Is ASU Online a Good School?

Is ASU online a good school? Yes, Arizona State University (ASU) Online is a good school and is approved by the Higher Learning Commission, which is a regional accreditation for online courses and degrees. This university is known for its good online degrees, skilled teachers, and generally decent student experience.

Now, your ASU degree does not indicate ‘Online’, so it’s just like the traditional degree counterpart. Even if employers found out that you have an online degree, as long as it says ‘ASU’, they respect it extremely. The advantage is that ASU isn’t online-only, and is naturally a reputable school.

Is ASU Online a Good School?

Yes, ASU Online is a good and reputable university with many online programs. If you really need to apply for an online school due to work or other responsibilities, this school is a much better option compared to some for-profit schools such as Capella and the University of Phoenix.

Your Online degree from ASU is seen as the same as any other degree someone could have gotten in person from its brick-and-mortar version.

ASU has a perk: your degree will not indicate whether you took the online or on campus. You will just be an ASU graduate like any other.

What Are ASU Online Classes Like?

Arizona State University is quite flexible when it comes to its learning approach, and is characterized by its asynchronous format. This means that students are not bound by a strict schedule for attending classes. Instead, they are provided a certain period within which they need to complete and submit their assignments. So, yes, you will progress at your own pace in this school. The course material is available online around the clock, ensuring access to learning resources at any time that suits the student.

An online degree from ASU is equivalent to one earned on campus. This parity extends to the financial aid process as well. Students enrolled online are subject to the same criteria as those attending in person, with part-time status starting at six credits and full-time at twelve credits.

Regarding the structure of the courses in ASU’s online programs varies, typically, courses are offered in two formats: shorter sessions that last approximately 7.5 weeks, known as A/B sessions, and longer sessions that span 15 weeks, referred to as C sessions.

ASU Online Acceptance Rate

ASU has like 73% acceptance rate. So, yes, you would probably be accepted depending on the program you want to get into. For the competitive programs, you may need to take some classes and perform well to get in.

Is an ASU Online Degree Respected?

First of all, ASU online is a regionally accredited school. Now, ASU is very respected and they often appear in many top school rankings. Your ASU degree will read as if you went to ASU in person on campus, so no employer will discriminate against your online degree, which they generally do. But the name of the institution matters though, so even if they knew it’s an online degree when they see ASU, you won’t be questioned. ASU is a traditional university that offers an online option, so it’s a great choice for you. It is better than an online-only school, especially the for-profit ones.

Is ASU Online Fully Accredited?

Arizona State University Online programs are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Regional accreditation is the most accepted and recognized accreditation for colleges and universities in the United States. So, yes, ASU is the gold standard in higher education. Other ASU Online’s programs also carry specialized accreditation specific to the field of study.

How Hard Are ASU Online Classes?

Studying at ASU Online can be a smooth experience, especially with the right strategies. Many courses, even the tough ones, can be manageable with some effort. Students who excel often have good time management skills. This is particularly true for those in STEM fields, who might be tackling courses in Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Information Technology (IT), Electrical Engineering (EEE), Industrial Engineering (IEE), or other programs offered by the Fulton Schools.

Here are some methods students use to handle hard courses online:

1. Maintain a Calendar

Keeping track of important dates and deadlines is crucial. This includes both course-specific deadlines and the broader academic calendar. Having a calendar helps in organizing study schedules, making the workload more manageable.

2. Seek Help Proactively

While course materials are always accessible in an online program, the responsibility of learning lies with the student. Not all instructors may be equally adept at online teaching, but numerous resources are available. These include ASU-provided tools as well as external ones like YouTube and Discord groups. It’s important to use these resources ethically and responsibly.

3. Ask Questions

Never hesitate to ask for advice, especially when unsure about course selection or workload. Academic advisors and success coaches are there to support students. They can provide insights into course difficulty, such as the well-known ‘Trifecta’ in CSE (comprising CSE 330, 340, and 355). These advisors have experience with these courses and can suggest complementary courses to balance the academic load while making good progress.

ASU Online is Credit Transfer Friendly

ASU Online is generally one of the best schools for students looking to transfer credits to an online college program. At ASU, a transfer student must have previously attended a different college or university and completed at least 12 credits. You also need a minimum GPA of 2.75 in certain courses for transfer.

ASU can recognize courses completed at other institutions so a student does not have to retake familiar material as well as reduce the total credit hours needed for a degree.

There is also support for transfer students at ASU Online. You can contact enrollment coaches to provide you with personalized guidance on transferring credits, application deadlines, and program selection.

ASU also has MyPath2ASU®, which offers transfer maps and a database of course equivalencies to aid in the transfer process. If your school is regionally accredited, ASU Online will accept the credits from, however, the transfer process requires evaluation.

Conclusion—Is ASU Online a Good School?

Again, ASU Online is a good and legit school for anyone looking to study at their own pace online. Unlike some of the schools I have reviewed on this blog, ASU is one of those with fewer controversies and questionable activities. It is also a regionally accredited school, so expect high-quality education online at ASU Online.

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