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If Australia is your preferred study destination, you made a solid decision right there. Now, you could be looking to connect with students like you, and one of the right places to look is a WhatsApp group. In this post, I have done the research so you don’t have to. I have collected the active Australia students WhatsApp group link where you can participate with like-minded students.

Yes, a WhatsApp group is a great idea, and an opportunity to connect and support each student throughout any program. However, it can also be a terrible idea. I personally don’t overly trust the WhatsApp group chats with students. So, let’s say a student goes rogue and starts sharing materials they shouldn’t, all parties involved risk being removed from the university. But don’t worry, such cases are rare, especially not for a student who’s only looking to connect with others and support each other in achieving academic and career goals.

You might wonder how I came about these WhatsApp group links for Australian students. The answer is research from various forums with active students in Australia, including Reddit, etc. So, let’s see some of these groups.

Australia Students WhatsApp Group Link

University of Sydney (USYD)

WhatsApp Group

University of Sydney Postgraduates

WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp group chat for international students looking for housing in Australia

WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group

University of Newcastle (UoN)

WhatsApp Group

University of Melbourne (UniMelb)


ETH Zürich General Group

WhatsApp Group

University of Groningen (RUG)

WhatsApp Group

University of Technology Sydney

WhatsApp Group

RMIT University

Well, I couldn’t find any WhatsApp groups, but Discord is full of RMIT servers, including an official RMIT:

Monash University

WhatsApp Group

Okay, so, here are some of the limited ones for now. You can always submit yours to be featured here, as long as it is genuine. I’m looking at connecting like-minded Australian students who can join relevant WhatsApp groups that will help them solve any academic problems.


Do you get “failed to get group info” when you click the WhatsApp group link?

WhatsApp failed to get group info

The solution is to copy and send the group link to someone on your WhatsApp contact. It can be anyone. You can even post it in a group if you want. Now, click the group link from there, and it’ll open the group link for you to join.

How to Join

It’s easy to join the Australia students WhatsApp group link. All you have to do is click the link and click Join Group on your WhatsApp. Usually, if you plan to share the group links with your friends or other students, you have to get permission from the admin. The admin needs to know if the person you are inviting is worth it or not.

Group Rules

  1. If you have no genuine interest, you’ll be kicked out of the group.
  2. No spam.
  3. Do not share any school material that can get students in trouble.
  4. Don’t share your personal information.
  5. Respect other participants.
  6. Do not share the Australia students WhatsApp group link indiscriminately with others.
  7. Leave the WhatsApp group if the purpose does not align with your interests.


So, you can just pick and join the Australia students WhatsApp group link. Remember, you should only join if you have a genuine interest and have been admitted into an Australian university. Do not also share your personal information with people you don’t know. If possible, you can help us improve this publication by sharing some of the active WhatsApp group of Australian students. There are lots of genuine students out there looking for these groups to join for the sake of their academics.

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