Hardest Sorority to Get Into at FSU

When it comes to rushing at FSU, you need to keep an open mind and consider all of the sororities, rather than just one or two. This way, you won’t be disappointed if you don’t get into your top choices. Generally, the hardest sorority to get into at FSU is one that does not align with your values, interests, and overall personality.

I personally didn’t rush pan because I found the process to be overwhelming and taxing, especially with sensory sensitivities and quickly changing tasks. Also, the cost was a factor.

However, pan isn’t the only option for getting involved in Greek life. During my undergrad, I joined an interest-based women’s fraternity, which was a perfect fit for me. Here, the rush process and membership aspects are much more relaxed, and you may easily form some of the closest relationships of your life through the fraternity. So, if the hardest sorority to get into at FSU is too much for you, consider interest-based fraternities or sororities that align with your values and interests.

Hardest Sorority to get into at FSU

Usually, the highest houses are the most competitive if you are looking to be in a top house. That is not to say that a top house automatically means it is hard to get in. Also, not everyone will completely agree with the list below. That said, below is the hardest sorority to get into at FSU in their order.

1. ZTA – Zeta Tau Alpha

ZTA is the hardest to get bids from. If you include academic talent and leadership, then you have this house as the hardest sorority to get into at FSU.

ZTA is known for its rich history and commitment to fostering love, building a purer and nobler womanhood, and intensifying friendship among its members. With its focus on leadership development, service, academic achievement, and personal growth, ZTA has become one of the hardest sororities to get into at FSU.

The fraternity’s national philanthropy focuses on breast cancer education and awareness, and the ZTA Foundation awards approximately $1 million in scholarships each year. There are currently 172 active college campuses with ZTA chapters, each offering a unique experience for its members. The recruitment process is a mutual selection process where potential new members and sororities determine the best fit for each other.

Website: Zeta Tau Alpha

2. KD – Kappa Delta

Looks-wise, KD is easily the hardest sorority to get into at FSU. It is one of the highest houses, which adds to the explanation of why it is hard to get a bid. KD is for you if you need a competitive, top house. Kappa Delta (KD) is a community of confident women that provides an inclusive environment and allows members to create a legacy on their campus. With its commitment to building confidence and inspiring action, KD has also become one of the hardest sororities to get into at FSU. The sorority offers opportunities for leadership development, personal growth, and taking action on important issues.

KD was founded in 1897 with the intention of creating a sisterhood that builds confidence in women and inspires them to take action in their communities. The recruitment process for KD follows the rules of the National Panhellenic Conference, which ensures a fair and consistent process for all women. Potential new members can meet members of different sororities on campus during the recruitment process.

Website: Kappa Delta

3. DDD – Tri Delta

Not only is DDD the hardest to get bids from, but it also promotes a lifelong bond of friendship among women who share similarities and differences. The members benefit from connections with women of all ages, ranging from 18 to 100, who provide support through life’s major transitions. The experiences, skills, friendships, and support system offered remain with members as they graduate from college, build their careers, serve their communities, and find new ways to make a difference in the world. This sorority is hard to get into at FSU due to its strong network and the valuable resources it provides to its members. However, Tri Delta isn’t as competitive as ZTA.

Website: Tri Delta

4. DG – Delta Gamma

Many FSU students beliee that DG is more competitive than Tri Delta. This competitive house prides itself on lifelong sisterhood, support, friendships, personal development, and opportunities, the Delta Gamma sorority offers a unique and enriching experience for its members. When you join Delta Gamma, you are joining a community of 250,000 women who stand up with you.

The process of joining Delta Gamma as an undergraduate involves participating in your university’s primary recruitment process, where you will attend events for all campus Panhellenic sororities and participate in mutual selection to find the right fit for both you and the chapter.

Webiste: Join Delta Gamma

5. Theta – Kappa Alpha Theta

Joining Kappa Alpha Theta connects you with top-tier friends, experiences, and goals that you might not have had. Kappa Alpha Theta is a sorority known for leadership, lifelong sisterhood, and scholarship. It is a place where you build each other up, rather than tearing each other down.

The recruitment process can be overwhelming, as it is easily the hardest sorority to get into at FSU. But it is designed to help new members and their parents, as well as alumnae and undergraduate members of the fraternity, find the best fit for them.

Website: Kappa Alpha Theta

6. ADPi – Alpha Delta Pi

Alpha Delta Pi is a sorority that values true and loyal friendships, service, and high academic achievement. Joining Alpha Delta Pi provides members with a home away from home, which is especially important at a large school like Texas Tech. It is the hardest sorority to get into at FSU and has been on the Texas Tech campus for 54 years, and during that time, women have found lifelong friendships and committed to service.

The Total Membership Education program aims to educate Alpha Delta Pi members throughout their collegiate experiences, focusing on personal enrichment, scholastic support, fostering positive relationships, and meeting obligations to each other and to their Alpha Delta Pi sisters around the world.

Website: Alpha Delta Pi

7. AXO – Alpha Chi Omega

AXO is also considered in the top because of their great and consitent return rate. People barely drop and they never ever do spring rush. AXO is also not known to have given a snap bid. AXO is very competitive and the hardest sorority to get into at FSU when it comes to grades, high school involvement. They do not really look at looks.

In this sorority, you will find a supportive sisterhood that helps you pursue your passions and develop your interests. AXO is generally committed to being leaders in redefining what a women’s organization can be. The sorority welcomes both collegians and post-collegiate adults, called alumnae initiates, as new members. Both sets of women go through a membership process.

The costs of membership, including membership fees and chapter budgets, are part of the experience. There is also a legacy program for daughters, granddaughters, or sisters of Alpha Chi Omega members.

Website: Alpha Chi Omega


If you are joining Greek life primarily as a means to make friends, it might not be the best fit for you. Instead, consider joining a club that aligns with your interests and hobbies; it could also be frats/sorts if you are typically extremely extroverted. This way, you’ll be more likely to meet like-minded individuals who share your passions.

For those who identify as introverts or have Aspergers, Greek life, which typically attracts more extroverted individuals, may not be the most comfortable or enjoyable environment. In this case, you might find that you thrive more in club settings where you can connect with others who have similar interests and experiences.

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