Is Southern New Hampshire University Legit? [An Unbias Review]

Is Southern New Hampshire University legit? Southern New Hampshire University, often referred to as SNHU, is undeniably a legit university. Located by the Merrimack River in Manchester, NH, it boasts a vast 300-acre campus. Additionally, SNHU has a presence in downtown Manchester and the city’s historic mill yard. While they began as a modest on-ground campus, they ventured into online education, which initially was more of an experiment.

Surprisingly, this online venture flourished immensely. Three and a half years ago, when I joined them as an online faculty, they were recognized as the country’s largest accredited online university that operates on a non-profit basis. I’ve had the privilege of working with them consistently every 8 weeks over these years. It’s worth noting that online education comes with its set of challenges, but we always strive to prioritize our students and maintain a military-friendly approach.

Is Southern New Hampshire University Legit?

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is undeniably a legit educational institution. They offer both online and on-campus programs. As a non-profit, private university, the revenue they generate is reinvested into the institution and its surrounding community, rather than being distributed to a board of directors. This reinvestment is evident in their extensive range of over 200 degree programs.


  1. They operate as a non-profit entity.
  2. They prioritize student welfare and support.
  3. They maintain transparency and honesty in their dealings.
  4. Their tuition fees are reasonably priced.
  5. They hold accreditation from NEASC, which is a testament to their commitment to quality education.
  6. They go above and beyond to assist students in their educational journey.


  1. Not all professors meet the expected standards, but the university has a rigorous hiring process to ensure quality. If students face issues with any professor, they can consult an Academic Adviser, and the university will address the concern.
  2. Due to the vast number of inquiries they receive daily, communication might sometimes take up to 24 hours.
  3. There are internal aspects they need to refine to enhance student support.

Two primary reasons might prevent acceptance into SNHU: either an applicant doesn’t put in the required effort in the application process or they engage in fraudulent activities. SNHU is vigilant in identifying and addressing such fraudulent cases.

If you are considering online education at SNHU, below are things you should know.

  1. Find out about the university’s accreditation. If they’re evasive, it’s a red flag.
  2. Understand the difference between regional and national accreditation. While national accreditation is typically for tech or trade schools, regional accreditation is for mainstream universities and colleges. Notably, SNHU shares its regional accreditation with renowned institutions like Boston College, UNH, and Harvard, all accredited through NEASC.
  3. Be careful when applying for schools offering free laptops. These costs are often embedded in student loans. This means you’ll end up paying much more in the long run.

Always ask questions and seek clarity. Research is paramount. That said, Southern New Hampshire University is legit 100%.

How Much Does it Cost to Do SNHU?

SNHU does provide cost-effective fees for both on-campus and online students. The university offers one of the most affordable tuition rates nationwide for online undergraduate degrees.

The cost of tuition depends on the specific program you choose to pursue. I would prefer you get detailed information regarding tuition and fees. So, I have provided this SNHU tuition and fees page for you to visit. Here, you will find comprehensive information about the fees.

Is Southern New Hampshire University Accredited?

Yes, Southern New Hampshire University has been approved by the New England Commission of Higher Education, Inc. (NECHE). This accreditation covers all the programs SNHU offers. Some of SNHU’s undergraduate and graduate programs have earned specialized accreditations. Before you leave this page, remember to take a look at the accreditation page.

Is SNHU a Private School?

Yes, SNHU is a school that isn’t run for profit, and it has official approval. As a private university, they depend a lot on money, gifts, and student fees to offer high-quality education. SNHU has many things to help students do well, such as scholarships based on their performance, advisors who are always there to help, services for graduates to find jobs, and chances to meet other students both on the internet and in real life.

Is SNHU for Profit?

Actually, SNHU is not a for-profit school. It’s a nonprofit institution, which means it’s organized as a charity and not a business. When you compare students who go to nonprofit schools like SNHU with those who attend for-profit schools, the ones at nonprofit schools are more likely to finish their bachelor’s degrees, as per the National Center for Education Statistics.

Do Credits Transfer to SNHU?

If you are after an associate degree, SNHU can take up to 45 credits from your previous courses. If you are going for a bachelor’s, they can accept up to 90 credits, and for a graduate degree, they might take up to 12 credits. Usually, if you have at least a C- in your courses at a real school, the credits can be transferred. Just make sure to get your unofficial transcripts together and reach out to Southern New Hampshire University to request a transfer evaluation.

Do SNHU Credits Transfer to Other Colleges?

Since SNHU is a school with official approval, most other colleges and universities will usually accept the credits you earn from Southern New Hampshire University.

Does SNHU Require SAT or GMAT Scores?

No, SNHU doesn’t need SAT or GMAT scores. They believe that these tests do not really show how well a student knows their subjects or if they can perform well. And by not making students take these tests, you can get your education faster.

Is SNHU 100% Online?

SNHU started as a traditional business school long before the Internet was a thing. Now, they have lots of career-focused degree programs. Some you can do entirely online, and some you can do on campus.

If you want a mix of both online and on-campus learning, SNHU can make that happen. However, a few programs, such as the MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, might need a mix of online and in-person classes.

Does SNHU Give Free Laptops for Students?

Unfortunately, SNHU does not give out free laptops. However, you can buy one from any store that sells laptops. And if you are an SNHU student, you can get some discounts on laptops from Dell and Apple. As an SNHU student, you can enjoy special deals from Dell or Apple.

What Do You Need for SNHU Classes?

Do you plan to attend SNHU classes on campus? If yes, you need to review the specific laptop requirements for campus-based learning. On the other hand, if you are enrolled in online courses, you will need to ensure that your computer has the necessary software programs and meets the minimum operating system requirements. In general, laptops manufactured in recent years should be sufficient to support your academic pursuits.

However, to guarantee that you have all the necessary tools, I recommend referring to SNHU’s computer requirement below. Some degree programs may have additional hardware or software prerequisites.

Component TypeMinimum Requirement
Operating SystemWindows 10, 64 Bit
ProcessorIntel 8th Gen i5 or i7
Memory (RAM)8 GB RAM
Hard Drive250+ GB
Graphics CardBuilt-in (Intel)
Wireless802.11 a/c dual-band
Office SuiteOffice 2013 Professional or newer
Antivirus SoftwareRequired for campus students. Strongly recommended for online students.
Optional AccessoriesCD/DVD drive, external hard drive, extra power cord and headphones/earbuds

So, is Southern New Hampshire University legit? Yes, it is 100% legit. People each have different views about the university due to their individual experiences. However, their experiences do not affect the fact that SNHU is legit and accredited, whether online or in-campus.

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