Is AmberStudent Legit?

Is AmberStudent legit? Yes, AmberStudent is legit, and that’s 100% legit. They get a 4.7/5 on TrustPilot but, of course, TrustPilot doesn’t tell the full story. You will know the full story in this review. So, let’s say you are an incoming grad student looking for housing near your campus. With AmberStudent, you will find a place that suits your budget. Now, for the books, AmberStudent is a platform that helps students book full-time accommodation near universities.

Generally, once you contact them, they reach out and connect you with a booking manager, who may contact you via WhatsApp or any other platform. You will be asked to explain your requirements and other information regarding your move-in process. That’s that, and at the end of it all, you will have suitable accommodation booked for you, even before your arrival.

Is AmberStudent Legit?

AmberStudent is legit, like 100% but, like other student housing service providers, they are not perfect. They have had their own fair share of controversies but nothing very serious. Most of the negatives I’ve found are about AmberStudent not refunding students. Now, this is questionable because according to the UK Government website, since 1 June 2019, “Most fees charged in connection with a tenancy are banned. A charge to reserve a property is permitted but it must be refundable and it cannot equate to more than one week’s rent.”

Nonetheless, AmberStudent is a student accommodation service that you should check out if you are looking for accommodation when coming to the UK as an international student. Their service may not be the best but they are reliable, they are excellent, and their accommodations depend on your budget.

How Does Amberstudent Work?

So, having known that AmberStudent is legit, how does it work?

1. Search for an Apartment on AmberStudent

You can look at the different apartments available on the AmberStudent website. Pick one that fits what you need. If you don’t like any of the apartments you see, notify them about what you are looking for, and they will find an apartment that matches your preferences.

2. Get to Know Your Preferred Apartment

Once you find an apartment, the AmberStudent property experts will give you all the extra information you need. They will tell you about the area around the apartment and give you details about the rent, the security deposit, and any fees you need to pay when you apply.

3. Complete the Paperwork

You will be given the paperwork to sort out for the specific apartment. This includes signing the lease agreement and the payments, including your first month’s rent and any one-time application fees.

4. Your Apartment is Now Booked

Congratulations, your apartment is now booked. You can relax and start getting ready for your move. In the meantime, there are some tips and advice for what to do in your first month at the new place.

Why You Should Use AmberStudent

There is just so much for you to want to book an apartment using AmberStudent.

It’s Affordable

AmberStudent is a student accommodation service. They take the hassle out of securing student accommodation, and student housing from outside the UK. So, if you are an international student, this is definitely your plug for finding student accommodation that is also affordable.

Personalized Services

One unique thing about Amber Students is that they give you personalized service. They work with you and try to understand your budget. So you get that personalized assistance.

They Handle the Paperwork

Another thing that is very unique about AmberStudent is that they do all the paperwork for you. You don’t have to worry about what paper you need to submit. They make it easy for you.

They Provide Guidance

You will also enjoy a free guide step by step on what you have to do. So, they are basically the middleman between you and the property managers or landlords, which takes away the stress from you. All you have to do is just tell AmberStudent what you want, and then they do it for you.

AmberStudent Can Find You a Roommate

They could also help you find a roommate. So if you are looking for a roommate, let them know. They have a community of international students they can use to help you pair up with someone who could be your roommate.

All Accommodations in One Place

What they do is work with tons of property managers here in the UK. They are connected to many students’ accommodations, and they gather all of these student accommodations under AmberStudent.

With this, you don’t have to start going to every one of them directly. Under AmberStudent, you can find all of this accommodation in one place.

AmberStudent is Everywhere in the UK

Another really good thing about AmberStudent is that they have properties all across the UK, such as in Portsmouth, London, Edinburgh, etc.—literally all over the UK and Ireland. Wherever you are in the UK, they would have a property or a student accommodation in that location.

A Look at AmberStudent Accommodations

So I’m going to show you the pictures of the accommodations that you are going to see, and they look really cool.

So this is the kind of toilet to expect. If you spend hours in the toilet, you will like something of this look and feel.

Is AmberStudent Legit

This is a lounge in one of the accommodations that AmberStudent brings to you.

Is AmberStudent Legit

There’s this tendency like, “Oh, is this what I’m going to see when I go there?” Yes, this is where you will see 100%. This is not “what you see is not what you get.” What you see is what you will get—you have my guarantee.

This is a gym in one of the accommodations.

Is AmberStudent Legit

This is a bedroom that might make you feel like you’ve been living in the old days. Great, student-friendly setups.

Is AmberStudent Legit

So, these are what the accommodation looks like. All you have to do is sign up with AmberStudent, and then they will work with you to find the accommodation that suits your needs.

Can You Cancel Booked Accommodations?

Let’s say your country is now added to the travel ban, and you are unable to travel to the UK because of the travel ban. You will get your full refund back. Also, if there is a delay in the start of your course, such as your university delaying the start date, and your accommodation starts counting, you can reach out to AmberStudent. Discuss with them to modify or cancel that agreement you had with them for the date you want to start, and then shift it to the new date if that makes sense.

How to Book with AmberStudent

So here is how to access their services. You have to go on to the Amberstudent website and then fill out the form. The form looks like what you see in the image below.

Is AmberStudent Legit

Enter your name, email address, phone number, and then your university location. They will start looking for accommodation around that vicinity for you.

Conclusion—Is AmberStudent Legit?

Again, yes, AmberStudent is legit. If you need a service to help you find suitable accommodation, use Amber to make things easier for you. You will be charged a reasonable fee for the actions taken to find as well as secure accommodation for you. Just make sure to keep in touch with your given booking manager and communicate any changes early to help the process move smoothly till your arrival.

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