WhatsApp Number of American Girl (+1) | 50+ Contacts & Pictures

While you are spending time online, whether it is on a dating site or any social media platform (such as Instagram and Facebook), you might just find a romantic match with an American girl. I have had interactions with a couple of American girls on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.,—trust me—they are cool to flirt with. So, to assist you, I have made this post to give you the 2023 WhatsApp number of American girl that will like you.

Note that while American girls are welcoming, they can also easily turn you away. You will agree that it all depends on your approach. It’s a fresh start with new hopes, opportunities, and of course, the chance for new romantic friendships and love. Before the weekend, you need this updated list of American girls WhatsApp Numbers to keep you company. You can share voice notes, and pictures, and even have video call sessions to share your life experiences. Whatever you do is up to you.

In this post, I will focus on working American girls’ numbers. You never know—this might be your opportunity to get a green card—especially for someone who is not an American citizen. This list of WhatsApp numbers is fully updated with the latest American girls from different cities across the States. You might be curious how I manage to do this consistently. Well, our team always keeps a close eye on serving you better.

Updated WhatsApp Number of American: Active Contacts That Work

In this article, you will find more than 50 currently active WhatsApp numbers of American girls in the US. If I miss any specific state, don’t worry; just come back in a few weeks, and we’ll be adding more active American girls’ numbers from time to time. Americans have come a long way when it comes to online dating. To sum it up, the USA leads the pack in terms of media and technology. If you have been to the United States, you would understand this.

In terms of relationship status, the USA is brimming with single people. So why is it so challenging to connect with these girls for something meaningful and long-term? That has always been the question.  It is not just about getting the WhatsApp number of American girl; you can also grow the relationship into something serious.

Dating in the USA can be a headache, but if you can grasp the rules of the game, it can make things a bit easier. In a moment, I’ll share various ways to engage with American Single Girls online and have them interested in you within a few days. It’s going to be quite exciting.

In this post, we will start with the latest American girls’ WhatsApp numbers. These dating WhatsApp numbers include single girls living in states such as Washington DC, California, New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and more.

These numbers are very active, and you can rely on us to provide active WhatsApp numbers and group links.

So let’s get started before your evening runs out…

All WhatsApp Number of American Girl

WhatsApp Number of American Girl with Code 484

WhatsApp Number of American Girl with code 585

WhatsApp Number of American Girl with Code 610

WhatsApp Number of American Girl with Code 814

Premium WhatsApp Number of American Girl

So, here is a list of our latest USA girls WhatsApp numbers for friendship and online dating.

  1. Name – Bella
    • Age: 22
    • Location: Atlanta
    • Number: +14706612951
  2. Name – Ariana
    • Age: 24
    • Location: Philadelphia
    • Number: +13153090864
  3. Name – Diamond
    • Age: 22
    • Location: Los Angeles
    • Number: +13237025739
  4. Name – Racybebe
    • Age: 27
    • Location: Cleveland
    • Number: +14402018924
  5. Name – Celine
    • 212-539-1700

12 WhatsApp Number of American Girl Models

  1. 212 675 1300
  2. 305.673.2225
  3. 213.261.3810
  4. (212)-219-6500
  5. 212 758 9500
  6. 212 529 9700
  7. (310) 651-3341
  8. 212 226 0080
  9. 212-804-7292
  10. 212 206 1717
  11. 424 288 2000
  12. 212.966.3336

New York WhatsApp Number of American Girl

New York City is the most densely populated city in the United States. It’s home to a significant number of single ladies, including single moms, who can be found on the bustling streets of New York every day.

In this American girls’ WhatsApp numbers, you’ll find WhatsApp phone numbers of New York girls. I have also discussed the best ways to strike up a conversation for friendship or dating and the latest updates on their WhatsApp numbers and profiles.

Area Codes and WhatsApp numbers of American girl

Area CodeExample
212+212 555-1234
315+315 555-5678
516+516 555-7890
718+718 555-2345
914+47 55 23 45 67
71+914 555-6789

WhatsApp number of American girl – New York

WhatsApp Phone NumberDialing CodeExample
Local New York Number+1+1 212-555-1234
New York Number+1+1 800-123-4567
New York Number+1+1 917-555-7890

Here’s an updated list of New York Girls WhatsApp numbers for chat.

  1. Name – Campanula
    • Age: 24
    • Height: 5.7 ft
    • Whatsapp Number: (240)732-4042
  2. Name – Joan
    • Age: 27
    • Height: 6.0 ft
    • Whatsapp Number: 304-2231-328
  3. Name – Agustina
    • Age: 24
    • Height: 5.6 ft
    • Whatsapp Number: +44 759 892 1801

Dating New York girls

New York girls are wonderful, attractive, elegant, and a joy to be around. One of the great things about them is their honesty and commitment to a relationship. They’re full of energy and can provide you with an exciting dating experience.

In the tables above, I shared these American girls’ numbers for WhatsApp regarding New York. Perhaps you need some tips on how to approach these ladies; here are a few pointers.

If you happen to meet New York single ladies online:

  1. Avoid using derogatory terms; no New Yorker will appreciate that, so keep your language respectful.
  2. Keep your curiosity in check; it’s good to be interested, but don’t come across as overly nosy.
  3. Assuming they’re only interested in romance, it is a big mistake when approaching an American girl for the first time. They like the romance and fun, but they don’t appreciate it if you make that the sole focus of your conversation.

Washington WhatsApp Number of American Girl for Friendship

In this section, I’ll share some Washington girls WhatsApp number profiles for you to connect with.

In Washington, many single ladies and moms, most of whom are careerwomen, find it challenging to pursue relationships due to their busy lifestyles. They turn to social dating platforms to explore the dating scene. Every day, we have USA single ladies joining our platform in search of serious relationships.

These ladies are charming, elegant, attractive, and among the most stylish in the United States. Dating a Washington girl requires patience, given their hectic schedules. Connecting with these ladies online might be a bit challenging due to their busy lives. It’s best to stay low-key and hope for the best. Most Washington girls prefer not to share their WhatsApp numbers.

Washington Girls WhatsApp Number for Chat

Phone NumberStateCity
(206) 725-2625WASeattle
(253) 382-8140WATacoma
(360) 546-3400WAVancouver
(253) 961-4081WATacoma
(253) 403-1000WATacoma
+1 253-298-4700WATacoma
(509) 434-7000WASpokane
(360) 793-2287WAGold Bar
(425) 452-7330WABellevue
(360) 428-6090WAMt Vernon
(206) 824-3200WASeaTac
(509) 484-6647WASpokane

Local Washington Girl WhatsApp Number


International Washington Girl WhatsApp Phone Number


I’ll share other American girls WhatsApp numbers with you. You’ll have the chance to connect with classy ladies, single moms, hardworking women, and social butterflies.

  1. Name: Queen
    • Age: 25
    • Height: 5.5 ft
    • Whatsapp Number: 4803849602
  2. Name: Jersey
    • Age: 34
    • Height: 5.7 ft
    • Whatsapp Number: 4804530792
  3. Name: Geneva
    • Age: 25
    • Height: 5.7 ft
    • Whatsapp Number: 717-351-6666

Houston WhatsApp Number of American Girl for Friendship

Houston is a big city, but it’s also quite compact. This means that social circles tend to intersect frequently, so bumping into your ex is rather common.

In this section, we’ll be sharing an updated list of American girls’ numbers from Houston, along with their profiles and contact information.

So, stay tuned to this website for our weekly updates on both girls and guys, including their WhatsApp and phone numbers. You can also find contacts for potential sugar daddies or sugar mummies for dating and friendship.

Dating Houston girls

Finding decent single ladies in Houston can be a bit challenging because everyone relies on cars, making chance encounters rare. Proper dating etiquette is important.

Houston girls appreciate compliments and enjoy hearing new things. Instead of the usual “you’re cute” or “you’re beautiful,” try something different. Give her a unique, personal compliment. Don’t just mention her beautiful smile; highlight how interesting and fun she is.

To win her over, stand out from the crowd, and approach her differently than the guys she meets every day.

Houston WhatsApp Number of American Girl for Chats

  1. Name – Kelly
    • Age: 24
    • Height: 5.5 ft
    • Whatsapp Number: 8727315443
  2. Name – Frances
    • Age: 23
    • Height: 5.5 ft
    • Whatsapp Number: 434 888 3141
  3. Name – Maria
    • Age: 24
    • Height: 5.7 ft
    • Whatsapp Number: +44 759 892 1801

Some WhatsApp Profile Photos of American Girls

For those looking to connect with American girls, WhatsApp is a decent place to hang out. American girls have diverse backgrounds, interests, and lifestyles, so you can expect a mix of charm, intelligence, and warmth in any conversation. However, approach with respect and genuine interest. Ultimately, whether you’re looking for friendship, love, or just a chat, be kind and openhearted. You might just be able to build a serious connection in the end.

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