Group Link

However, you have to be respectful, otherwise, the admin will change the WhatsApp group link to block new participants.

Now, here is a list of other UK students WhatsApp group links you can join for school updates and related information.

Group NameUK Students WhatsApp Group Link
Study in UKGroup Link
UK Students Assignment SupportGroup Link
Aston UniversityGroup Link
UK StudentsGroup Link
UK PharmacistsGroup Link
Radiance ResearchGroup Link
Assignment AssistanceGroup Link
UK Assignment HelpersGroup Link
Research GroupGroup Link
General KnowledgeGroup Link
Affordable AssignmentGroup Link
London AttitudeGroup Link
Only LondonGroup Link
London ArmeniaGroup Link
LondonGroup Link


There is a solution if you receive the failed to get group info error below.

WhatsApp failed to get group info

Now, copy the UK student WhatsApp group link and send it to someone on your WhatsApp contact, then click the group link from there—it will allow you to finally join the WhatsApp group.

UK Student WhatsApp Group Rules

  1. Always respect the rules of the UK students WhatsApp group. Admins can remove members who don’t.
  2. Only share information helpful to UK students.
  3. No selling of courses or advertising in the group.
  4. Keep personal numbers and videos private. Don’t share any leaked content from UK universities.
  5. This group is for London or UK students. International students should look for other groups.
  6. Avoid criticizing students, institutions, or teachers in the UK.
  7. Share details about London visa processes or admissions.
  8. Follow the rules, or you might be banned.
  9. Share study-related content like exam details, forms, and study materials.
  10. It’s up to London students to decide who joins the group.
  11. Stick to the group’s topic when sharing posts.
  12. Don’t change the group’s name or icon without admin approval.
  13. No ads, affiliate links, or unrelated websites. Only share relevant topics or questions.
  14. Always ask before texting or calling group members. Members can report you if you don’t.

How to Join UK WhatsApp Groups with Links

I earlier posted a UK students WhatsApp group link that I recommend as the best. However, this does not mean that others aren’t. Now, to become a member of any WhatsApp group link, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that you have the WhatsApp application installed on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Once you’ve identified a group you’d like to join, simply click the link.
  3. This will take you to the official WhatsApp page. Here, you’ll see a “Join Now” button; click it.
  4. Congratulations! You’re now part of the WhatsApp group.

Currently, you can create a WhatsApp group with up to 1024 participants, according to WhatsApp. So, if you try to join a UK students WhatsApp group link, and it doesn’t work, it could mean that the group is full.


So, I have been able to share most of the UK student WhatsApp groups that you should join. If you noticed, I highlighted the best UK students WhatsApp group link you should click to join.

However, when you join any group, never trust any participant. Do not share personal information or chat with anyone who asks you to pay money for anything.

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