Lithuania Student Visa Interview Questions

If Lithuania is your preferred study destination, congrats on this solid decision. Now, you have to pass the study visa interview. In this post, I will talk about the Lithuania student visa interview questions and answers to help you prepare to succeed in this interview.

Don’t be scared—Lithuanian study visa approval rate is between 92% and 98%. This is a really good number but it also depends on your country. I will say a lot about this interview, my experience, and how I handled it to obtain my Lithuanian Schengen visa. You won’t get it after receiving your admission letter, but after the visa interview if you pass. So what you should know is that working hard on your matter, arranging your documents, and paying your university fees does not affect the visa approval compared to this interview. The main thing is the visa interview. So I will discuss what the visa officer asks and how you should respond, your dress, and in what mood they want to see you. I will also tell you other things related to the interview. So let’s start!

Lithuania Student Visa Interview Questions

Lithuania Student Visa Interview Questions

You have done everything, including arranging your documents, paying your university fee, attested your documents, and you are in a country with a Lithuanian embassy such as Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, and Dubai. Now the last step is the interview, which is so important. So if your visa interview isn’t good and you feel you will be rejected, then your every single hard work on your dream to study here will have vanished. I will say again, this is the most important part, so don’t compromise here. The embassy just wants to highlight only a little mistake in you to determine if you have a hidden motive. That said, let’s get into the questions to expect.

1. Could you please tell me about yourself?

So the first question they will ask is to tell them about yourself. In my case, I replied with my name and my country. I talked about what my parents do and explained that I recently completed college and also did an online diploma. They have your transcripts about these, but they just want to be sure that you are the person.

2. Why do you choose Lithuania or why not another country?

As part of the Lithuania student visa interview questions, you will be asked why you chose Lithuania. The question can be, “Why did you choose Lithuania, or why not another country?” I thought well that’s an interesting question. I replied Lithuania is good in technology from my research, and my course is also related to technology, not Social Sciences or Medical. So my main motive is that my course is related to this study environment, and Lithuania is a beautiful country for me to study in. You can also talk about how Lithuania is home to some of the top-ranking schools in the world. For example, Lithuanian universities rank in the top 1,200 in the world, according to Times Higher Education, where we have schools like the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Vilnius University, and Kaunas University of Technology.

3. Do you want to work in Lithuania?

Of all the Lithuania student visa interview questions, this is the trickiest. I consider this a very serious trap question that has caused many students’ study visas to be rejected. You’ll just be asked, “Do you want to work also in Lithuania?” So here was his trick. He was trying to trap me here. He just wanted to know if I was really coming to study or to work. I said yes of course I am going to Lithuania to study. In Lithuania, as long as you are enrolled in a university, EU students can work full-time for up to 40 hours per week. However, non-EU countries can work up to 40 hours per week after obtaining the temporary residence permit. This doesn’t mean you should tell the visa officer that you want to work there. Focus on education because this is a study visa and not a work visa. Lithuania won’t accept students who will overstay.

4. How will you fund your education?

You will also be asked Lithuania student visa interview questions about your funding. The question can be, “Who is sponsoring you?” Okay, so basically, if you are being sponsored by someone, then this question will be asked. In my case, my parent was sponsoring me, so I told the officer that my parent is sponsoring me. If you are sponsoring yourself, then definitely this question will be asked. They may then require you to bring out your bank statement, convert it into euros, and say the amount. Just tell the officer about the numbers on your bank statement. If you are under a sponsor, bring out the document to show if you can afford the tuition fees and cost of living expenses in Lithuania.

5. Why is no one from your siblings going abroad for studies?

You may be asked about my family’s background, specifically about the educational choices of your siblings and why none of them were studying abroad. The question can be intriguing: What do your family members do, and why is no one from your siblings going abroad for studies? Do you intend to go alone?” This seems like a trap to gauge your response. You can respond by explaining that your siblings are already engaged in their studies, some of whom may be studying abroad. This is a move to show that your family values education and that your desire to study abroad is your own decision. You can elaborate on the various engagements of my siblings, whether they were in academia or professionally employed. So, you have to convince them. Basically, they are checking your motivation whether you are a genuine student or someone who just wants to migrate to Lithuania.

6. Do you have someone in Lithuania?

Now this next question is also tricky. The officer will ask this to try to trap you again. They just want to know if you know someone. If yes, let them know about your relationship with the person. In my case, I replied yes I know some people. I met them on a Facebook group. I asked them about Lithuanian culture and people, and that’s all, but personally, I don’t know anyone there.

The officer asked for the name of the group where I met these people. Like just imagine how deep he is going. So don’t lie on anything. If I had lied to him about this group, I was not going to be able to tell him the name of this group. So I told him the name of the group, and he searched it, and that’s all.

7. What are your future plans after your study in Lithuania?

Your plan can be anything but the truth is that plans change. For now, you can just say that you plan to look for internship opportunities to help build on your skills practically. You can return home and look for these opportunities or even seek your dream job with your new skill. You can also talk about furthering your studies or going into a new field of study to enhance your skills.

8. Why did you choose this university?

You should also know everything about your university, its ranking, fee structure, course structure, the city where it is located, exam structure, and all. They just want to make sure that are you really a genuine student or that you are not coming for hidden purposes.

9. Why did you choose this course?

As part of the Lithuania student visa interview questions, you will also be asked about your decision to study the course you selected. Let’s say you choose Information Systems as your course. They will ask why you choose it. In my case, I answered that this course is related to IT which I studied as an undergraduate. Basically, you have to show your interest in the course, that you are interested in this course, and if you have any previous background related to it, then you can also share that you want to continue it.

10. Is there no university offering this course in your home country?

You’ll also answer questions about choosing to study at a Lithuanian university and not a university in your home country. You can be asked something like, “Is there any university in your home country that offers informatics courses?” So, this is a technical question because there are quite a lot of universities this year that may be offering this course. So why have you specifically chosen this piece? So, for this question, you have to answer it by saying that here, this course is being taught in a practical method, whereas the universities in my home country are not focusing on practical parts at all. So, I have found that the universities in my home country have theoretical-based knowledge. This answer is valid, and at this point, you may be told that you have responded to this answer very well.

Lithuania Student Visa Interview Process

You will get an email that you have an interview, and be there on time. At the embassy, you will see many people for the interview from different countries. In my case, I talked to some students who were from Iran, India, and Pakistan. They entered, completed their interviews, and came out. It was now my turn, I got inside the office, and I was a little nervous, actually not little but much nervous. After this, either you will be going back home or going to Lithuania. When you enter inside, you will see no one there apart from only a laptop and a camera. The interview will be face-to-face, but can also be online. But anyways it doesn’t matter whether it’s online or physical. Your interview should be good.

It will take about 20 minutes for these Lithuania student visa interview questions and answers. Sometimes, the officers’s tone can be a little friendly.

Tips for Lithuania Study Visa Interview

Having known the questions, it’ll also help to arm yourself with these tips before she during the interview.

Arrive early

Don’t be late. Your impression begins the moment you arrive there. Also, early arrival means that you will have to settle in and feel comfortable. There will be other people here for the same interview, so make sure to arrive as early as possible but not too early.

Dress appropriately

Another tip is that your dressing should be proper like you are really coming here for a real interview. Don’t mess with dressing. Your shirt should be really clean and ironed. So focus on dressing a lot and smelling nice.

Be prepared for this interview

The next tip I would like to give you is to prepare yourself for the interview and improve your English. This post has given you Lithuania student visa interview questions and answers for free, so use them to get prepared for the interview 2 weeks before it takes place.

Be honest with your answers

If you lie, you will get stuck and feel hitch, and the officer will know. Instead of lying when asked a question, just admit that you don’t know it but don’t lie.

Show confidence

Just be confident and don’t hitch while speaking. Even if you can’t say something good or you don’t know what should be the good answer to that question, then at least speak confidently. Speak in good English. So, the officer will get the impression that even though your answer is not the best, at least you are trying to speak good enough English.


That’s all you really need to know about the Lithuania student visa interview questions and answers. A lot of times, the follow-up questions depend on your answers. So, be careful with your responses. That’s why I’ve emphasized that you should be 100% honest so that you can defend whatever you say.

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