Finland Student Visa Interview Questions

If Finland is your preferred study destination, you made a solid destination. Finland is one of the go-to countries for education right now, and it ranks highly in world-class education. However, to move to Finland, you have to pass the study visa interview to move and study in Finland. In this post, I will be talking about the Finland student visa interview questions that will help you pass this interview.

Don’t be scared—Finnish study visa success rate is more than 90%, specifically 92 to 93%. Now just depends on your country. So the visa approval success rates could be higher, in between, or even lower.

We will talk about the kinds of questions you may face when at the Finnish embassy or a VFS Global office, getting interviewed for your residence permit or visa to Finland. We’ll cover the most likely questions based on four main topics. First up, they’ll want to know about you, so think of it as your introduction. Next, they’re interested in your studies. After that, they’ll ask about your finances, like how you’re paying for your studies, any tuition fees, and if you have a sponsor. And the first thing on their list is your health insurance. These are the key areas where you want to be clear and confident in your answers.

Finland Student Visa Interview Questions

Finland student visa interview questions

We’ll go through each topic one by one and talk about the possible questions you might get. Stick around till the end of this post because I’ll be sharing some important tips to help ensure your interview process is as smooth as can be.

1. Introduce yourself, will you?

At the start of this interview, they may start off by asking you to share a little about yourself or to introduce yourself. This is your chance to talk about who you are, where you are from, what you do for a living, and maybe a bit about your family if they ask. The consular officer already has this information. However, they just want to know if you are the individual in the application.

Following that, they’ll be curious about your intentions, like why you’re here today. For example, you might explain that you’ve been accepted into a program and you’re looking to travel to Finland for your studies. This leads the conversation to the next topic, which is about your education.

2. What do you plan to study in Finland?

As part of the Finland student visa interview questions, they’ll ask what you are planning to study, the program you’ve chosen, and how long it will take to complete it. They will also want to know how you found out about this study program you selected, and how you applied. Did someone help you with the application, or did you manage it on your own?

3. Do you know anyone in Finland?

They might also ask if you know anyone in Finland, whether you have relatives there or Finnish friends.

4. What are your plans after studying in Finland?

They’ll want to know your plans post-graduation and why you chose Finland of all places for your studies.

5. Why did you choose this course?

They’ll also ask why you picked this specific study program. So, you really need to have answers ready for this question. You need to know a bit about the background, including why studying in Finland is beneficial, so you can share that information. You should also familiarize yourself with the study program you are enrolling in. All the details about your program can be found on the school’s website, so you’re all set there. Just visit your school’s website, find the program you’re admitted to, and read up enough to feel confident about your studies and related topics.

6. Why do you want to study in this city?

If you are going to study in a city in Finland, like Jyväskylä or Tampere, you should know some basic facts about the city. The visa officer expects you to have at least a general idea about the place you’ll be living and studying in.

Sometimes, you can get a general question about why you want to study in Finland and not in your home country. You can talk about the positive stories about Finland that you have read online. However, focus on the aspect of education. For example, Finnish universities rank in the top 100 in the world, according to Times Higher Education. Specially, we have the University of Helsinki ranked 121st. We also have Finnish universities in the top 200, including Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT, Aalto University, and the University of Oulu.

Now we’re heading into the next part of the interview, which focuses on finance.

7. How will you sponsor your education in Finland?

As part of the Finland student visa interview questions, you’ll be asked about your finances. Finland’s immigration authorities take financial matters seriously. They need to be sure that you’re financially stable and can support yourself during your stay in their country.

When it comes to sponsorship, you need to understand the relationship between you and your sponsor because they’ll ask about it. They’ll ask, ‘What is the relationship between you and your sponsor?’ You should also be familiar with the kind of business your sponsor is involved in. As I often emphasize, this is very important. You should ask your sponsors about the nature of their business. What kind of business are they in? How much does your sponsor earn annually? They’re going to want to know this. Does your sponsor have a family? And can your sponsor afford to support both their family and you at the same time? Yes or no? And why do you think that? It’s always better to know too much and be prepared to provide as much information as needed rather than having limited information and just giving your interviewer a look that says, ‘I’m lost.’ You can’t afford to be lost on that day. So, we’re here to prepare you.

We’re preparing you now. So, start reading and asking every question you can about your sponsors, their businesses, their earnings, and the current balance in their accounts. They may ask you about this. They’re also going to want to know how much money you have in your own account, to see if you can support yourself. So, just be ready for these questions. Think about them, seek out the answers, and store this information in your memory.

8. Do you have an insurance? Tell me about it.

And finally, they will ask you Finland student visa interview questions about insurance. You should choose one from the list of companies they have provided. Make sure you are clear about the details of your insurance. Questions like how long the insurance lasts, the cost of the insurance initially, and its validity time will be asked. Typically, the insurance is valid for one year. You should also know how much health coverage you are getting in terms of euros, which is usually around 50,000 euros.

So, know that your insurance covers your health expenses up to a certain amount in euros. This information is detailed in your insurance certificate and reflects what you’ve paid for. Familiarize yourself with these details to confidently prove your readiness for your studies in Finland.

Tips for Finland Student Visa Interview

So after everything I’ve mentioned, I’m going to share simple tips that will help in this interview.

Focus on answering the question you’re being asked

The main thing to remember is to stick to the Finland student visa interview questions asked. People often make things more complicated for themselves by sharing too much information. I’m not saying to share too little, but rather, if you are asked about the money in your account, just talk about that and nothing more. If the question is about your sponsor’s finances, just focus on that and leave it there. It’s a common belief that more information is always better, thinking it gives a fuller picture. However, oversharing can actually put you in a tricky spot. It’s better to only provide just the right amount of information, answer the questions asked, and then stop talking. As I’ve always said, if the Finnish immigration authorities need more documents or information from you, they’ll ask. So, there’s no need to overshare right from the start.

Avoid giving the impression that you’re here for reasons beyond your stated purpose

The real essence of this interview is to uncover any ulterior motives. So, those applicants who are not genuinely interested in studying in Finland can be denied the visa. A lot of people use this study route to move to and settle in Finland permanently. This can be a delicate issue. Often, there’s a negative perception that students are using their study opportunities as a means to live in Finland, which are two distinct intentions. So, you should try to resist the urge to express a desire to work in Finland, especially if you are hoping to stay beyond your studies. It’s in your best interest not to convey this, even if it’s your true plan.

Dress properly

The perfect dress for this interview is something corporate. It could be any well-ironed clothes and not necessarily suits. Wear the proper shoes to complement your clothes. And most importantly, you should smell nice. Your appearance is the first impression, and you’ll be addressed by how you dress.

Arrive early

Lastly, and certainly not least, make sure you’re punctual for your interview. You can arrive 30 minutes early, which is far better than being even 2 minutes late. I can’t stress enough the importance of being there on time, everyone.


So, we’ve looked at the common Finland student visa interview questions you need to prepare for. When answering your questions, you have to be 100% natural. Don’t sound scripted or referred rehearsed because the visa officer will think that you don’t genuinely want to study in Finland.

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