Is Franklin University Legit? [Honest Review]

Some people do think Ohio isn’t much fun, but Franklin University doesn’t agree. Since starting in 1902, this school has focused on adult learners, so it is easier for them to return to college and graduate. This is something this school has been doing way before many other colleges even thought about it. Today, the focus is on whether this university is legit or just another degree mill. So, is Franklin University legit? Yes, this school is 100% legit but not perfect.

Franklin University is a private university, which explains why some people may not consider it a go-to. However, Franklin University is regionally accredited and is non-profit. Now, we are going to talk about Franklin University based on its major pros and cons. So, by the end of this review, you should confidently be able to make a solid decision yourself.

Is Franklin University Legit?

Yes, Franklin University is legit and not one of those degree mills. It has regional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Franklin University may be a private school, but it is non-profit. The school experience may be a bit average, but employers typically hold this school in fair esteem. It is not the typical perfect school and probably won’t receive as many votes as ASU Online or other similar schools. However, Franklin University will deliver the typical online learning experience.

It may not also have specific course accreditations outside of its regional accreditation. This is where you will have to do some research. So, just make sure that this school is recognized by the specific organizations of your specific program before signing up. Next, we’ll be looking at the major pros and cons of this school to help you make a good decision.


Franklin University does have some advantages, and characteristics that make it the go-to for online education. let’s look at them.

1. Franklin University accepts different types of credits

First, this university accepts many different types of credits. They accept credits from CLEP, Sophia, StraighterLine, and DSST. The only one Franklin University doesn’t seem to work closely with is But you can still try to transfer credits from; it’s just that it’s not guaranteed they will accept them.

Franklin University also offers its own tests, similar to CLEP, with 16 different exams to choose from. It also gives you credit for things you have learned through life experiences and professional certifications.

2. Transfer up to 94 credits

At Franklin, you can transfer up to 94 credits into their degree programs. Since its degrees are typically 120 to 124 credits, you’ll mostly need to complete around 30 credits directly with Franklin. This is quite normal and means about 25% of your degree needs to be done at the school itself. Franklin University is really good for transferring credits from other schools, especially because over 90% of their students bring in credits from regionally accredited institutions. This university is also great at evaluating credits from nationally accredited colleges, which, as you may know, not all colleges are willing to accept.

3. Flexible degrees

Franklin University has areas for your major, required courses, and also 20 credits for major-specific electives – as long as they fit the business theme, you are good to select whatever. Here, there are also 32 credits for any electives you want. That’s 52 credits of electives, which is great. It opens up more ways for you to customize your education, which saves you some money, and maybe even helps you to graduate faster. Franklin University’s degree in American educational studies offers at least 41 electives; communications has 40, Healthcare Management has 30, and Social Science tops it with 60. So, even though Franklin does not have every single option or resource that the biggest universities have, it’s still the go-to for its flexibility in degrees.

4. Fair tuition fees

When it comes to fees, Franklin’s prices are okay. For undergraduates, you will pay $398.88 per credit hour, while international students pay $526. For graduate degrees, it’s $670. This university does not really have many other fees in addition to tuition. The tuition is fair only when you compare Franklin University to the likes of DeVry.

However, the total cost for an online bachelor’s degree averages around $51,000. If you didn’t bring any credits into Franklin or use any tricks to lower the cost, you’d end up paying about $48,000. But if you manage to transfer some credits or use some cost-saving strategies, your expenses could be much lower.

5. It’s Non Profit and Regionally Accredited

This university is also a private, non-profit university, which is something to be happy about. This means they are not just after your money, and a lot of people consider this school trustworthy.

Also, this school is regionally accredited, so you can trust that their degrees are solid and will be respected, especially if you want to pursue further education.


Franklin University also has its own cons, but it’s generally not a terrible online university at all.

1. Fewer Degree Options

When checking out what degrees a school offers, we typically focus on how many different kinds they have and how easy it is to work with them. Now, looking at variety, Franklin University is doing good enough. It offers 39 majors you can pick from. That’s not as many as some places such as Liberty University or SNHU, but it’s definitely more than others like WGU or UMPI, especially when talking about schools that focus on adults and offer online classes.

If you take a good look, you’ll see there’s a wide range of options. Unlike some big schools that may offer lots of versions of the same business degree, here you have a mix that includes Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Studies in American Education, Human Resources Management, Nursing, Marketing, Public Administration, Psychology, and Social Sciences. So, even though Franklin University doesn’t really have lots of degree options, you may still find what you are looking for.

2. Low Graduation Rate

You may have seen this university’s fun ads claiming they make everything possible. But do the students actually think that’s true? Franklin University accepts everyone who applies since they have a 100% acceptance rate. This means you are definitely going to be admitted. However, Franklin University has a graduation rate of 39%. Now, this may not look too good compared to the national average of around 50%, but for an online school, which usually sees graduation rates in the low 30s, Franklin’s 39% is not so bad.

What Others Have to Say About Franklin University

If you look at student opinions from Niche, GradReports, U.S. News, and Online Degree Reviews, Franklin University gets a combined 3.5 out of 5.0 rating. This combined rating may be a bit harsh because of where the reviews really focused on. For example, most complaints were about aspects such as no sports, not much of a party scene, not great local food places, parking issues, housing, and no fraternities.

These seem like odd issues for an online school. When you ignore those, the rating actually jumps to about 4 out of 5. Some of the remaining reviews were about the financial aid department being hard to deal with. But if you figure out ways to afford your degree differently, this should not bother you. You may not even need financial aid.

Another common issue was that education was not very challenging. Some students felt the professors weren’t very involved, didn’t like the course setup, and wanted more interaction. This is a typical concern with online courses that don’t happen in real time. It’s part of why the tuition is lower. So, if you are after a more traditional educational experience, a conventional college is what you should be looking at, not Franklin University.


So, let’s ask the question one last time. Is Franklin University legit? Again, yes, Franklin University is 100% legit but not perfect. It isn’t a degree mill, and you can complete your degree faster. If you need the traditional campus experience, then Franklin University is not for you. The online student experience at Franklin University is somewhat better than average, and with the major pros and cons of this university, which we have talked about, you can see that it’s a school for some and not for others.

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